Author Topic: Dual-logging and Fast-relogging rules  (Read 35740 times)


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Dual-logging and Fast-relogging rules
« on: February 02, 2014, 23:07 »
Please, read carefully to avoid punishment in game.

- It is allowed to use dual-logging, multiple characters in one location as long as you do not directly affect other players and the location is not public, but private. Scouting, looting with 2 characters in the same location is considered direct and the player will be punished for that.

- Public locations are, towns, dungeons, open encounters, locations accessible by everyone at will and any time.

- Private locations are, tents, bases, quest locations, closed/non-enterable encounters and any other places in the game that are not publicly available.

- There is one exception, it is allowed to use dual-logging in open encounters if second character is unarmed and unarmored. So in most cases is used for "taxi" purposes.

- It is allowed to switch between characters in public locations, as long as you are not at the same time in the location with both characters and none of your characters have died during the re-logging. This means wave fighting is disallowed, you cannot re-log and enter a location if you just died there with another character for 3 minutes.

Players who are breaking the rules by dual-logging or fast-relogging in dungeons and non-protected cities = instant permanent ban for all characters + bases deletion.

In other cases first time = 1 week ban. Second offense is a permanent ban.

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