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I also made one map, the worst one of this questline. Look up to the sky!

Anyway nice to hear that progress has been and being made and big respect for our all daddy Mister John Name  8)

Edited, sorry.

In addition to everything mentioned above, there's also a small Changelog here:


New Quest added:
  • can be obtained by a guy named Paul Davis in Boneyard
  • non repeatable
  • you must be at least level 15 to be able to do it

Some words about this quest:

This quest was used as some kind of boot camp project for our contributors. While most of the dialogs and coding was done by us in the end, the initial idea, as well as the maps and certain aspects of it, were created by a few hard-working contributors we want to thank for and mention here:

Re Di Pixel - Maps
Dequ - Critter stats/balancing and placement, bunker level 2 map
Hedron - quest giver dialog

Hmm, strange. Link is still permanent @Raidon. Just tried it. Anyway, thanks @Lucek for the alternative one. I've updated my first post to list it additionally.

R.I.P [...] If you are refunding with base value as indicator and gives up 100% of caps it will be a disaster.

It will most probably be some certain % instead of base value. Final refunds will most likely be balanced out before the update happens.

People playing /"grinding" more years will be more richer [...]

...many junk items' base values are already pretty low, like 10-40 caps and the one's with a higher value are usually also not found that often.

I've tested it for some of Dequ's base and the total amount paid for around 560 junk items was "just" about 50k (and that was with the base values still, which will be altered most probably).

What about shopkeepers?

And the second question - what about the items in containers? I ask for it, because you didn't clearly explain - you did about items on the ground.

Shopkeepers won't be affected, just bases and tents. Items in containers will also be stacked or deleted.

This is a pre-announcement of a coming update. Since it will heavily affect item sorting in bases tents we want to inform you before it is happening.

  • Stackable items in bases/tents will be stacked
  • Several "junk items" will be deleted and reward according to ceratin % of item value will be payd


Basically this update intents to free up some server memory usage. At the moment the server has a heavy memory load and crashes approximately every 2-3 days. Not the only reason but one of them is the big amount of items.

We target two things. Deleting unused items and clean up item stacks in bases/tents.

Deleting junk items

Below is a list of items, which will be deleted in everyone's base(s) and/or tent(s). Since some of these items are used to trade with npc traders we decided to pay a certain amount of caps for each item deleted. As I'm writing this, the payment amount is based on the base value of the item itself but this might change till the update comes into effect.

List of items which will be deleted:
  • Booze, Gamma Gulp Beer, Beer, Roentgen Rum
  • NCR Pass
  • Psychic Nullifier/Neural Interface
  • Red/Green/Blue Condom
  • Dice/Loaded Dice
  • Empty Bottle
  • Box Of Noodles/Instant Dinner
  • BoS Dogtags/BoS Holodisk
  • Heart Pills
  • Radscorpion tail
  • Electronic/Mechanical Pre war parts
  • Ghtang room key
  • V13 Canteen
  • Field Switch
  • Salvator case
  • Zip Gun/Pipe Rifle
  • Plant Spike
  • Empty hypos
  • Geiger Counter
  • Key Ring
  • Meat Jerky
  • Lighter
  • Oil Can
  • Water Flask/Vics Water Flask
  • Cosmetic Case
  • Gold Locket/Gold Watch/Cornelius Watch/Necklace
  • All sorts of brains (who needs them anyway? :)) )
  • Wrench
  • Eye/Dixon Eye
  • Tanglers Hand
  • Empty Jet Canister
  • Bio Gel
  • RadX/RadAway/Psycho/Buffout/Frag Grenade Blueprints
  • Red/Blue/Yellow Pass Key
    Note: These are NOT THE GLOW KEYCARDS
  • Red & Yellow Glow Keycard
    Note: Glow cards will be refunded according to the price you would get if sold to BoS guy.
  • Chemistry Journal
  • Fuzzy Painting
  • Gold Tooth
  • Medical Supplies
  • Machined High Grade Steel
  • Spectacles
  • Mirror Shades
  • Toxic Gecko Pelt
  • Iguana Stick/Meat on Stick

The reward payment in the form of caps will be deposit in the first container (locker/chest etc..) found on the map.

Stacking items

Some bases are a mess, items lying around everywhere without any order. Others are ordered in an almost autistic way. The main problem is the same. Ground items eat memory and this sums up by the sheer amount of items on the server at the moment. We know that some players won't like that change, since many order their stuff in a way they can for example quick access drugs & ammunition for pvp but we figured it's a small price to pay for the server becomes more stable.

Affected are only stackable items. So for all hoarders out there, you can still enjoy some certain amount of chaos in your base(s)/tent(s) since none stackable items like most weapons and armors won't be moved.

The stacked items will all be moved to the first container found on the map of a base and into the tent chest or crate of a tent. There will be some flare indicating which one it is.

The update will happen this Sunday noon/afternoon. There will be a server maintenance and stuff will be stacked/deleted. If you plan to save some of the junk items listed above you have to be outside of any base or tent. Meaning you need to create a temporary location or take some mule on world map for example. Car trunks will be affected also!

Deutscher Sprachraum / Re: Fragen und Antworten
« on: July 01, 2018, 01:42 »
Kontaktier mich am besten in unserem Discord channel:

Hab deinen Pfosten etwas sp├Ąt gelesen, da hier normalerweise nicht allzuviel passiert :).

General Discussion / Re: Reported Wesan
« on: July 01, 2018, 01:32 »
To make it short:

Some people complaining about test char going into public pvp.

Understandable! That's why this char was banned right after this action.

and in my honest opinion we should raise awareness to such faggotry and let everyone know what is this server and their staff are about.

Not understandable! What "this server and their staff are about" is (still) to create content and features for the (different kind of) players. That's why we sometimes need some (trustable) contributors, who test things out. It's a simple fact, that some few guys working on such project next to job and family can't check every single case in some special situations and therefore we're glad to have such players like Bond who do actually a lot of detail work for us.

Doesn't mean, that Bond's actions were ok in this matter but ask yourself a question:

Do you want to whine about such single action for ages or actually start to think about how you, by yourself, could improve the game experience?

Anyway. Char banned, topic closed!

News and Announcements / Temporary experience and loot boost
« on: June 16, 2018, 16:49 »
Greetings wastelanders!

Like most of you probably already know, the server is back in normal state and so far everything looks good.

Unfortunately we had to rollback the server to a safe date. This of course caused some inconvenience for players in terms of loot which was lost and time spent to level characters and such.

Although this bug was nothing we could have foreseen per se because engine related we still would like to compensate you for the loss and decided to double the amount of experience gained and the time of loot respawning.

This will at least be in affect for one week starting by now.

Many greets,

Closed Bugs / Re: FA and SS hotkeys stop works.
« on: June 09, 2018, 12:08 »
Outdated. Also, hotkeys seem to work fine. Probably just wrong keybind ("alt" is missing in  your config). If you intended to bind numbers only this won't really work since they are connected to char skills.


My hotkeys for now.

Closed Bugs / Re: MoleRat inside wall in v15
« on: June 09, 2018, 11:53 »

Closed Bugs / Re: NPC is constantly busy
« on: June 09, 2018, 11:48 »

Bugs / Re: BH - Can't start timer and window is open
« on: June 09, 2018, 11:34 »
Should be fixed when server was rolled back.

Suggestions / Re: Rollback situation
« on: June 05, 2018, 22:54 »
From a player perspective view I understand, that loosing some one or two weeks of work and time is crucial. And...I think I know of what I'm speaking here.

I've seen it all,...from players view: Crashes, rollbacks, abuses + rollbacks, wipes, wipes + abuses after, after wipes...ok I think you get the point.

If there's one const var in FOnline history then it is players crying about anything and devs trying to fix it. Well, actually this would make two const vars, wouldn't it?!

Anyway. This time, things are a bit different here. And now I'm speaking from a dev perspective. As Wesan already mentioned we have some problem related to integrated datatypes. One could say: "I don't mind! Fix it! And while you at it, gib t4!" but "one" wouldn't realize that this is nothing we encountered because of bad coding or such. Instead it's something inherent lying in the deep heart of the engine (more or less), that would need a tremendous amount of time and effort to change.

"One" could say: "Hell, if I get this right, then this server was up as long as no other was!". Actually I could be wrong about this but from a logical point of view I'd say that this is the case.

That beeing said, you might realize, that the best option now is to change some values back to some kind of starting point, which still means a lot of work to check and test.

We do have a safe save from back one week or something and hope to activate it. Just compare a week of pixel loss to an uptime of at least some years here.

In the meanwhile, try to enjoy your stay at least and keep looking for some events and such. I won't have much time to organize things and I'm horrible in such, not like Wesan who basically breaths this GM stuff but I can try to make this madness period a bit more worth living.

Hyde Park / Re: Share Music Thread
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:49 »
Azealia at her best:

Alice Phoebe Lou - Grey ...pretty wild lady..

Ann Peebles -  The real Soul Queen

Is this updated?

No need for any update. Crafting system is still the same.

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