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I got an idea and you can tell me, how bad it is, or how to improve that.

What if, the NCR would get some money into the NCR national treasure for each caravan successfully getting from NCR to VC or Hub? NCR army would have to set patrols for the NCR itself and for the caravans. The same they could go with the players as sort of bodyguards.

- Caravan routes would get protected
- New recruits for the NCR army would get another reason why to join
- More players willing to do caravans
- More players willing to attack caravans (More possible loot out of dead bodies)
- Safety of the region increased... or not?

This extra money could be use for the payment of the NCR army or getting them better equipment. Or the president new villa and Swiss bank account.

Closed Bugs / Kenny's brahmins and scorpions missing.
« on: January 21, 2014, 19:30 »
Hi there. Under the what circumstance are brahmins and the scorpions in Kenny's cave disappear?

It is kinda hard to finish the quest when there is nothing to shoot.

If this is known bug, I'm sorry :)

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