Author Topic: Memories of the own beginning of the game. First steps in Fonline.  (Read 3723 times)


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Hello all long time you didint see me. I was talking wiht Rhea today and I got and idea. So I made this topic bcs I would like to read how your first steps looks like in Fonline.
My history of Fonline started on Fo2238 that one friend told me about it. So we downloaded it and played togehter for some time. Then one friend left and only 2 of us left. I made a shitty character that had even 2 perks which are giving 2 ap just for move and most of the times I was farming NCR army. I made nice ammout of supply in tent so I wanted to join a gang to become a pro PK player.
The only one polish gang which i know was SQ or soemthing like that where Wichura was a leader. They were helping newbies. They added me to the base it was a cave. One day my friend told me that he found a brahmin with a lot of iron ore and minerals so he killed the cow and took it. He didint tell me that this was from this gang cave (we also didint know that there is possibilty to catch a cow or a slave). Then one day Wichura writed to me if I want to go on PK with them. I was really happy bcs PK was fun for me :D. When we were going near HUB Wichura told me that He has to take something from base also was one more player with us. We want to cave and there I saw like 5 players or more from SQ they made a execution on me for killing a cow and stealing the materials which I never did. Sadly I was young only 14 years old(if I remember well) and it was my first gang so I thought we can talk and make this drama clear this is why I tried to talk with them. If this situation would have a place now I would just kill them all bcs they were bad at PVP.
There was a movie from it on YT but i cant find it maybe someone still has it from SQ.
But this wasnt the end. After few days my friend still saw the base bcs they didint kill him just kick and on FO2238 you had to kill someone in base to not let him see it anymore. So one day we asked few people in NCR if they want to baserape with us. They agreed so we went there and took all what there were. It was a revange for executing me for something I didint do.
After that I just back to do my things farm NCR Army etc but one day I went to Hub and meet there few polish player for a gang which name I dont really remember but there were playing player like Rozpruwacz, Zamrazacz and they took me to thier gang. This was the time when my pvp started.
Also when I went to Univeristy I was living in a room with a friend he always rememebr two sentences which I was shouting when I was playing at night "Hexuj go!" (Hex him!) and "Napierdalac ruskich" (Attack Russians) when we were fighting against SoT.


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My first step in fonline was in the reloaded server 7 years ago when I was 12-13, not knowning english language at all. Went in Hub and saw Brahmin pen, I heard from net i can clear that but didnt know how... Somehow I spoke with the farmer which gives u the job but i didnt ask for the shovel...
I was grabing all the shit out of the pen by bare hands like for 1h... Then some polish guy told me it doesnt work like that. (: Damn, best start ever!

The start in fonline2 was much better cuz of the experience from FO:R but many features were different so still was hard to be pro :D Was doing a lot of caravans at start as most of us, but all the time on the way i was meeting "Szydercy" gang which wanted kick all asses... How many times I died from them is hard to count - a lot... Damn you, "Ola z pornola"!  This nickname i still remember xd
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Started playing 2238 sometime around 2010, the good ol' days where everyone was still a noob.
Was lucky enough to find a few good souls willing to help out a new guy, like Leon from C88 (my noob levels were way too much for them to handle though) and Schmidt, who later introduced me to The Lost Children, a small faction dedicated to getting new players hooked on jet helping out new players.

Wasn't long before Shady Sands became my home.
Probably spent more time there as my 1 EN thief/trader than anyone else on the server, training my skills as a shitposting idler, skills I value to this day.

Began a purple robe cult.
Hunted down thieves in Shady with a BB gun.
Pushed the fake idler 'Larry Rotgut' into doors.
Protected Sha Enin from rats who wished him harm.
Picked up many brahmin hides from behind objects in town, back in the days when getting a tent was a big thing and no-wall mods didn't exist.
Travelled the world as an NCR Ranger and idled in the town of Redding, among many other noob adventures.

Met a hardened ranger by the name of Ox-Skull who somehow was able to put up with my antics.
Good times.

Wasteland is still harsh.
Plasma Rifle is overpowered.
H&K CAWS is overpowered.


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Ive started playing nearly 2009, I do not recall well, my godness, so much time haha, in the mythic 2238, when everybody were noobs, no builds at all . In my first days I was just playing as a merchant, hoarding loads of ore and minerals, and selling that to the big boys, Ill try to remember the names, i missed it in my mind, one of them were the preTTTLA, "The Orphans":
Well this one, was my first tent ever:

I remember Forrest, i dont know if you ever has the chance to met him, but he is and was the creator of the "tent following" hahaa, in this picture he is doing what he did best, the fun thing is, i met him once in fonline 2, he kinda "come back" to the game, but now he is a father and husband, but was nice to see him again. The hole server hate him so much, Ive never saw that amount of hatred over a player ahahha.

I remember, shit! this picture is before the mining spot over the cities, in these days you had to look for "mines" all over the map, and we use to wait time to time to mine, hilarius, this is me and my "mule"

Hilarius!! this is me "attacking" a base in the early times of 2238, in those days in certain time all the bases were visible, so u could attack them. Look my hp, my build was so shitty, that is a fully leveled character hahaa, just 3 of endurance, lame!

Nice old times! hahaha

and this is 2010 im pretty sure, a new season or "wipe", my first gang, and Argentinian gang, in that days you couldnt name your gang as you wish, you had to choose from a list, so we choose the only "spanish name" over there, The "Pura Familia Loca"

We were for far the first spanish speaking gang to do Town Control

2011 or 12 i think, my loved gang called "Grim Reapers" we were hated cuz we used to took tha towns in the night hehe

A bonus for you guys! An event from 2238, maybe the old school can find her names over the pic

Lots of nice memories with Section 8, Dogs of War, Crazy 88, TTTLA, Choosen Soldiers and such.

See you around girls!!

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Was a nice run !

Maybe still is?

Ho, some realy old stuff

Finaly, the era of swarm

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Started in 2008, never even played a Fallout games before.

I was lost in Klamath and a guy was trolling me at the exit with a sort of hunting rifle sneak build, puting me in combat so i was not able to get WM. After 10min of trolling he finally shows up, he was french and we started to troll the exit grid together for a moment, this is how i met a small faction of french guys called "The Amboy Dukes". 

At this point i didn't knew they base raped the other part of the french comunity (my old Cajuns friends) some days before, but for me it was too late, they saw me trolling in klamath with my new "friend" and i was wanted for this base rape too, so i joined The Amboy Dukes cause you need friends in the wasteland.

Rule was, PVP first, so we started doing TC, the bad hype of the base rape against the Cajuns brings us lot of frogs renegades and number was growing. Soon after alliance started to show up and we joined the gopnik side, so we started to play with BBS and SOT.

The rest of the story is here, 10 years of pvp, almost 180 PVP videos from our alliance side on thoses youtube playlists.

2238's videos
Reloaded videos
FonlineĀ² part 1
FonlineĀ² part 2

Special thanks to SOT, BBS, RDA, The Outcast and all players who played under our name.

Long time i didn't launched the game, but still the best game i ever played.

For Glory And Lulz

Random one because it's good !

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For Glory And Lulz


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Did you stumble upon any hidden quests or areas that you still remember to this day?


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Hey there! It's always fun to reminisce about the early days of playing a game. I remember my own first steps in Online and how exciting it was to explore and discover new things.
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