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FOnline Dat Ripper - Powerful FOnline Dat Utility
« on: June 04, 2022, 05:08 »
I will put the description as is and as I usually do, in QnA form.

Q: What is it?
A: FOnlineDatRipper is a combined utility with archive/view/convert capabilities in one software.

Q: What's the current version?
A: Version's v1.0 -beta1; name "Eternal".

Q: Can you explain capabilities verbosely?
A: Software has capabilities of extracting files from Fallout 2 dat archives, feature to view FRM and ACM files and to convert ACM files to play with the audio player on your host OS.

Q: Where can I get virus scans of the downloaded zip archive?
A: Please go to and upload the archive if you hesitate on the second thought.

Q: Where's help and (or manual) about this one?
A: Available in the menus under "How to use" in the app itself, all operations are described there.

Q: Wait a second, are there any alternatives or similar programs?
A: Yep, but the goal in this one to make the first one to have build with both opening multiple files in one filesystem and embedded FRM/ACM viewer and converter in one.
     Mr. Stalin developed Dat Explorer and there is ACM2WAV as a single console application.
     I can say that Dat Explorer is a good start, that's the application which inspired me, but I desired more of it, much more.
     And sadly that there's no better than console ACM2WAV written in Pascal back in a day.

Q: Is this in development?
A: Yea, I developed it since January and I need to push it to the first solid release.

Q: Who's involved in making of this?
A: Many inspired me, but I did it. I do not seek for a glory. Maybe someone worth to notice. Humbly.

Source code repository:


Youtube video (done for v0.4 alpha - DEUTERIUM):

Youtube video (done for v1.0-beta1 - ETERNAL):
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