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Sell / WTE LSWs for p90s
« on: February 06, 2015, 02:07 »
Need p90s, offering LSW for each.

Suggestions / moar eventz in madoc!1!1
« on: February 04, 2015, 10:18 »
make more gecko events in modoc, its always crowded, shitload of action and nobody can sell pelts unless camping team of 5 .Just check how many firegeckos killed per day and how many pelts are sold, imbalanced feature as brahmin fuck in shallow pussy.

 Also give me mah robat.

Suggestions / Annoying SO MUCH - Robot
« on: February 02, 2015, 12:59 »
I want robot for cleaning my base, i am not slave to move pixels over the base.

Buy / WTA set of books (8 of each sort)
« on: January 28, 2015, 17:33 »
8 first aid books
8 outdoorsman books
8 repair books
8 science books
8 small gun books
Starting bid 40k
minimal increment 1000
buyout 60k
Start now
End in 48 hours

Buy / WTB fire gecko pelts
« on: January 28, 2015, 09:27 »
Buying fire pelts for 175 caps each, for 500 pelts i ll pay 100 k.


Gangs / To player Number1 and imbosibru
« on: January 23, 2015, 15:30 »
I would like to apeal on player Number1 and imposibru to cease their activity, which could be considered ilegal, by next encounter documented, thus ruining reputation of your overseer once again.

Sell / WTT simple beauty
« on: January 05, 2015, 12:08 »
I am willing to give away this pretiness, fruit of the nature, lovely flower of irresistible delight, in exchange for any other item of inner perfection.

I beg you to message me as soon as possible before flower dries up and dies.

Rangers camp Guard in inner city do not allow Rangers enter. Little bug, but i am curious how quick it will be changed.

Medic implant - 125k
scouting implant - 275k NEW PRICE 250k
engineering implant - 325k

Armor upgrades are too various in matter of use aswell as balance.

So rework craftin bonuses to:

+ap(up to 1)
+anticrit&armorclass(up to 10)       <---same amount for both
+resist(up to 10)                           <--- all resists, not bonus for for each type of damage separately
+threshold(up to 4)                       <--- all thresholds, not bonus for for each type of damage separately
+poison&radiation resist(up to 20)  <---same amount for both
+carryweight(up to 22)

This way even best armors gona be much more frequent ,but still not that much imbalanced.

New California Republic / Confirmed list of misbehaviours.
« on: July 15, 2014, 23:28 »
- inviting member of hostile faction to ranks of NCR during PVP action against team of mentioned hostile faction.
- ignoring several obligations towards republic( criminality evaluation process )
- promising transparency of his acts, while didnt rewiew several events including his own elections.
- performing untrue claims about several incidents
- performing many public affairs behind closed doors, reviewing not any summary, neither subject
- violating several verbal agreements with his soldiers

- ignoring thief criminality for all his leadership period
- leaving NCR for inconvenient and untrue reason
- unawarnes of his own ruleset

Bar Abass
- pickpocketing citizens and visitors randomly
- abusing powers of Thieves Guild given by GM to murder several guards
- helping guards defend NCR, simultaneously stealing from them
- colaborating with enemies faction while allegedly leading Crusade of NCR against them
- affair known as "not-stolen cars for sale"
- reserving right to lie in all his bussiness relations

Shackfuhrer known as glumer
- colaborating with unfrendly faction while in Ranks of NCR
- planting several agents to NCR before elections, and he missed elections as one of the candidates!
- omiting all of his official duties including NCR and BOS( inactive in BOS but refusing to resign as officer, diplomatic incompetence...)
- colaborating with Enclave while being BOS paladin
- repeating own delusions, hopeing thase becomes somehow grounded( or maybe he is just not smart )

-baseraping frendly faction

RE-L Mayer
- Colaborating with hostile faction while in ranks of NCR.

The rest of currently active members are just no names yet. They are hopefuly newbies, but more likely just followers of Guy-Leading-Uber-MEga-Retards

You are really giving up so fast? Not your style...I have a very hard time believing your next post will be your last in this subforum.  But maybe, instead of continuing flame war, you can just ... stop
I am giving up becouse there is nothing left in NCR worth to protect, yes i am stoping my flame war now, same as any other posts.

Despite all of mentioned data, i wish you good luck with "new" NCR. My expectations are that most of the currently active players will go where they came from very soon, if so, i ll be still hoping you ll be able to recruit many new players.

Sell / WTS 1000 cords
« on: July 12, 2014, 00:13 »
1000 cords for 100k caps, PM.

New California Republic / Report 7/7/2014
« on: July 08, 2014, 00:13 »
Today NCR was underatack of FREAK LEGION scums and we lost several citizens lives in process!( nearly not any guard ! )

I ll type down important happenings during this evening:

1. I have received inteligence that player bar abass(thieves guild) who might be meddling with NCR affairs, has been spotted colaborating with FREAK LEGION in early evening. Evidence is doubled to prevet assumptions that he might just atacked them or something like that.

2. FREAK LEGION atacked NCR just minutes after. Bar abass was unavailable in early part of this event, he appeared with "intention" to defend town when FREAK LEGION starts leaving town.

3. Tracy Baker is back from Mojave! And our scout reported heroic effort to defend town, where she killed one of FREAK LEGION scums while being massively outnumbered! Welcome back Tracy, hope you ll take place in elections too!

4. At the end a  little cherry, so nobody can assume i was just watching...

1. I propose bar abass to add on KOS list, if he ll be not able to prove subject of his activity in SF.
2. Same moment NCR was atacked half of guards started escaping from bazaar (Marius), he was heavy geared, but refused to defend town, i suggest to clarify what obligations he has as guard!!! or let him go his own way.
3.Tracy Baker is back from retirement! YAY! I suggest Tracy to apply in prolonged election application period ;) .

[Recruitment proceedure and thread will be reworked for Season 3.]

Brotherhood of Steel has opened 2 programs:

I. Survival Training Courses and Emergency Relief for new settlers and sufferers of California

This program is determined to recruit and help newcomers extend their knowledge and property in game.

In program:
providing information about current situation in the wasteland by conversation with consultant
teaching skills for further effective trainings and obtaining of livelihoods by joint activity
emergency relief as boosting your recovery process by give away

Be aware, that this program is not meant to be charity, but to teach how to become self sufficient.


- signed Codex of BoS
- efforts and will to learn
- independence from player driven factions, especialy hostile ones
- mumble, comprehension of english or russian language

To apply contact Paragon in  IRC (, #BOS)

II. Practice and Duty of forwarding combatants in the field

This one is for skilled adventurers, explorers and fighters.
Program includes highly coordinated team-based activities intended to explore wasteland and provide peace and order in California


- signed Codex of BoS
- confirmed PVP character at least level 27
- material self-sufficiency (base/tent network, car loaded with backup equipment)
- independence from player driven factions, especialy hostile ones
- microphone, mumble, english or russian language

- read: Codex, Diplomacy relations , Hierarchy

Application process:
1. Sign yourself in Codex thread
2. Join us in IRC (, #BOS)
3. Introduce yourself and ask one of our elders for further information (Feather, Paragon, GlowTrotter)
4. Join our daily operations

Sell / WTA 1000 cords
« on: July 03, 2014, 00:43 »
Item: 1000 cords
Minimum bid: 100 000 caps
Increments: 5 000 caps

End: Sunday midnight

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