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Q: What is it?
A: Program written in Java which serves as the linker for interface images and text. It's not an image editor.

Q: Which version is actual?
A: Actual version is 0.5 - FINLAND. This is 3rd pre-release and it's in continuous development.

Q: What's required to run it?
A: Java 1.8 (or later) is required.

Q: If it's in Java what technology or libraries is this based on?
A: Java OpenGL Library abbreviated as JOGL.

Q: What's the purpose of this program?
A: This program has purpose to build and edit the interface similar to the one in the game (to the some extent). You're only modifying the default.ini of it.

Q: How do I get to the game files?
A: After downloading the client, in data folder are located all the ingame files apart from fallout.dat. Target directory is art > intrface where default.ini is.

Q: What FOnline Engines are supported?
A: Designated primarily for FOnline2 but can be modified and distributed with FOnline Reloaded and other FOnlines.

Q: How do I use this?
A: Once you download the program in the menu "Info > How to use" you will get instructions how to use.
    Briefly, I can say is you can do many things with this one apart from editing images.

Q: Who's involved in making of this?
A: Solely I. For now. But I may recruit someone to help me with these.
Q: What's the deal about license and this program, is it free?
A: Absolutely it's free. And it's Open Source. You're welcome to make it even better. Licenced under General Public License v3.0. But lets get to the some solid release first.

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Youtube demonstration videos:

1st pre-release (2 versions behind):

2nd pre-release (previous version):

3rd pre-release (actual version):