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NCR Army Structure
« on: September 10, 2017, 16:41 »
New California Republic Army, or shorter NCRA is structured out of 10 ranks and 1 special force unit.

Publicly released NCRA rank structure:


NCR National Guard
Duties: cleaning brahmin pens in Shady Sands, protecting caravan routes connected to Shady Sands (achieve self sufficiency, get car with trunk)
Requirements: lvl 18 burster (or rocketeer), decent knowledge of English language, microphone
Benefits: with higher team activity, burster and rocketeer lvl ~26 candidates for NCR Army ranks
Duties: patrolling mini events, V15, protecting caravan routes, patrol Shady Sands.
Requirements: lvl 50 on at least one char, burster and rocketeer viable builds, car with trunk.
Benefits: NCR National Guard members that meet the requirements on initiating drills are welcomed to NCR ranks with initiation process, uniform and standard issue of IKE - initial kit of equipment. (For more experienced players initiation and gear set is optional, depends on decision of higher ranked personnel, experience and self sufficiency of applicant.)
Duties: patrolling mini events, V15, protecting caravan routes, patrol Shady Sands, higher pvp team activity.
Requirements: minimum 2 weeks experience in NCRA as Recruit, at least one char lvl99.
Benefits: common rank for full time members. Membership on NCR closed forum (optional, depends on decision of NCR officers).
Duties: show more initiative during serving, progress, ability to learn from mistakes. Patrol Shady Sands, zones around, towns under NCR control and reporting any law discrepancies to higher ranked personnel.
Requirements: full self sufficiency and knowledge about California wasteland.
Duties: sharing loot with team mates and helping them in battlefield, as well as sharing needed items with faction on mutual benefit. Leads lower ranked members to easier runs, helping them on caravans or instanced dungeons, runs that do not necessarily require voice com. Sharing his knowledge and updating lower ranked members about current situation in wastealand. Helping JTS members to better integrate to surroundings.
Requirements: consistency in progress after becoming Corporal. Dedication to train and aid new recruits. Knowledge about major factions activity.
Benefits: candidates for NCR Veteran Ribbon decoration
Duties: showing more initiative during team actions, placing constructive ideas of making more progress, during low faction activity helping others around wastes. Can reflect to lower and higher ranks as well.
Requirements: long time service.
Duties: sharing their good will, knowledge, experience and gear from common runs to people with good attitude inside or outside of faction that need some boost.
Requirements: well trained and experienced members with long time service.
Duties: trusted members that are active looking for new recruits and suggesting them to officers. Also reflects to lower ranks, it can help them to achieve higher rank.
Requirements: long time service, high initiative.
Benefits: deputy officers, candidates for officers.
Duties: most trusted NCR core members with many tasks and responsibility such as ideas for improving, finding new initiates (not recruit them on his own), discussing laws, participating with voting with rest of NCR members on ideas or issues considering NCR laws and impact (active in rp part). Not hesitating to share/exchange his high tech equipment with trustworthy team mates for benefit of whole faction.
Requirements: at least one implanted char, mic user, big pe class (rl or sniper).
Benefits: all chars promoted to NCR officers. Officers can manipulate with town gates (only if there is need for it; raid on town, bank event; according to Constitution), check amount of caps in bank vault via gate terminal, add his new chars or chars of teammates to ranks.
Duties: as currently highest rank in NCR military ranks with highest authority using voice com and lead actions.
Requirements: mic user, experience in leading actions.

[NCRA officer authorization level required]

duty of every NCR member, no matter of rank, is to observe happenings in Shady Sands (patrol the town/guard bazaar from time to time) and report any suspicious behavior to superiors


1st Infantry Division
Duties: NCR National Guard duties
Requirement: NCR National Guard members. lvl 26+ viable build, burster or rocketeer
Benefits: requirement for NCR NG members to participate in pvp; close candidates for NCR ranks
Drill Instructor
Duties: managing training sessions, report progress of members and recommend them for advancement in ranks.
Requirements: Private rank or higher.
NCR Veteran Ribbon
Duties: keeping high initiative in segment of leading, sharing, helping new guys out
Requirements: Sergeant rank or higher.
Benefits: recognition to members with longer experience in game and NCR. Not necessary Officers. Can get officer status to one char for practical purposes.

Advance ranks by team activity and by fulfilling Your duties. Show respect to superiors, as it is expected from superiors to show respect to their subordinates.
Promotions are discussed on council meetings.

As members can advance, if they start to lose interest, they can also be demoted in ranks. If some members completely lose interest in team work it will result with kicking from faction.

Every dedicated member to faction is entitled to be rewarded when advancing in ranks, according to his needs, based on officers or council recommendations.

NCR members codex:
- listen to voice leaders
- respect your team mates, allies but enemies too
- secure eaqual share of loot for each team member and participant in action
- dont loot before combat ends
- be constructive and open minded when giving or receiving suggestion(s) about improving
- on TS main channels, main language is English
- do not trashtalk or insult in game or on ts
- help new players and citizens in need
- do not sell t4 or implants from faction runs without consulting with officers
- NCR armors are not for sale
- have fun dammit!

To avoid any possible misunderstanding contact officers before trading your personal high tier pre war technology.

Pre war high tech loot codex:
- members can not sell implants from team runs outside of faction (environmental implant excluded)
- members can not sell any t4 item from team runs outside of faction (t4 engine, car paint, gauss rifle and pulse rifle excluded)
- all items from faction runs from dungeons - Sierra Army Depot, Ares or inner Mariposa will be rolled for between participants; APA parts, including battery, from named runs, goes directly to faction treasury
- t4 and t3,5 won in battle from enemy will be rolled for between participants
- members can not sell any T3.5 or T4 weapons/armors win in battle from enemy to outside of faction
- members can not sell any t3,5 from faction runs outside of faction (example enclave armor)
- members are obligated to exchange HG tokens for 70k caps to faction (or be compensated in items/caps+items)
- buying t4 items from other NCR members to resell it outside of faction is strictly forbidden

Enlist for implants:
Implants from team runs will be distributed/rolled between persons in need (members must have char made and using it as well as apply for it before run);
example: implant looted
- 5 participants in dungeon
- person that signed for looted implant gets it
- in case that more than one person signed up for looted implant, implant is rolled between applicants
Members with longer internship and no implanted chars have advantage.
If nobody will apply for designated implant before run, implant will be rolled between all participants.
Implant list rule applies only to sierra/ares/mari interior. Not for glow.
- participants are entitled to roll for any glow implants and t4
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