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NCR Constitution
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Recommended to read before entering NCR territory!

NCR General Provisions
I - Civilian rights
General civilian law:
1.0 - New California Republic is established as indivisible confederate Republic of equality. Every NCR Citizen and civilian are treated equally in front of law, by NCR government and NCR personnel.
   1.0.1 - Every part of confederation has right to have local autonomy, upon council and president's decisions.
1.1 - NCR government is only legal authority on NCR territory.
   1.1.1- NCR government consists of senior officers and president, with president as head of government.
1.2 - The NCR upholds every Citizens right to keep a weapon on hand only for self-defense.
1.3 - Every Citizen have rights to freely roam around NCR territory, Shady Sands, other towns or land under current NCR control, not being interrupted by NCR personnel if not acting suspicious or posing direct threat.
1.4 - Every Citizen can ask for help NCR personnel on duty in sense of escort around land under NCR control, caravan route connected to Shady Sands or territory of NCR interest.
   1.4.1- Any leading NCR personnel in trap or ambush will result with marking that person as enemy of Republic
1.5 - Every National Guard member will be given NCR Citizenship status right after joining. If by any means, his Citizenship status was overlooked, person should file an application directly to president.
1.6 - Any aggressive act towards any NCR personnel, including towards other Citizens or interfering with NCR Army actions in any part of land with NCR activity will result with revoking of NCR Citizenship immediately, marking that person as enemy of Republic.
1.7 - Every ally member is equally treated as Citizen.
1.8 - Civilians or Citizens that find themselves on land of current NCR Army cleansing of parameter needs to leave premises immediately or will be taken as posing threat. NCR cant vouch safety of civilians or their property if they are neglecting mentioned conditions.
   1.8.1- Neglecting NCR government instructions and interfering with NCR Army activity will be taken as offensive act against Republic interest and will be answered by force.
   1.8.2- Any neglecting of NCR law will be punished by revoking Citizenship and marking that person as NCR enemy.
1.9 - Person or organization that will act hostile towards NCR, making alliance with known outlaw individual or groups or will be doing subversive activity, will be marked as enemy of the republic.
   1.9.1- Person or organization that will continuously support known outlaw or individual groups will be permanently expelled from NCR territory.
1.10- Person or organization that is blacklisted by NCR and/or marked as enemy can file an appeal and ask pardon from NCR Court of Justice.
   1.10.1- NCR Court of Justice, NCR Council or NCR president can decide about pardon or penalty.
   1.10.2- In case that appeal is accepted, penalty or bail terms will be set. Blacklist will not be removed until penalty is executed or bail terms met.
1.11- Law disobedience will result with temporary expulsion from NCR territory.
   1.11.1- Repetitive law disobedience can be punished with permanent expulsion from NCR territory or death sentence without possibility to appeal.
Shady Sands civilian law:
2.1 - NCR Army is only legal authority in Shady Sands and main town under NCR control. Every visitor and their property is protected by NCR personnel on duty. No others are authorized to protect Shady Sands premises.
2.2 - NCR government is providing and subsidize jobs for any pacifist visitor looking for work with caravan escort or brahmin pen cleaning jobs.
2.3 - Any attempt of thievery on NCR premises will be immediately punished. Thieves will be permanently expelled from NCR territory and stolen goods will be returned to their original owner.
2.4 - Any attempt of violence on NCR premises will be immediately punished. Aggressors or persons that collaborate with terrorists will be permanently expelled from NCR territory and marked as enemy.
2.5 - Any looting of victims from non NCR side will be immediately punished by force.
2.6 - Any aggressive act, thievery or abusing of power from side of civilians, gangs, NCR or NCR ally side needs to be immediately reported to higher NCR personnel or president. With evidence included.
   2.6.1- With presented evidence any victim on Shady Sands premises will be compensated from NCR government for their loses.
2.7 - If "Enemy list" on persons pipboy is not including persons faction, person is free to visit Shady Sands, no matter if interfered with NCR Army actions in past.
2.8 - If person did not commit any crime in Shady Sands, person is free to visit town, no matter if interfered with NCR Army actions in past.
2.9 - Any force that will try to attack Shady Sands will be immediately expelled from town with all their members personally.
2.10- When person enters Shady Sands premises can be checked by NCR personnel on duty to determine persons status or threat level. Obey NCR personnel instructions to avoid any complication. Neglecting of instruction can result with immediate temporary expulsion from town and confiscation of property.
   2.10.1- Repetitive disobedience will result with permanent expulsion from town.
2.11- Clothes that will hide persons identity are strictly forbidden. Robes that are hiding names are recognized as clothes of terrorists, spies, thieves or subversive elements. NCR personnel have orders to shot on sight any potential or known thief, spy or terrorist without warning.
2.12- Person is not entitled to bring any kind of wild animal or non human creature form to town without valid permit and implementing proper safety measures.
   2.12.1- Permit can be issued by contacting authorized NCR personnel.

Shady Sands trade regulation:
2.13- One person can own maximum one shop. Person caught in this offensive act will be blacklisted on all of his shop owners except one.
   2.13.1- Neglecting of this regulation will end up with blacklisting all shop owners from that person.
   2.13.2- Persons that gets into shop ownership only to re-sell it will be blacklisted.
2.14- Shop owner has right to ask guard on duty for extra protection during shop restocking.
2.15- Persons in ownership of shop in town that will keep their shop empty for more than a week will be blacklisted, so shop can become available to potentially more quality owner.
2.16- Be aware of market prices. Shop owners that will heavily overcharge for their shop items, and will keep their prices for over a week, will be blacklisted, so potentially more competitive trader can get his chance. This way NCR wants to keep Shady Sands market competitive and attractive to potential visitors and traders.
   2.16.1- Shop owners that are trying to sell falsely advertised item will be warned to remove item from their stock. Upon identification, if an owner will not remove it in a period of 24 hours after public warning - he will be blacklisted and will need to pay a fine to get access to his shop again. The amount of the fine is determined by the NCR council.
2.17- Shop owners have right to get a shop tax refund, depending on local regulations set by the State Secretary of Civil Development.

Vehicle and parking regulation:
2.18 - Citizens and civilians not affiliated with NCRA do not have permission to park their vehicles on premises of towns under NCR governance. Any vehicle parked without valid permit, for longer period, will be towed away by NCR authorities.
   2.18.1- NCRA on active duty patrol have obligation to warn civilians and Citizens to move their vehicle before initiating towing process.
2.19- Any vehicle in conflict with regulations or confirmed in ownership of criminal element, will be confiscated. Do not try to interfere while NCR authorities are preparing vehicle for confiscation. NCRA have authority to open fire to anyone who is trying to interfere with process, including citizens.

II - Military rules
General military laws:
3.1 - Upon aggressive intrusion from illegal third party armed individuals or groups on NCR territory, president and government are authorized to send all available NCRA troops and army branches for the purpose of defense.
   3.1.1- NCRA is authorized to act on territory that is not official part of NCR in case of president decree.

NCR Curfew hour:
3.2 - NCR government reserves rights to lift curfew hour in special occasions:
   3.2.1 - raid on Shady Sands
   3.2.2 - NCR tax transaction
   3.2.3 - attack on town under control of NCR
   3.2.4 - taking over town that is not currently under control of NCR
3.3 - All civilians needs to evacuate themselves from parameters of NCR activity during curfew hour.
3.4 - NCR government is providing secured message about curfew hour on NCR territory to every household via radio channel 0 on time, so every civilian can be evacuated without problems.
3.5 - Every person who will neglect evacuation message is taking a risk to be shot at.
3.6 - NCR personnel are not obligated to compensate any civilian for their loss during curfew hour.
NCR Army law:
4.1 - NCR Army have three branches - NCR National Guard, NCR Army, and NCR Rangers. HQ is stated at Shady Sands Rangers Camp. They are controlled by NCR government and officers of both branches are answering directly to NCR president.
   4.1.1- NCR Rangers are special force division of NCR Army and only NCR sergeants, or higher ranked personnel, can become one.
4.2 - Every NCR Army member took an oath to preserve values of NCR. He is obligated to protect its allies, Citizens, oppressed civilians and their property in any part of New California land.
4.3 - When there is potential attack on Shady Sands, every available NCR Army personnel is obligated to check and report situation.
4.4 - When tax transaction is in progress, every available NCR Army personnel is obligated to report for duty.
4.5 - When NCR army is doing actions in interest of whole Republic (ex. taking over territory) every available soldier is obligated to report for duty.
4.6 - Every NCR member is obligated to act polite in best interest of Army reputation.
4.7 - Shady Sands - NCR Army members are free to shot only at person that is acting hostile: physically assaulting others or doing thievery.
4.8 - Outside of Shady Sands - NCR Army members are free to shot at person which is considered outlaw or posing a threat.
4.9 - NCR Army is not tolerating insulting of other persons, and will punish disobedience accordingly.
4.10- Every NCR Army member is obligated to act disciplined and listen to their superiors in or outside of action.
4.11- NCR Army senior members are obligated to introduce NCR personnel with "NCR members -codex- guide".
4.12- NCR Army members are not allowed to sell NCR uniforms or high tech pre war items without permission of Officers, Council members or President.
4.13- NCR soldiers are not allowed to surrender. Any act of surrender of NCR personnel or equipment to enemy will be considering as act of treason and discipline measures will be implemented accordingly.
4.14- Any neglecting of constitution by NCR personnel will be prosecuted. Collaborating with enemy or ignoring law will result with harsh penalty, dishonorable discharge from Army ranks, or expulsion from NCR lands, depends on NCR Court of Justice, NCR Council or NCR president decision.
III - General
Civilians, Citizens, members and state rights:
5.1 - Every civilian who havent commit any crime in Shady Sands have rights to apply for Citizenship and registering it by contacting NCR officer or president.
   5.1.1 - Citizenship status is visible to every NCR Army member.
5.2 - Only NCR Council with approval of president have right to vote and have direct impact on NCR state progress or Constitution.
5.3 - Slavery is prohibited.
5.4 - All forms of radical religions are prohibited.
5.5 - Every press release needs to be approved by NCR government before publishing.
5.6 - With every trade or job there is tax of 8% in Shady Sands.
5.7 - Upon becoming 21 an NCR Citizen is classified as an adult and can apply for NCR Army ranks.
5.8 - Citizenship provides priority applicant status to join the NCR Army.
5.9 - Every NCR personnel is entitled to 3 weeks based paycheck secured in active currency or goods.
   5.9.1- NCR government reserves rights to suspend paycheck system depends on Republic activity or interest.
5.10- Prostitution is allowed in limited form. Only adult workers approved by NCR Ministry of Civil Development and NCR Ministry of Health Department can offer their services legally on two locations - Shady Sands bazaar and Rawhide Saloon. All prices are formed by NCR Ministry of Civil Development.
5.11- Gambling is allowed only in Rawhide Saloon and Rocketball Arena.
5.12- If person has complaint about treatment or current NCR laws, can contact NCR representatives or president directly.
5.13- NCR government will not review complaints that will directly interfere with Republic interest.

Edition: 10.10.2282.
(Government reserving rights to improve constitution for the mutual benefit and security of citizens, peaceful minded civilians and NCR, accordingly with the progress)

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift
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