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RP now! Let's try!
« on: August 04, 2022, 12:04 »
Hello everyone!  Here I will state my point of view on role-playing games.
How I understand what a role-playing game is and how it can be applied on this server.
RP is like playing in a theater or cinema where an actor gets a role, and then performs it to the best of his abilities and passing the role through him.
And here are examples of roles that we somehow play out in this game, for example, a caravan attendant accompanying cargo or a trader working in the market or a paramilitary unit fighter on a mission or a peasant caring for animals.
I suggest you step into RP and try yourself there, no one cancels PVP or other familiar moments. But you can also enjoy the game by immersing yourself more in the image/role. And it's not difficult, it's enough to choose any character and play his current tasks without leaving the image / role.  For example, to be a doctor or a doctor's assistant in any city and provide services to players for a reasonable fee. Playing in RP mode implies social interaction between RP participants and adds more colors to the game.  Set goals or a plan that your character wants to achieve and follow them. For example, a caravaneer decided to settle down and try himself as the owner of a trade campaign and why not caravans. RP is a game for a character not for yourself, within a clear rule (the rule is simple do not leave the image) where you can find something new for yourself.
And the most important RP is a game with imagination with fantasy.
You can also play RP in one if you have enough imagination, but you need company for more fun. Two people is already a start. If you are interested in this topic and have a desire to try it, then write to me or my  Discord -Cox 8).

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