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General Game Rules
« on: July 01, 2013, 21:08 »
General Game Rules

      List of forbidden actions:
  • Exploiting a bug or abusing a feature, [Report it instead of using it. You will be rewarded (not with a cookie), very active bug hunters may appear in credits or gain our trust to give them some public functions].
  • Exploiting alts, multilogging and "wave fighting" in PvP [both Real-Time and Turn-Based].
  • Using any kind of unauthorized third-party tool that modifies the game in a way that gives any kind of unfair advantage over other players, including bots, macros, auto-clickers.
  • Insulting players, Game Masters, DEVteam members.
  • Abusing ingame chat like for example spamming or flooding.
  • Stealing ingame characters, Faction name stealing, Base raping(with exception to ingame tagging/following).
  • Selling or buying ingame items for real money.

       Act like an adult, use common sense, don't be a dick.
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