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Suggestions / (Session 4) Delete Blue Ammo
« on: August 05, 2020, 21:13 »
There is absolutely no point in keeping JHP ammo in this game. Just keep things simple and keep special ammo only where it matter.

No one shoots Explosive rockets instead of AP.
No one use blue ammo in Miniguns.
No one use basic flamer ammo.

Multiple kinds of ammo should be used only in cases where its matter like offering diffrent kind of damage types - its well done in case of grenades where players use various kind of grenades for various tasks (EMP for Robots, Plasma for PvP, Frags for PvE)

Suggestions / Bunch of Thingies
« on: June 08, 2020, 20:27 »
Engine QoL Suggestion:

#After NPC body become looted it should become more transparent or market in some way. This way People while looting won't have to multiple check same NPC if farming in group. This will make group farming quicker and more convinient.

Quest QoL Suggestion:

#After finishing "In Disguise" Quest in Cathedral in order to get caps you need to visit Brotherhood NPC in Shady Sands. That hell of long trip thats frankly pointless. If players would receive caps after leaving location more player would prefer doing it silent way. As its now if this quest is performed by bigger team its often not worth doing it silent way as it takes too much time.

Balance Suggestions:

*Buff Ares loot.

No i Don't mean Implant locker. I mean regular containers on levels 1-3 and surface. People are spending tons of ammo and drugs there - toss in a little more stuff to just make players feel like those expanses are justified even if they won't roll implant.

*Nerf Hun>NCR Caravan

From what I noticed people tend to abuse this route with multibox. Its way too easy route to be rewarding players with Tier 3 recipes.

*Increase Amount of CA and CA mkII recipes.

There is no good way to farm this item. While there's a lot of Tier 3 recipes for weapons armors are super rare.

*Reduce Chance to get Rogues Base Maps.

This rare loot is not actually that rare. By being this common item people are not buying any other bases disturbing the balance in the bases ecosystem.

Loot Dog:

Just as we have Base Cleaner Bot it might be funny to have Doggie that on command would go and loot bodies after farming encounter. Ofcouse this is crossing into Followers section so its probably out of reach of simple feature.

Suggestions / Old Suggestions that maybe are now possible?
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:37 »

With recent engine upgrade maybe it is finally possible to make looting of multiple bodies more easily? Years ago i was suggesting that NPC body after being looted should dissapear/become marked in some other way/ so that only bodies with stuff on it are visible - while farming in teams of 2-3 people you constantly click on already looted body, it was annyoing as hell and while team farming was more fun it was also more annyoing because of that.

Upgrade to item sorting. Can we have now diffrent outline to items that are upgraded? Like Grey outline for upgraded item, Orange outline for advanced ones etc? So you could see what quality of item you have while looking at inventory withouth clicking. Perhaps instead of outline it could be like star icon next to item marking it. We also need to be able to turn it ON/OFF so those people that hate eye cancer on their inventory could be also happy.

General Discussion / Today is the day.
« on: September 22, 2016, 20:28 »
The day that nothing happened.
Remember it.

General Discussion / Event
« on: June 15, 2016, 22:42 »
Stop pretending nothing happened today you noobs, Describe how many Bozars Aco got this time, Tell me how much time a single guy spended on trying to lockpick a car from the minefield, tell me what happened in Necro. Tell me locations of new Testers NPC's. Give me dramas. Give me screens. Give me vids. Give me text raports.


Sell / Big Packs of Improved Flamers.
« on: September 24, 2015, 13:52 »

I have for sell two packs of flamers. First pack is composed of 23 Ap reduced flamers. Second pack:  7 +9 crit chance flamers. All flamers are 0/100%. No Cherry picking - im not going to bother selling them in singles. You bid for entire pack.

You can bid using High Grade Steels or Caps. For purposes of this auction High Grade Steel is worth 1k caps.

Pack 1 (23 Ap reduced flamers.)

Starting Bid: 100k. (4347 caps per one)
Minimal Bid: 5k
Auction End: 48h from start.
Buyout: 250k. (10869 caps per one)

Pack 2 (7 +9 crit chance flamers.)

Starting Bid: 50k. (7142 caps per one)
Minimal Bid: 5k
Auction End: 48h from start.
Buyout: 200k. (28571 caps per one)

Bugs / Forcefield in NCR
« on: September 08, 2015, 00:36 »
No matter how many dynamites you set up in front of gates you can't destroy it. Last time i used 8 this time i used 5. Looks bugged.

Bugs / [quests]sharing problem
« on: August 04, 2015, 18:00 »
If you kill all farmers at Farm during the "Sharing Problem" quest it will glitch up. You can't tell Pestis that you solved the problem. It's almost like the game goes: "What!? You can't do that."

Bugs / [quests]box lifting
« on: July 27, 2015, 10:45 »
It's seems that Box Lifting in Shady Sands and in Hub share the same cooldown. You can't start the job in one of those towns if you finished it in other one.

Sell / [[Done]]
« on: July 25, 2015, 20:45 »
WTS: 40 Toxic Cave maps. Im selling them as a entire pack not going to bother selling them in singles.

Auction Time: Around 48 hours (+/- unknow time to prevent snipering)

Starting Bid: 100k (2,500 caps per one)
Minimal Bid: 20k
Buyout: 250k (6,250 caps per one)

General Discussion / Xsarqopedia Release
« on: July 21, 2015, 16:39 »
Xsarqopedia has been moved back to official host. Use


It been a while since my last post, i had been a bit inactive. Wait - it is not actually true - in fact i was very active - just not in game. I was working on this:
Xsarqopedia state: Up-to date. (Information from patch date: 29 November 2015, implemented.)

What is Xsarqopedia?

This is heavily modified Fonline 2 wiki, with a lot of new content. This wiki is updated with all changes done through session 3. There shouldn't be any old-dated pages. Living world project, special encounters, new dungeons, new quests etc. All this has been described and included into wiki.

Xsarqopedia unlike original wiki is also corrected from technical side: location images has been remastered and in most cases are much better quality, there's working sidebar and main menu has plenty of new random images. Unlike official Fonline 2 wiki everyone can edit it, so if you find a mistake, typo or feel like you need to add something - feel free to do it.

Thanks to Hedron, most of articles have been translated from my broken english into actual one, there's still a lot to correct though but in this wiki at least some articles are actually wroten in english!

Thanks to Wesan there is also description for some obscure items or locations. Pretty much useless i think - but hey it's also bit fancy!

Since Xsarqopedia is being hosted on some free site the providor has added an add to every page. To get rid of this ad you can use adblock extension for your browser (easiest option) or make an wiki account, logged in users doesn't have any ads.

Quick FAQ

How can i help?

Let other people know about this wiki. Share the link with other players. You can also edit and fix things.

Whats with official wiki?

As far as i know there is no one working on it right now. If someone wants to copy changes from xsarqopedia back into official wiki, feel free to do so.

I found a mistake in wiki! Crafting experience for xxx is xxx

Remember that there's an xp x 2 feature going on serwer right now. Experience for crafting and for killing mobs is doubled compared to what you should have. As this can be disabled any time deves decide so, it's pointless to change.

Why it is related so late into the session? Man it's been 9 month since session 3 started!

Becuase imha lazy prick.

Do you have any source files for all this graphic?

Yes. You can download raw photoshop files here.

It is about 4 giga of files. Should be about all i used. I know for sure its missing alpha main menu - i accidentally deleted the file when uploading, but other than that it should had everything. If you can't find certain file then i don't have it.

Any plans to translate wiki into other languages?

Nope, at least not me.

What's are your plan for the future?

I would love to join any project that would aim into creating an Encounter Map. Unfortunely i myself have zero idea how to do it.

Creating an Wiki Account:

Since i had some issues with trolls unfortunely we have to go back to unconvinient closed registration formula like on old official wiki. Just send request for account through xsarqopedia and also write in this thread. Oh also answer for captcha question is Fonline2 .

Bugs / Sierra Small Room basement
« on: July 18, 2015, 21:10 »
How it is now:

How it used to be:

It looks like you guys forgot to put a robot there. Unless it is a planned change to remove anti-sneak robot from this place?

Bugs / Two Descriptions
« on: June 28, 2015, 23:49 »

Hubologist's Robes:

Gangs / "Tester" and JTS banwave
« on: June 18, 2015, 00:37 »
I would like to make protest against current banwave that hit on some of my scouts. First of all. What rule did they had broken? Second of all there is no public information on matters like duration of those bans and list of nicks that got affected. Why?

Now let me relate to the issue of "Tester" NPC. Yes i do realise it was a great thread to whole game economy. But could you really blame scouts? This NPC appeared right in middle of our fucking base. It was named "Tester". Scouts aren't veterans of Fonline 2 game i don't really know what they coud had thought, but if they saw npcs titled like this in middle of the faction base most of them concluded it's there for a reason: to test something. So they used it.

Some of them never played in last seasion. For many of them it was their first opportunity to actually install and use Engineer Implant. Can you blame them for using the opportunity they suddenly receive to have fun? World of Fonline is harsh, loot is important. Could any of players resist? Would you? (And the fact that i didn't is only becuase of me knowing a little more about this game than them. And men i assure you it was a tough tough try.)

Another important point: Scouts reported this as soon as they noticed that something is not right. From the past they learned that best way to notice deves is through me, so they waited for me to long on, but they messaged me as soon as i logged in. No one was trying to hide this "feature".

Another perhaps most important fact. When me and Marine fully told them that this ammount of stuff will lead to problems i asked them to thrown this shit away. And they did it. Offcourse not all was throwed out, some of caps were allready spended, some of implants were allready installed. Only rollback would had made the whole mess corrected. But scouts did why they could.


I don't like this. I don't like it at all. I value every scout i have in my faction, every banned account was a punishment they did not deserved. At very least you own them explanation for this call.

Just maintenance. I hope we will apply big update soon, yet not all finished there.

Ps. In my country there is little think called freedom of speech. I'm also not really used to people doing heavy stuff like this and then pretending it didn't happen. Like seriously? Just maintenace?

General Discussion / Factions
« on: June 14, 2015, 18:02 »

Tell me your stories, how did you get in your current gang, what was before it? Who were you playing with? How did you start?

In my case the Tomowolf was person who recruited me into my first gang.

Street Queens (Very end of 2238) > NRA (Beginning of Season 1) > C88 (After Saumax ragequit) > C88/RDA (After C88 moved to the Reloaded) > The Mad Retards (the 1 month season) > C88 (season 2) > Boom Come Back Faggot (Renmants of C88+some SoTs etc) > Junktown Scouts(Early Season 3) > C88 (For like one month) > Junktown Scouts (Today)

So this is mine story now post yours :D

Ps. I was also in: "Free Dequ from Jail" for like 1 day, not sure if counts xD

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