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« on: December 23, 2016, 16:38 »

Good day! I'll take a minute of your time.
The topic is about all FO projects.
At this point and in general, there is a very strong decline of people playing this game and all those who are interested in it.
There are many reasons, but omit it ...
Personally, I started a live broadcast channel only because I was sad from what you have read above.
If you care and you want to have more players this topic for you.
Since the beginning of last summer, I began live broadcasting..
In practice proved that the majority of fallout 1-2 fans have no idea about ​​FOnline, but after seeing live broadcast with pictures from their favorite game, they are interested.
I consider that the live broadcas format is very important for potential new player and all consequential. People watch game and decide if they like it or not without a doubt, reading articles in Google, etc. In general..
If you care about the project - support this broadcast. Just watch or leave tabs opened.
War never changes.

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