Author Topic: Vault City Loudspeaker system message.  (Read 6943 times)


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Vault City Loudspeaker system message.
« on: September 02, 2017, 22:13 »
The sun was disappearing behind the horizon as the day ended. Citizens of Vault City were preparing for an end of the day, servants quickly wrapped up their jobs and snobby vault descendants ate their luxurious dinner before falling onto the comfiest beds in the whole wasteland.

Just as the night fell, Vault 8 Main computer received an old command. Unknown backdoor left by the ancient vault-tec engineers passed a pre-recorded audio message. All computers in the vault lit up. Every loudspeaker turned on, giving out an annoying buzz until the audio begun to play.

A slow clap could've been heard for few seconds, it was followed by an upbeat feminine chuckle.

"Well done, It was quite amusing." Unknown said. "Seeing you subhumans tear each other apart. You couldn't unite to fight off a single assault force. That was quite..." the voice fell rough and annoyed. "Disappointing."

A brief pause brought the annoying buzz back to the loudspeakers until the Woman spoke out again.
"The assault of Klamath was supposed to be only a show of our power. But it turned out to be a decent way to gather military data of the savage tribes that roam our country. Well done, morons."

The mild noise of flipped pages could've been caught as the female stranger cleared her throat.
"Three sides, one more savage than the other. Shallow scum formed by the new world.

Shiny fools greedy for all pre war tech, gathering technology to let it rust. Acting high and mighty as long as it suits them, but much different from a simple gang with just a bunch of rules slapped on their morality.

Second group. A collection of raiders. Bandits connected with simple goals. Kill. Rape. Plunder. Skilled in two of those three, seemed to storm the Klamath for pure profit, ripping off valuables from dead hands of civilians. Stripping clean other combatants from gear like vultures.

And finally, a military organization, cooperating with Biker gangs and false descendants of New California. Despite their "official" status as the owners of an area where the battle took place, they had no care for the butchered civilians, it was quite opposite, all the chaos was just opportunity to bring profit.

We have a message to the three of you. Our intel informs us about the town called Shady Sands, which is presumed to be a capital of the current 'country' on our American soil, This country feeds off the taxes from communities of all other subhumans around. We will come and crush you during next money delivery. Consider it as early warning allowing you to prepare. Bring your best so we can show how easily you can be crushed.

Raiders Known as BBS. You have an itch for profit. We do not need the rusted bottle caps you savages collect. You will be able to grab them all if you'll decide to join our attack and prove to be worth the scraps. Leave us a message. It will reach us one way or another.

The military contractors are known as Talons, what about you? How faithful are you to your NCR boss? Just step aside and let us destroy the town. We will give you a reasonable compensation for betraying them.

Shiny Brotherhood Members. What will you do when we strike? Will you side with your enemies to protect civilians we're going to wipe out? Or will you allow the city burn and finish off survivors? I'm curious what your dodgy codex will say about this situation."

Voice got distorted as Vcity technicians tried their best to turn off the message of terror.
"We are coming. The New California Republic. We do not expect you to survive the assault."


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Re: Vault City Loudspeaker system message.
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 22:24 »
What is supposed to shine will be shining.


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Re: Vault City Loudspeaker system message.
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2017, 22:38 »
-Sir,sir! -scribe in grey robe was running to Elder through all corridor shaking something in hand.He was pale and looked frightened.

  Medic near Elder,who was carefully healing Elder's arm,looked first at scribe who was nearly near them,than on Elder.

-You can go,-said Surgeon in low voice.Medic stood up,took his bag and went went away in search of other wounded brothers.After the end of fight for Klamath big part of paladin's team was delivered in Lost Hills with very disastrouse wounds."Enclave,I cant belive"-though Surgeon looking how few Medics were trying to pull bullets out from legs of wounded paladin-"They should be destroied...they generals died in first could it be possible?"

 Scribe was already near him giving Elder a holodis with audio record.

-You must hear it.-he said.


 The copy of message wich was found in Vault 8 was also played at council meeting of Brotherhood of Steer.After message end,members of council started to describe future options for increasing industrialisation and fight against Enclave forces.Suddenly scribe Grey stood up and heat table with her fist.

-What are you discussing here?Industrialisation?Economy?Enemy is going to attack NCR,what we going to do about it?

 Surgeon wich was all this time quiet,looked at Grey thoughtfully,he remember his relation with NCR,he remember his anger towards their mercs-Talon Company.But looking at bloody mess in Klamath he understood that it could be something wich is even worse than all kind of raiders in wasteland.

...It could be Enclave...


 He looked at people in Council Room.Than he stood up and said:

-Contact me with president of New California Republic.Meeting is over.
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Re: Vault City Loudspeaker system message.
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2017, 15:19 »
The air was thick and heavy in the dark insides of the APC marked with an Enclave logo. The crew looked grim and seemed to be professionally silent, however, every other vehicle was quite chatty inside their infantry compartments.
The reason nobody spoke a single word was the presence of Her.
"Few hour's more. M'lady." Radio stated and the slender woman gave it a single click as an acknowledgment.
"The situation looks promising. They could not stop their savage tribes for a single day. We expect conflict between Brotherhood and California as we strike. The artillery is on the spot. We will begin bombarding few hours prior our assault to weaken morale. "
Another click. The female commander didn't seem to trouble herself with use her voice. Despite the attractive face, she earned quite a reputation, bringing fear out in even her brothers in arms.
Radio came alive once again. "The mercenary group known as BBS will show up for the show." It quickly added.

Few rough bumps on the road made soldiers in combat armor bounce around, yet Advanced Power Armor servos negated shaking of an elite soldier.

The woman finally brought the radio to her lips. A familiar voice for her enemies, voice only heard from loudspeakers and megaphone systems whispered out in smooth silky tone. "This was easier than we thought. Seems like Savages will never be able to cooperate together. We will purge them one by one. Is the EMP bomb ready?"
"Ready and loaded. M'lady." voice answered.
A slick smile passed her lips for a brief moment. "Just keep it at bay for now. Start the bombardment soon."
"Yes, M'lady."
Radio noise faded out completely and the commander glanced at the crew. "Booze and Whores on me for months if anyone will bring me the president alive. Just keep the radio silence about this task."