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Mysteriouse Convoy Event
« on: September 23, 2017, 15:57 »
After little investigation we found out that citiznes of NCR basically need stuff help.So we sent a convoy...but its not so easy as you think,a car with some interesting stuff is for NCR,but we will not just park it in some NCR garage.We never make presents,so NCR Army will most likely need to fight as car will come in Vault 15 today at 21 : 00 by server time...

------HOW IT WILL GO?------

-Player with nick "Mortgage" will come at Vault 15 at 21 : 00 by server time.Team of at least 4 players can come to him and order convoy for themselves,Mortgage will give later password to faction which was last who ordered,faction which ordered convoy must stay on location,if they leave-order is gone.Than Mortgage will wait for 10 minutes in location and leave.In several minutes he will be back with car and will give password from it to faction which ordered convoy last.

Mortgage must not die!Everytime he will die it will be +time to general event timer while he will come back.
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