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Character Sheet & Other Walls of Text!
« on: September 13, 2020, 05:02 »

Plasma Rifle is overpowered.


Okay so basically I thought I'd write a small guide of sorts to cover the character sheet and some mechanics related to it.

Most things are not explained in-game and while the wiki has alot of this covered, it is still outdated, somewhat messy and has incorrect info like hunting rifles being bad, for example.
This isn't a guide on how to make a top PK build however, more meant to cover most things related to character stats, all permanent and temporary bonuses one can recieve ect.

I didn't cover perks as the wiki does that well enough.

1st Post: Characters, SPECIAL, Traits, Derived Statistics
2nd Post: Skill Points and Skills
3rd Post: Implants, Chess bonus, Achievements, Item bonuses, Damage Resist/Threshold, Flat Damage, Critical Hits and Hit Chance.

Anything I don't know for certain I have marked with yellow text.
I'm sure some things are missing, feel free to let me know and I'll edit it in.

Characters are made within the FOnline client and aside from the username and password, has no connection to forum account or anything else.

Names can be up to 18 characters long, be in english OR cyrillic (but not both) and can contain periods "."  hyphens "-" and numbers, but otherwise no other symbols.

Names can be uppercase or lowercase, and are not case-sensitive when logging in or anything else that requires a character name - also meaning the same name cannot exist with different upper/lowercase letters.

Passwords however ARE case-sensitive.

It's best to write your names/passwords down somewhere as it may be difficult getting your character back if you forget them.
Holding CTRL on the login screen reveals password, and F3 can be used to take a screenshot.

When you successfully create a new character, you'll be sent to the login screen with both username and password fields filled with that of your new character.

In short a character has:

-40 SPECIAL (by default)
-8 Perks
-Traits (up to 2)
-3 tagged Skills

-Other bonuses:
-1 implant (rare item that spawns in some dungeons)
-Glow chess (only if char has 6 intelligence as base)
-Achievements (appear in perk lists, most provide some kind of bonus)
-Books (raises certain skills)
-Repair quest (+20 Repair if low repair)
-Mary Ann quest (+1 Charisma)


Character Sheet shown at registration.

Character Sheet shown in-game by pressing C.
haha funny character name

Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck
Or simply known as SPECIAL are important main stats of a character, they affect most attributes and are requirements for many perks.

In the character creation screen, each SPECIAL is set to 5 with 5 unassigned points, for a total of 40. You can raise or lower SPECIAL stats as desired here, afterwards they are for the most part permanent.

Sources that temporarily increase SPECIAL stats do NOT allow you to take perks you couldn't otherwise and do not raise certain
stats they normally would, but can be used to read more books or do the chess quest.
SPECIAL can never go below 1 or exceed 10.
I'll go into more detail for each stat below.

Carryweight -  ~11-12 per STR (almost half as much for those with Small Frame)
Melee Damage - 1 per STR
Weapon Requirement - Every weapon has a strength requirement that affects the chance to get crippled or weapon drop when critically hit in the arms.
Every STR above the requirement gives a 5% chance to avoid cripple/drop if it was rolled whereas every STR below requirement has a 5% chance of cripple/drop when critically hit in the arms.
Throwing range - 3 hexes for every point of Strength, up to 15 hexes with 5 Strength. Buffout's +2 works for this, and Heave Ho! achievement adds 6 hexes over this cap.
Chance to knockdown with close combat - For those with Heavy Handed.

Raised by:
Buffout (+2, temporary)
Gain Strength (+2, permanent)
Power Armor (+3, temporary)
Advanced Power Armor (+4, temporary)

Sight Range - 20 as base + 3 per point of PE
Chance to Hit - For ranged weapons, PE adds 8 chance to hit for every point above 2.

Raised by:
Gain Perception (+2, permanent)

Hit Points per level (up to lvl 26) - 2 HP/level as base, with 0.5 HP for every point of EN, with odd numbers giving 1 point every 2nd level.
Chance to get knocked down, knocked out, crippled or weapon drop (via critical table, more info below)
Chance to avoid knockdowns and knockouts - If you have Stonewall, the chance is 5% per point of EN, with it being 50% at 10 EN.

Raised by:
Buffout (+1, temporary, DOES NOT AFFECT HP)
Gain Endurance (+2, permanent)

Charisma (always set this to 1 or your build is shit):
Max amount of followers - You can lead X amount of players on world map, where X is your CH + 1.
Ability to persuade NPCs - This is almost never used.
Talk to the base seller at Lost Hills - His requirement is like 2 anyway, just use a temp buff or whatever.

Raised by:
Gain Charisma (+2, permanent)
Leather Jacket (+1, temporary)
Mentats (+2, temporary)
Mary Anne quest (+1, permanent, see below)

Skill Points per level - Before level 27: 5 as base and another 2 for every IN
Levels 27-99: 2 as base plus 1 for every IN
Chess quest - Need 8 IN, but any character with 6 IN can reach it by using mentats.
Books - You can read one of every type of book for every point of IN. Mentats work for raising the cap.

Raised by:
Gain Intelligence (+2, permanent)
Mentats (+2, temporary, DOES NOT AFFECT SKILL POINTS)

Action Points: 5 as base, with 1 Action Point for every 2 Agility. Odd numbers do nothing.

Raised by:
Gain Agility (+2, permanent)

Base Critical Chance - It's a derived statistic but thought I'd mention here.
Aimed Critical Chance - An invisible bonus to critical chance depending on your LK and limb targeted, more info below.
Chance to avoid a bypass (via critical table, more info below)
Chance to avoid radiation/poison when fighting mobs that inflict it (I believe this to be the case)
Chance/Severity of Critical Misses (I believe this to be the case but unsure to what extent)

Raised by:
Gain Luck (+2, permanent)

Derived Statistics

The other stats that are altered by SPECIAL points or by other means.
Below is some info about each.

Your power level!
You automatically level up when you gain enough experience points/XP to do so.
XP is gained by killing things, crafting, quests and some other things.
Every 3rd level allows you to pick a perk, with your 8th and last perk given at level 24.
You don't have to pick a perk straight away, but if you don't pick one by the time you would have recieved another - YOU WILL LOSE IT.
However, that does mean the Level 24 perk can be delayed indefinitely.

You gain Awareness when you reach level 26, with health and skill point gains reduced for the remaining levels.
Level is capped at 99.
*Currently XP gain is doubled up to level 26.

Hit Points (55 + (EN x 2) + (ST x 1)
Your HP. Duh.
Reach -20 HP and your life ENDS.

Having HP between 0 and -19 will put you unconscious.
You'll still be alive but unable to do anything unless you regain HP by either someone healing you, or naturally by healing rate.
You'll also get access to the ~suicide command which ends your life, neat huh?
However reaching/having between 0 and -19 hp when you take radiation/poison/Super Stim debuff or by a player with Bloody Mess will kill you instead.

Raised by:
HP per level - This is 2 HP as base + 0.5 per EN for between the levels of 1 to 26, after that will be 0.5 per level regardless of EN.
Life Giver perk- +40 HP per rank, has 2 ranks.
Survival Implant - +30 hp
Chess +HP - +10 HP
Mutant trait - +100

Poison: Your current poison level, dealing small damage over time while spamming your chat box.
Radiation: Your current radiation level, lowering your SPECIAL with higher amounts.

Armor Class (0 + AG)
This lowers the chance to hit against you. (More info below)
Typically it isn't very useful even with 90 which is the cap.

Raised by:
Dodger - +40
Scouting Implant - +30
Armor (different armors give different amounts)
Armor Class bonus on armor (See below)

Carry Weight (20 + About 11-12 per STR)
The amount of epic loot you can carry on you.
Normally you cannot pick up more than your max carry weight except for using the loot_all hotkey, up to twice your max carryweight.
Holding more than your max carryweight makes you unable to run, and you cannot trade unless the result would be under max carryweight.
Having more than twice the maximum on you and you'll be unable to move by yourself.
Small Frame lowers the amount of carryweight you recieve from STR by almost half.

Raised by:
Pack Rat achievement
Carryweight bonus on armor (See below)

Melee Damage (0 + ST)
This raises the minimum and maximum damage of close combat weapons (but not throwing) by 1 for every Melee Damage you have.
Unlike the Bonus Ranged Damage perk, this change is shown on the inventory screen.

Raised by:
Bonus HtH Damage perk - +10
Heavy Handed trait - +4
Bruiser trait - +8
Mutant trait - +10

Damage Resistance (0)
This reduces damage by a percentage, and will always be 0 as base unless you are a mutant, but I will cover those below.
Anyway the char sheet only shows the resists for normal damage, while the inventory screen shows both the resists and thresholds for all damage types.

Poison Resistance (5*EN)
Your resists to poison, reducing how much you receive.
There is only a few sources of poison and even at max level it has very little effect, so this isn't worth covering.

Raised by:
Poison Resist on armor (See below for info)
Environmental Implant (+40, permanent)

Radiation Resistance (2*EN)
Your resists to radiation, reducing how much radiation you receive.
Radaway can cure this over time, while paying a doctor in town will clear it instantly.
Having 10% radiation or more will begin to lower your stats so it's advised to cure it before it gets to that point.
Rad resist is capped at 95%.

Raised by:
Rad-X - 30 resist per dose, no limit to how many doses you can take.
Radiation Resist on armor (See below for info)
Environmental Implant (+50, permanent)
Power armor (+50, temporary)
Advanced Power Armor (+95?, temporary)

Sequence (2*PE)
Generally whoever has the highest Sequence has their turn first in Turn-Based mode.

Raised by:
Speed Implant (+6)
Earlier Sequence perk (+6)

Healing Rate (1 with EN 1-5, 2 with EN 6-8, 3 with EN 9-10)
You slowly regenerate HP over time.
Every 20 seconds (or 10 secs with Fast Metabolism trait) you heal (Healing Rate * Max HP) / 300, rounded down but no less than 1.
Having 20 Healing Rate or more lowers Super Stimpak cooldown by 1.

Raised by:
Fast Metabolism trait (+10)
Environmental Implant (+10)
Chess +HP (+4)

Critical Chance (LK)
Your base chance to cause a critical hit.
More info on critical hits below.

Your chance to avoid a critical hit.
This stat only appears on the inventory screen as "AC".
If a critical hit is scored on you, it will roll against your anticritical to determine if it is avoided.
There is no indication if a crit is avoided this way, it will merely appear as a regular hit.

Raised by:
Anticritical perk - (18%)
Some armors (namely Combat Armor MKII and its variants, aswell as power armor)
Anticritical bonus on armor (See below)

Sight Range (20 + 3 for every Perception)
Sight Range isn't shown in the character sheet, but is the distance in hexes that you can see directly infront of you, reduced for other directions with directly behind you being the lowest.
Items on the floor can be seen through walls and at your max sight range regardless of direction you are facing.
Pressing Q (by default) will enable sight lines.

Raised by:
Sharpshooter perk (+6)
Accuracy Implant (+5)
Marksman Implant (+2)
Chess +FoV (+1)
Cigarettes (+3, temporary)

Traits are modifications of your character that have both a positive and a negative.
You are not required to have any, but can have up to 2.
Be careful what you pick - these cannot be changed!

Positive effects mark with + while negative effects are marked with -

Fast Metabolism
+ You gain 10 Healing Rate, and heal every 10 seconds instead of 20.
- You have no natural poison or radiation resists, but they can still be raised.
+ Super Stim cooldown is reduced by 1 second if you have 20 Healing Rate (gained by also having environmental implant)

+ Gain 2 Strength
+ You gain 8 Melee Damage
- You lose 30 critical chance (to clarify, this malus is applied after the aim chance bonus and base chance are combined)
- Cannot create character with less than 3 STR (but can still be reduced by other means)

Small Frame
+ Gain 1 Agility
- Lose nearly half the carryweight bonus from STR (may also affect pack rat?)
- Easier to be crippled. (I assume it works as a separate 10% to be crippled when critical hit on a limb)

One Hander
+ Deal 5 flat damage with ANY weapon considered one-handed (knives, pistols, grenades and such, but not your bare hands)
+ 10% to avoid cripple/drop when critical hit in the hands while holding a one-handed weapon. (I assume this works as a +2 ST for this roll)
- 20% chance to cripple/drop when critically hit in the hands while holding a two-handed weapon. (I assume this works as a -4 ST for this roll)

+ Adds 10 to base Critical Chance
- Adds 30 Damage Resist to any non-bypass attack (targets resists can go over 100 this way, dealing no damage)

+ Increases damage dealt by 10% (This works as the final calculation, basically adding 1 damage for every 10 dealt)
- Decreases all your Damage Resistances by 10

Heavy Handed
+ Close Combat attacks have a chance to knockdown your target (The chance depends on your STR and weapon used, Mega Power Fist has a 100% knockdown rate with 10 STR. Knockdowns caused by this drain 3 AP like knockdown criticals do)
+ Gives you 4 Melee Damage
- Lowers your critical roll by 30.

Fast Shot
+ Lowers AP cost of 'Single Shot' mode for ranged weapons that can aim by 1. (includes throwing weapons like rocks or knives)
+ 'Single Shot' mode attacks has a chance to randomly hit a limb. (According to wiki: 35% torso, 20% leg, 15% groin, 15% arm, 10% head... and I assume 5% eyes)
+ Adds 5 flat damage to ANY attack.
- You can no longer do aimed attacks (That also affects melee even though it doesn't benefit from this aside from flat damage)

Bloody Mess
~ Anyone you kill gains 20(?) deterioration on their armor.
+ Any attack you cause that puts a player between 0 and -19 hp will die instead of going unconscious.

+ Any attack against you that misses has a 50% chance of upgrading to a critical miss.
- Any of your attacks that miss has a 50% chance of upgrading to a critical miss.
- You will lose all your friends.
- No seriously, screw you.
- You are a terrible person.
- Go to hell.

Good Natured
+ Increases a few non combat skills slightly.
- Decreases a few combat skills slightly.
Don't bother.

Chem Reliant
+ Doubles the length of drugs. (Does not stack with Chem Control)
- Increases chance to be addicted to drugs.
- May cause Radway to take longer to remove rads, which is a bad thing.

Chem Resistant
- Halves the length of drugs.
+ Decreases chance to be addicted to drugs.
+ Radaway takes less time to remove rads, which is really the only benefit here.

+ -10 crit roll to eye/head criticals against you.
- Lose 1 intelligence.
- Cannot start with 10 intelligence.

This turns you into a super mutant, with all the positives and negatives.
+ 100 HP
+ 100 Outdoorsman skill
+ 10 Melee Damage
+ 10 Anticritical
+ Some natural resistances, enough that a mutant wearing Metal Armor MKII is similar (but not exactly indentical) to a human wearing Combat Armor MKII.
- Can only wear leather jackets, leather armors, metal armors or tesla.
- Cannot run.
- Limited animation set so they cannot use a number of weapons.
They can use every big gun, any energy rifle, hand-to-hand weapons (but not melee) and grenades.

They are mostly used for Turn-Based as their speed isn't an issue there.

+ Lowers the max chance to hit you by 10.
- Lowers your Endurance by 2.
- Cannot start a character with above 8 Endurance.
This stacks with HtH Evade, lowering max chance to hit you to 75.
The bonus isn't shown when targeting you and works with most attacks that directly target you.
Bursts are mostly unaffected however, seems it is possible for them to 'miss', but only to determine if its a critical miss or not.
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Wasteland is still harsh.
Plasma Rifle is overpowered.
H&K CAWS is overpowered.


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Re: Character Sheet & Other Walls of Text! (Work in progress)
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 05:02 »
Skills and Skill Points

Skills are characters proficiency with certain tools or types of combat, their starting values are influenced a bit by your SPECIAL and Traits.

Every character has 3 tagged skills, which recieve +20 skill and skill points increase them twice as much.

With exception to Scavenging and Barter, skills are raised by allocating the skill points you gain every level (5+ 2 for every Intelligence, halved and rounded down after level 26).
You cannot have more than 99 unspent skill points - any points gained above that will be lost.

Spending points on a skill raises it by 1% if untagged or 2% if tagged, the cost of raising depends on how high the skill currently is, as follows:
0-100%: 1 SP
101-125%: 2SP
126-150%: 3SP
151-175%: 4SP
176-200%: 5SP
201%+: 6SP

Most skills can go up to 300%, although some skills reach their max effectiveness before that.

Aside from skill points, you can raise Repair by doing Pete's quest while your repair is low
Outdoorsman by getting the Pathfinder achievement (gaining some walk speed on world map to boot!)

And by using skill books - such books exist for Small Guns, First Aid, Science, Repair and Outdoorsman.
They are consumed upon use and raise their respective skills by a small amount.
You can eat 1 of each book for every point of Intelligence you have, the +2 Intelligence from mentats work for this.

Any other skill raises:
Scouting Implant raises Sneak by 50.
Accuracy raises SG/BG/EW each by 40.
Chess +FoV increases SG/BG/EW each by 5.
Living Anatomy perk raises Doctor by 20.
Medic raises First Aid and Doctor by 25.

A list of all skills, their uses and other info.
Hit Chance for the combat skills will be explained further on.
Lists of weapons for each combat skill are on the wiki if you are unsure.
There's a few tools that can help with using certain skills while in either active slot, with a chance of consuming on use - namely lockpicks, doctor bags, first aid kits and tools/super tools for repairing and decrafting.

Small Guns (SG)
Determines Hit Chance with SMGs, pistols, shotguns, rifles and so on.

Big Guns (BG)
Determines Hit Chance with miniguns, rocket launchers, flamers, LSW/M60s and so on.

Energy Weapons (EW)
Determines Hit Chance with laser/plasma/electric pistols/rifles and laser/plasma gatlings.
Plasma Rifle is gay.

Close Combat (CC)
A combination of both Unarmed and Melee Weapons skills from the classic Fallouts, and increases hit chance with any such weapon.

Also increases run speed by 1% for every 4 skill above 100, caps at +25%  run speed with 200 skill.
This movement speed only applies for characters with no more than 110 SG skill, 100 BG or 100 EW.
It also doesn't work when there's a ranged weapon in any active slot, except for grenades and other throwing weapons.

The skill of scavenging basic materials from barrels, vehicles and other objects in city ruins, aswell as mining or cutting trees.

Scavenging has a chance to raise by 1 when getting materials through doing those above, so don't tag or put points in this skill.

The skill itself supposedly increases odds of gaining materials, in the case of ore/wood it's the chance of gaining double on each strike, with 300% skill being always.

Determines the chance to hit with any throwing weapon like grenades or throwing knives, and the 'throw' mode of a few weapons such as rocks and spears.
Throwing distance is 3 hexes for every STR (up to 5 STR, buffout works for this) and an additional 6 for having the Heave Ho! achievement, making the max 21 hexes.

First Aid (FA)
Determines how much HP is healed when using FA on yourself or others.
The cooldown between use also depends on your FA skill.
At 300% skill it becomes 30 seconds, the Medic perk reduces it by a further 40% making the lowest cooldown possible 18 seconds.
Using FA in turn-based requires your full AP bar.
If you are not in combat, either battle cooldown in real-time or combat is active in turn-based, you will heal up to your FA skill plus any skill bonuses.

There are some limits while in combat however.
Note: These only apply if the *healer* is in combat, it doesn't matter if the target is or not.

Using FA on yourself: 150
Using FA on others: 225

There's a few other bonuses that affect FA healing but not cooldown:
Healer perk (not recommended) +10 to both healing and combat heal cap per rank, has 2 ranks.
First Aid Kit in either active slot - +25 to healing (but not cap)
Field Medit Kit in either active slot - +50 to healing (but not cap)
Medical Implant increases combat cap (but not healing) by +25 when you use on yourself or others.

Doctor (Doc)
Similar to FA skill but for healing crippled limbs.
100% skill is usually enough for a single limb, multiple limbs being easier with higher skill.
It can also revive someone from knockout with a small chance at 100% skill and almost always with 200%.

Like FA, the cooldown depends on your Doc skill.
At 300% skill it becomes 30 seconds, the Medic perk reduces it by a further 40% making the lowest cooldown possible 18 seconds.
Using Doc in turn-based takes a full AP bar, aswell as having a doctor bag in one of your hands.

Having a Doctor Bag or Paramedic's Bag in either slot increases skill by 25 and 50 respectively, but doesn't lower cooldown.

The Sneak skill is used for mostly for scouting or ambushing players in PvP, and while it works against most NPCs, it has very limited use.

Sneak can be activated by pressing 1 (by default) which will make your character appear transparent to you, aswell as putting [SNEAK] at the top-left of the screen.

You can only enter sneak infront of players if any player that currently sees you are in the same faction, in an allied faction to yours or have you tagged, otherwise you will only recieve a message that someone is watching.

Attacking or being attacked while sneaked will desneak you, and while sneak does work in turn-based, you cannot enter sneak while combat is active and stealth boy will drain as it does in real-time.

ok but what does it do? lol
The info in this post is accurate as far as I know:

Basically it lowers Sight Range others can see you at by 1 for every 6 sneak remaining after calculations, and there are few heavy penalties making 300% Sneak skill in addition to stealth boy and hubologist robe a requirement to sneak effectively.

The odds of opening a lock by using the lockpick skill.
Using the Lockpick skill gives a 15 second cooldown regardless of skill, whether or not you succeeded.

No tools are required to pick a regular lock on a container, door or vehicle, but having a lockpick (+25 skill) or extended lockpick (+50 skill) in either hand can help, with a chance of breaking the set.

Electronic locks require either electronic lockpick set in hand to pick open, and come in two types:
-Certain locked doors in Glow, Necropolis and Vault 15 require electronic lockpick, but otherwise work like regular locks.
-Electronic locks placed by players on containers/doors/vehicles or on the loot boxes of Robot Event have a 4-digit code, using an electronic lockpick on one of those gives random numbers of the code. Guessing the code incorrectly will also give you the lockpick cooldown.
The character who placed the lock will have the code entered automatically.

Only managers of a base can pick locks there, and certain locks cannot be picked, usually a message will be given when this is the case.

I don't know the chances of lockpicking, but usually 100 (through skill or with lockpick sets) is enough to open most locks without much issue.
Locks do come in different difficulties, with the locks on cars being the hardest.
Seems there's always a chance to pick a lock no matter how low your skill is - with the BoS armor encounter being perhaps the only exception.

The odds of successfully stealing something, factored in by skill, weight of item and direction your target is facing (both ignored if you have the Pickpocket perk), quantity of item and possibly your target's Perception.
When using Steal you recieve a 20 second cooldown (10 with Thief perk), and will show anything they are carrying, minus equipped items.
Using Steal isn't considered a crime if you only look at their inventory.

Now the bad part: Steal has pretty much no use.

You can't use it in safe towns except against NPCs which have little of value to steal anyway, NPCs in encounters will usually spot you and attack even if
you succeed and players will likely kill you before you even have a chance to take anything.

Determines the chance of successfully disarming active explosives and bear traps, the distance you can see traps and how difficult it is for others to disarm yours.
100 skill is typically enough to disarm traps you find in events, Sierra Caves and such, but I don't know the exact odds or mechanics.
The spot distance depends on PE and traps skill but unsure by how much, possibly 1 hex for every 2 PE.
A character with 1 Perception will be unable to see traps at all without this skill, spotting traps 1 more hex for every 50 in Traps?

Science is used for:
- Decrafting items. The odds of receiving materials from taking armor weapons/armor cap at about 160 skill (or maybe slightly above?) and also depends on the items condition.
- Scientist profession.
- Temporarily disabling forcefields in Sierra and Sierra Caves.
- Hacking the computers in Sierra, and using the Clifton holotape.
You can use on a vehicle to check it's fuel, engine and such.

Repair is used for:
- Repairing weapons and armors, the max chance is at about 160 skill (or maybe slightly above?), but there will always be a chance to fail.
However according to Wesan:
130 repair without any tools is just ~78% chance.

Use super toolkit with your 130 repair skill for maximum chance to repair.

Or 145 repair with a normal toolset.

Or 168 and forget tools.

You bother to invest repair to a certain level to be able to top it with tools and not fail, not using tools leaves you not skilled enough to not fail the repair.

There is no magical rng 5% chance to fail anyway - if you meet the requirements, a chance to fail will be zero.

Also, 80 repair is just 48% chance for success, so it is not at all almost the same chance as 130.
~ocd command or cleaning robot can be used in bases to repair items without chance of failing.
-Gunsmith and Armorer professions.
Can also repair vehicles.
Pete's quest in Junktown raises Repair by 20 if you have low skill.
Tools (+25) or Super Tool Kit (+50) in either hand increases skill for repairing things, with a chance of breaking.

Possibly used in a quest or two, but otherwise has no use.

Increases the value of items you sell and decreases the prices of items you buy when bartering with regular shops (player-owned shops are unaffected), also increases the time limit when trading with any shop.

DO NOT PUT POINTS INTO BARTER - It's raised by trading with NPCs, and only with bigger transactions, small ones do not count.
The amount raised is determines by the total value of your offer, your barter skill and seemingly the NPCs barter skill, up to a 10 skill raise from a single trade if it is large enough.
Traders in guarded towns have worse prices but is easier to raise skill with, traders in unsafe locations have lower prices (1:1 even with high barter) but are alot harder to gain skill from.

Supposedly the chance of seeing the dealers card or some shit, who cares? Gambling is a sin.

The chance of spotting an encounter, giving you the option to avoid or not, capping out at 95% with... 95 skill.

Pathfinder achievement increases skill by 30 and walk speed on world map.
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Wasteland is still harsh.
Plasma Rifle is overpowered.
H&K CAWS is overpowered.


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Re: Character Sheet & Other Walls of Text! (Work in progress)
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2020, 05:02 »

Achievements are special perks that appear in the perk list, and are obtained by doing a certain task.
There are no other requirements so any character can obtain them all.

Chess is a permanent bonus given through dialog by the computer on the 4th level of Glow.
The A.I will give you the option of playing chess with it, which you will win if you have 8 intelligence, 6 as base with the 2 from mentats will be enough but characters with less will be unable to get this bonus.
After you win you will get the choice of 3 different bonuses.
Note: The choice you make cannot be undone, and if you win chess but do not select a bonus, you will no longer be able to pick one.

1) +3 Critical Chance
2) +1 Sight Range, +5 to SG/EW/BG skills. (raises your actual skills)
3) +10 HP, +4 Healing Rate


Implants are special items that rarely spawn in Glow, Sierra, Sierra Caves, Ares, Mariposa (interior), Cathedral, Toxic Caves and one quest.
They can be installed at the steel palace in San Fran for 50k or the first level of the vault in Vault City for 100k, and once installed can only be removed by rerolling.
Only one can be installed on a character.

All skill raises are an increase to the actual skill, up to 300.
The only exception is a +20 bonus from Scouting that is a seperate bonus.

- +5 Sight Range
- +40 to Small Guns, Energy Weapons and Big Guns skills

Chem Control
- Doubles the duration of drugs, similar to Chem Reliant (but does not stack)
- Removes the increased addiction for characters with Chem Reliant
- Super Stimpaks heal for 30 more HP

- +2 to all Damage Thresholds
- +4 to all Damage Resists

- Gain another perk

- +10 Healing Rate
(Reaching 20 Healing Rate by also taking Fast Metabolism trait will reduce Super Stimpak cooldown by 1 second)
- +50 Radiation Resist
- +40 Poison Resist

- +8 to Critical Roll
- +4 to Critical Chance
- +2 Sight Range

- +50 First Aid skill
- +50 Doctor skill
- Gives the Living Anatomy perk if your character does not have it, which also gives 20 Doctor skill.
 - Raises max amount you can heal while in combat by 25.

- +50 Sneak skill
- An additional hidden bonus of +20 Sneak during calculations.
- +30 Armor Class

- +10% run speed
Stacks with the speed bonus from Close Combat, and works regardless of weapon equipped.
- +12% walk speed
- +1 Action Point
- +6 Sequence

- +30 Hit Points
- +100 Outdoorsman
- +30% XP gain

Item Bonuses
Most weapons and armors are able to be found with random bonuses applied, such items will have a different coloured name and the additional bonuses will be listed in its description.

Equipment found in dungeons, events and a few other places can spawn with bonuses.
There's also a chance that crafted items will have them, the chance is higher in unguarded locations.

Typically anything that has deterioration/durability and can be crafted are the only items to be found bonused, with few exceptions.
-Anything craftable without professions (minus zip gun and pipe rifle)
-Anything craftable with professions (items that don't use a recipe to craft instead require that you have eaten the blueprint, otherwise they will always be crafted regular)
-Craftable "T4" like Gauss Rifle or Power Armor.
Enclave Armor can be bonused though it isn't craftable.

Tier 3 and 4 can be rerolled at Gun Runners for a rather large fee.


Damage Resistance* +1-10
Damage Threshold* +1-4
Anticritical +1-10
Poison Resist +1-50
Radiation Resist +1-50
Armor Class 1-15
Durable +1-2
Action Points +1
Carryweight +1-50
*These can be for any of the damage types, multiple types can appear on the same armor with each counting as a seperate bonus. It also scales with the armor's deterioration whereas the other bonuses do not.

Ranged Weapons:
Critical Chance +1-9
Critical Roll +1-9
Range +1-4
Maximum Damage +1-2
Minimum Damage +1-2
Action Point* -1
Durable +1-2
*Lowers the AP cost to fire the weapon by 1, however AP cost will never go below 1 in Real-Time or 2 in Turn-Based.

Close Combat:
Critical Chance +1-10
Critical Roll +1-10
Maximum Damage +1-10
Minimum Damage +1-10
Accuracy +1-15

Durable +1 will make gear last twice as long, Durable +2 makes gear last 4 times as long.
Some items have natural stats, like all .223 pistols have +5 Critical Chance and +4 Critical Roll - these stack with random bonuses, meaning it's possible to have a .223 pistol with +14 Critical Chance for example.

Threshold and Resistances
Your protection against the various kinds of damage one can encounter.
In short, Damage Threshold (DT) reduces each bullet by this amount, then Damage Resistance reduces the remainder by a percentage.
DT is only limited by what is available while DR cannot go above 90% (except if the attacker is has finesse or is using JHP ammo)

As the defender, DT/DR is altered by:
+Wearing armor, plus any random bonuses it has.
+Toughness +8% to all DR per rank, has 2 ranks.
+Adrenaline Rush gives 10% to all DR while under half HP.
+Psycho gives 20 Normal DR.
+Defense Implant gives 2 DT and 4 DR to all resists.
+Mutants have some natural DT/DR.
-Kamikaze trait -10 to all DR.
-Psycho addiction -10 to all DR while not on Psycho.

As the attacker, enemy DT/DR is altered by:
+AP ammo, most types reduce enemy DR.
+Ammo with "Armor Piercing" in the description and weapons with the "Penetrate" weapon perk reduce enemy DT to 1/3 rounded down.
+Critical Bypass ignores all DR and most DT (does NOT ignore DR from JHP ammo)
-Finesse adds 30 to enemy DR except on bypasses.
-JHP ammo raises target DR.

Flat Damage
Flat Damage is the second last damage calculation which is applied to anyone hit by an attack.
It is calculated per attack and NOT per bullet, is unaffected by armor and resists but cannot be increased by critical hits. It can be increased by Kamikaze however.

-Fast Shot adds +5 to any attack.
-One Hander adds +5 to any weapon considered one-handed.
-Living Anatomy adds +5 to any attack, but not against robots.
-Pyromaniac achievement adds +25 against NPCs and +50 against players when using flamer and improved flamers.
-Achievements exist adding +5 flat damage against NPCs of their respective types: rats/ghouls/floaters and centaurs/super mutants

Most of this info can be found here:

Critical hits deal more damage than regular hits, and have the potential to cause effects like knockouts and cripples to your target.
When a critical hit is made, the hit will be marked as critical in the chat log, and a roll will be made to determine the extra damage and effects.
Bursts will display as critical if atleast one bullet was a crit.

Aimed attacks adds additional critical chance depending on limb, and cost 1 more AP than unaimed shots, or 2 if targeting eyes.

All weapons can cause criticals against their target, however:
-Rockets and grenades only crit on direct hit, and only their target. Hex attack on a hex someone is standing on counts.
-Flamers only crit their target.
-Bursts CAN crit anyone hit, but critical effect (if any) is only applied on target.
-Attacks that miss but hit someone else will never crit.
(Does that mean bursts that 'miss' will also not be critical? hmm...)
-Explosives like C4 and mines never crit.

Critical Chance
The base chance of causing a critical, which can be checked on the Character Sheet.

Increased by:
-Luck, 1% per point.
-Finesse adds 10%.
-More Criticals perk adds 8% per rank, has 2 ranks.
-Chess crit bonus adds +3%.
-Marksmanship Implant adds 4%.
-Critical Chance bonus on equipped weapon. (Super Sledge is the highest, adding at most 20%)

Additionally for Aimed Shots, an invisible bonus is given depending on your Luck and part targeted.

Reduced by:
-Bruiser Trait (-30 critical chance, cannot lower below 1%)
-Target's Anticritical has a chance of 'cancelling' a critical, which downgrades it to a regular hit if it succeeds.

Critical Roll

When a critical happens, another roll is made to determine damage and effects of the critical.

A number is randomly selected between 1 and 100, then:

Increased by:
-Better Criticals +20 roll
-Marksman Implant +8 roll
-Critical Roll bonus on equipped weapons (Super Sledge is the highest, adding at most 20)

Reduced by:
-Bonehead if aimed at eyes or head -10 roll
-Heavy Handed - 30 roll

And whatever range the end number falls in is selected from this chart (torso is always used if unaimed):

Most effects are rolled against the target's stats, every special point below 10 at end of calculation has a 10% chance of succeeding.

Bypass ignores DR and most DT of target, 'Random' on torso can either cripple a random limb except eyes, or cause knockdown.

(Although chart may be a little misleading. The 86-100 knockdown rolls don't mention EN when the lower rolls do, so I assume it always succeeds.
But the 101-110 roll on torso simply says "Random" unlike the one above it, so I'm guessing it rolls against EN but without modifier, in that case 10 EN characters will always ignore it)

Hit Chance
The chance to hit your target which is altered by a number of modifiers, but the end result is never below 5% or above 95% and will show when your attack cursor is over a target.
 (except in the case of HtH Evade or Evader characters that reduce the max chance you can hit them by 10 each, which doesn't show when hovering)

Positive modifiers:
-Weapon skill, up to 300
-Perception* adds 8 for every PE above 2, +64 with 10 PE.
-'Long Range' weapon perk doubles the PE bonus.
-Sharpshooter* adds 8.
-'Accurate' weapon perk adds 20.
-Accuracy bonus on weapons, up to 15
-+30 if target is unconscious
*Ranged weapons only.

Negative modifiers
-Target's Armor Class.
AC is capped at 90, then reduced by some ammo types.
-Distance between you and your target, -4 per hex.
Ranged weapons count the hex your target is on while close combat doesn't.
-Players/NPCs between you and your target, -10 each.
-Being blinded has heavy penalties.

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