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Suggestions / Base last enters log
« on: July 16, 2014, 19:54 »
New base management is pretty cool.
One more thing which would be helpful is log of last people entered the base.

P.S. Game rules say: List of forbidden actions: "Base raping(with exception to ingame tagging/following)." It\ll help to come to it at least little closer.

Suggestions / Zoom control
« on: July 16, 2014, 19:47 »
Currently mouse wheel is not binded to any kind of control, so why not use it for zooming in and out without pressing Z?

Current Alpha Test Version
It is under development, so you can try it, help me finish it by suggesteing futures / reporting bugs.

I suggested help to the administration and got task to create a web-based character planner.
[Some text here was censored by Rascal xD]

Designing it, I thought about one thing: planning of characters with statefull (level after level) application is pretty painfull for me.
I wanted to get the last level and see all perks I can take in one click.

It has some drawbacks though:
Planner has no idea when you have taken books / perks / implants, so it only counts the best option:
- all books are taken just after creation
- all perks are taken after investment of skillpoints
- possible to take perk if you didn't invest enough skill points [kinda lame, but not that important]

Overal this planner can save you some time and mouse-clicks seeing the perfect result.

- dynamic change of SPECIAL, traits, skills and perks
- perks availability highlight depending on SPECIAL
- dynamic recount of stats
- choosing planned level
- running offline (just copy the whole folder and it will work without internet. Just open index.html in your
- if page is loaded by the build link, build is auto-restored
- planned level changeable, but it only affects Carry Weight, Hit Points and Skill Points. Glow Quest / Perks are unaffected.

Books - read all possible books
Save - save the build to the URL
Restore - restore the build from the URL
Link it! - window popup, field with build is already chosen, CTRL+C, Enter - it's in clipboard
Reset - restore basic build

Currently working on:
- highlight of all effected elements from mouseover element
- Move planned level element somewhere

Implemented not so soon:
- info about all elements styled
- max button for skills

Known bugs:
- Carry Weight formula is inaccurate (1 kg difference)

Just come with money to Doc Holiday and he won't take anything from you.

Жители Калифорнии!

Братство Стали информирует вас о программе набора опытных искателей приключений, исследователей и бойцов.
Участие в программе подразумевает командную деятельность по поиску и защите довоенных технологий, а также обеспечению мира и порядка в пустошах.
Вероятность встречи враждебных элементов абсолютная.

В течении долгого времени деятельность производилась только доверенными рыцарями и дипломатами братства вместе с многочисленными союзниками.
Теперь было принято решение создать собственные отряды из жителей Калифорнии, с целью обеспечения мира в пустоши.

Наш приоритет - противостояние деятельности враждебных организаций в регионе, обеспечение вооруженных сил снаряжением и предотвращение эксплуатации технологий в нечеловечных целях.

- наличие боевого опыта против игроков
- самодостаточность в снаряжении (сеть баз и тентов, наличие транспорта)
- независимость от других организаций
- mumble, английский или русский язык (операции ведутся с участием обоих языков)
- наличие микрофона строго рекомендуется

Вы обязаны прочесть:
- Кодекс
- Дипломатические отношения

Действия, необходимые для вступления:
1. Подписать согласие с кодексом братства
2. Присоединиться к каналу #BOS
3. Представиться и спросить о дальнейших действиях у старейшин (Feather, GlowTrotter или Paragon, если не говорите по английски)

Кодекс Братства Стали: (вольный сокращенный перевод)
1. Вы не должны атаковать нейтральных жителей пустоши
2. Знайте своих друзей
3. Стрелять разрешено:
a) при самозащите
b) при приказе командира
c) если цель принадлежит к враждебной организации
4. Запрещено заниматься криминальной деятельностью
5. Следует быть уважительным и дружелюбным к братьям, сестрам и жителям пустоши
6. Быть честным по отношению к командирам и следовать приказам

Беженцам и попавшим в черезвычайное положение!
Братство имеет открытую программу по обучению и помощи для пострадавших жителей пустошей, для деталей свяжитесь с Paragon на #BOS

Bugs / [Map] Blockers of FoV
« on: July 05, 2014, 13:15 »
Is it the no-walls graphics or FoV blocker in glow?

But necro / sierra manholes seem not right anyway

Suggestions / Fast item using
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:22 »
Ctrl- and Shift- modifiers for inventory are really cool.

Further improvement could be Alt- modifier for fast using an item (drugs, SS, maps)

Also this. Could be bind somehow to R Ctrl / r Alt if it easier than making skill menu for inv.
ability to use SKILL shortcuts (1-8) in inventory for fast sciencing and repairing.

Suggestions / Mouse modes
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:17 »
There're 2 basic modes: move and action. It could be done with 2 mouse buttons: left for moving, right for action. There's no sense to have a button to apply and button to switch between modes.

Further it's possible to use attack mode as 3rd mouse button, but it's not that important now.

Technically it would require probably to merge pointer and hex cursors.

P.S.: deleted off-topic pre-story about friends.
Doobee: what's the difference whom problem is that? Fallout 2 was in 640x480 and battles in turn base, you didn't need to act quick. If you want same condition, Fonline 2 is probably not for you. AFAIR Cursor changer (RMC) had 3 modes: move, attack, action

Dear NCR army,

I'll be short and straight.
We get used to get equipment from the pre-war military base called Sierra.
But it's not possible anymore. Actually nobody came back since last 2 operations.
Lately we lost several squads around it which was quite unexpected.
Than we start meeting the robots in wasteland AROUND the base.
Something is happening, robots are coming stronger and stronger.
I don't have much info about it, but I believe Brotherhood of steel has.
We are sending troops for helping them to investigate the problem and ask you to do the same.
But I can't guarantee that your soldiers will come back.

Daughter of the wasteland,

I need to show this tape, tiny tiny shinmen... sorry, damn drugs!.. I mean shiny shiny tinmen...

Pip-boy - 3000. Record 1287. Transfer capture begins
*sound of video feed interference*
*sounds of hard breathing and running*
- To the right! Hide behind the wall!..
*running stops, sound of remote battle: shootings and death screams*
- Damn, Jonny, they killed them all! They are almost invulnerable!.. We need to get out!..
*sounds of battle come down, now there's only mechanical movements sound, the ground is shaking*
- It's ended, the whole squad violated. The door is closed, we can't get out.. we are dead.. start praying..
*mechanical movements sound goes up, shaking is growing*
- Why the fuck did you touch that PC, Mike -- WHY?.. we managed to survive it 7 times! More than anyone in the wasteland! and now you fucking decided to play around?..
- You do not understand! It's the most powerful artificial intelligence humanity came with! I thought it can give answer to our lives! Help us clean the wasteland!...
- Shhhhhh!... it's coming....
*Huge mechanical robot comes from behind the wall*
- [mechanical voice] Answer to your pathetic life and guilt of destroying the earth is death, human!
*sounds of short running, automatic shooting and bodies fall*
*sound of video feed interference*
Transfer capture ends

I hope you see that I mean, iron brother.... the only reason they are able grow stronger is using the GECK technology... how about we try to take it from them?

Suggestions / New Dungeon - Devs task/approval needed
« on: June 28, 2014, 18:04 »
We have a volunteer for creating a map for the new dungeon(s) (also has some suggestion about spawn points, but it's not perfectly applied to caves-like dungeons)

Besides those which he has suggested, I would like to see mine dungeon similar to warehouse but filled with aliens.

Gangs / Participants wanted! Farming the Sierra dungeon.
« on: June 28, 2014, 17:57 »
If it's true, that there's no successful attempts to finish all robots (my alliance didn't even manage to finish half of the first wave), I suggest to all interested to lower the guns and get together for this.

We will try to farm the most damned place of the wasteland - Sierra. And I believe we can do that, if we work together.
Otherwise we'll have a nice bug report!

I can privately speak with leaders of Midnight Riders, Army of The North, BoS and Enclave.
Any other band or loner could write a message here or me privately so we can discuss the time, tactics and outcome of the operation.
It would be great if you talk to your bands and suggest them to participate.

A lot of forum threads are created for 1 common reason: ask for/suggest/discuss character builds. Probably it's also one of the most important kind of information for beginners. But current style of posting new threads to discuss old/same builds/problems is not that organized. Solution could be creating same threads as for PVP screens/discussions and making posting builds to be restricted in corresponding thread.

Also we have a lot of simple Question-Answer threads which should be just messages in Questions&Answers thread. This thread should be well-known and accessible probably from home page of the forum - so new user won't have to search for it, when he has a question. Those threads also could be used for corresponding forum rules, making users to use them instead of creating new one-day threads.

The only thing to be careful about is the typical format of posted builds. I believe community can suggested something here.

I would like to see the forum clear and informative and I know how moderating problem is tough. Some improvements like those could make work easier.

Suggestions / Own deaths counter in kills menu of character
« on: June 03, 2014, 11:14 »
Every time you go to replication, your deaths counter goes up. Should be somewhat simple to implement and fun to know how harsh wasteland was to you.
Could be called something like "Replication visits".

Entering Rare Cave Base with Motobike could spawn you in the truck.
No way to get out until some one will take the truck out.

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