Author Topic: Changelog 12/11/2013  (Read 27735 times)


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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #90 on: November 20, 2013, 06:34 »
Skycast was talking about some kind of "Roadmap" to be posted. Any news?


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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #91 on: November 20, 2013, 08:05 »
Also Skycast was taking about implant list :(


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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #92 on: November 20, 2013, 15:08 »
also Skycast: look at player number of the server, i bet you attracted hell a lot of noobs to have such a big population, congratulations :)

i would like to see many new players, "noobs" like you calling them, instead noobs like you and your whining friends.
no offence that might sounds harsh but playing another season against you guys - is like no thx, totaly waste of time.

btw im not talking of czech/slovakian hawks
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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #93 on: November 20, 2013, 15:17 »
I wouldn't go so far - I'd like vedaras and whole Hawks to play here, as well as all experienced teams known back from 2238. But if they don't like the features - which I barely understand, 'cause generally they were welcomed warmly by both new and old players - well, it seems that this server doesn't match their vision of PvP as pure swarm and overpowered unkillable tank wars.


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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #94 on: November 20, 2013, 15:52 »
I don't mind seeing the hawks, section 8, or any other player factions join this sever. I think it makes the game more interesting.


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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #95 on: December 31, 2013, 10:58 »
How can i miss this pearl topic, dammit!
I agree whit Vedaras about place like NCR where all possibilities of death was there.I like'd to go there for final smoke of ciggaret and chit chat, kill or just to observe and listen fun/drama there.
Very relaxin.
I support that changes for  newbie but also that NCR thing would be awessome.Who wouldn't like it, fine, noone push u to go there or go there naked ffs so u dont loose nothing.
Who love fallout serials he will love this game or reloaded maybe suits him more but basic thing is that noone can't change person mentality, specialy one game.For example Majin is lazy fuck who talk whit mantis, ants and explore caves whole day, Zuh is player who is pure opossite of him, i am player who....etc...
So choices are all that count at end, many choices - many chances that someone will hook up one some.Noone can please all of people, it's impossible.Folow your goal and try to separate here on forum what suggestion can be good and what can be bad.Dont mind to much about that people will leave coz of this and that (only if is not crucial mistakes) coz people who love this game will play even if some small updates come what they dont like, they adjust in time.Like folks said before, many newbies will come and leave no matter what changes are given to them.

And yea, ban this Majin from forum or give him 10 reply per day discluded suggestion topic.
I am dead serious whit that.


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Re: Changelog 12/11/2013
« Reply #96 on: January 05, 2014, 00:24 »
...Man. Just thinking about PVP gangs with hunting rifles and leather jackets. Battles that last for more than a second and a half; It would be quite the fun experience, compared to the "combat armour, minigun or GTFO" situation that we have at the moment.
No matter how hard, long and time consuming way devs will make for crafters and gun makers...we still have situation someone can spit advanced guns like bread factory.
Solving may be bold...yet easy to do, just make Miniguns and Combat Armours Half-Craftable...along with laser rifles and in future plasma rifles. What i mean:
Its just stupid to create a pre-war hi-tech equipment from junk, make it a dungeon loot, quest prize and rare mob loot.
Then we can upgrade on our own to Avenger, CA MKII and so on using spare parts...making them real life-changer for PvP's duels or city-control fights.

This way we don't need to nerf Avengers, who love them can use them as powerfull guns but risking loosing them as they are this most people will use more common equipment by wasteland/fallout standards.
Also lowering ammo number is also a priceless way to achive this, as small number of bullets is usable and balanced for assault rifles but can absolutley disqualify minigiuns as all-around weapons.

Most people just shoot everything because they have so much ammo they simply don't care...and picture of next large crate filled with 5mm to the top make them even deperate.

Can't u just devide exp between players according to dmg inflicted?

If this script would monitor and exclude HP regained by healing i'm all in.

'All the fuck' you need is already in the game. It's called mechanics. You can easily be safe from PKs 90% of the time, if you can use the game mechanics and player's customs to your advantage. You see, THEY know the mechanics and they are using it against you, this is why you get beaten too often. to disable TB mode all together -.-
I think best way is what i hope devs try to do right as we try to respect mechanics...mechanics try to respect us:

Karma system is not enough, town patrols is the way to go. Just new player (not even a TB fan) You start with default seeting "Both Combat Systems" so he get "trapped" (yea, not ambushed but trapped) in TB set up by 3 PK's... wasteland is harsh and this is obvious we should not block this as players should have ability to do what they feel they supposed as part of RP (to be a dirty bandit as this can't be called a profesional military operation) ...but when Victim spawns in their location special script checks his 'Outdorsman and Luck...maybe even Karma perks like magnetic personality or mysterious stranger to implement' and spawns Town Patrol...Town patrol differs based on players number/level/equipment/etc. yet always has first turn and automaticly attacks players with bad karma allowing vistims to flee, if no bad karma players are around they stay until situation develops. They will attack if they are attacked and they will attack player who fires first shot if this shot was fired not into bad karma player.
Good Karma player will be treated same as player with 0 karma...being a good guy don't allow You to shoot whoever You want.
Town Patrols take all loot of killed players who they fight with to block exploits of lowlevels looting expensive weaponry...and also because its justified as such organizations don't fire stones and need equipment to stay in fight with scum of the earth.
Attacking Town Guards would lead to further loss of Karma and maybe even develop to something like "Child Killer Wanted with BountyHunter on its back" that would rise immersion and i think even PK's would love additional fighting and loot occasions as i did in Fallout 2 for burning those damn fuckers in Den xD

well bro, there were times, when we had "spartans" in 2238 for example, they were roleplayers always getting beaten to death by minigunners like you said, but they were a crew of 8-15 people, who ganged with unarmed/melee/thrower characters, time to time, they defeated those gunners, scienced there stuff, and it was actually fun to side with them since i had unarmed characters myself. So its just an example when roleplaying doesnt give a fuck about those pvpers :) if you give a fuck, then your roleplaying style is wrong, this is my opinion.

Nice story...born form desperation i think. Do You think they would not seek revenge? Its not have to be RP to gun up and start Your vendetta against someone who destroyed your fun. Any other examples?

So let me get this straight.  The game is imbalanced, because you need to spend a lot of time grinding and getting gear so you can get to the level that other people are at.  Except you can't do that for whatever reason - it's not your fault, though.  It's theirs.  Because they have CA and Miniguns.

It's difficult for you, but it seems easy for them.  Ergo, imbalance.

Did I get that right?  Because that's what it sounds like.

Bozar and Vindicator are way better than Miniguns, PA are way better than CA...
...but no one whine about them...
Enigma for You...or did You even forgot they exist?
Tell You why?
Because they are so rare no one wise (other than "my ego is such a big hole i need to parade in EPA in Hub all day long) dares in normal gameplay to risk loosing them or wasting their operational time fucking around...and how other would You call killing other unknown Player (whom in most situations can't do a thing to You {if he has no 10mm pistol ofcourse ;-P} and don't posses anything of worth) not in Town-Control or Quest situations???
...if we fight over Town its obvious every one knows it and know the risk&reward, but dying in a middle of quest or in generic encounter because in most cases someone bored fucks around motivated to spit ammo crates overflow with 5mm is gamebrakeing...not for him but anyone victimized.
Ofcourse You can always say: "I and my tiny gang-balls ware afraid he will shoot first" ;-) =P
Miniguns and CA are to common, same with i pointed before.

Is important to understand we need to defend PvE without braking PvP...and no one like idea of spliting those two. In reality i would like to see PvE a core of early game and PvP not only a real harsh combat but more like a only way to survive against NPC and economics further on...and this kind of alliance lead to PvP wars over control.
Who want more power has their fight, others don't get vicitmized as much.
Also remember by PvP i mean all interactions...not only "tatatatatatatatatatatatatata bum bum bum" -.-

It's impossible for you, but it is easy for them, when you attempt to go up against big gunners with green armour without the same level of equipment.  Ergo, imbalance.
Yeah, that's what I thought.  Professional victim.


All I want is there to be balance; for the lower tiers to have an actual possibility of contending with the higher teirs.

It's impossible that I am the only guy here who sees how stupid this guy can be... Low tier always had a chance against high tier, I've been killing CA MK II tanks with a guy that has a low tier pistol and a leather for a few years now. This guy's problem is that he can't play for shit because he is always trolling the forum. Give him the best build in the game and the best gear and he will still get his ass kicked by a decent player. He has no ideea what he is talking about, he has no ideea how to play the game, he has no ideea how the game works. All he knows is to troll people with his bullshit, somebody ban this guy from forum already.

His ideea of balance is that all players should have low tier gear, that is retarded. The balance exist between same tier gear because that makes sense. His problem is that he gets his ass kicked with a shit build, shit gear and no skill in playing, but that is normal, nothing can balance the fact that you have no ideea about how to play the game. His game experience is talking like a retard in Hub and trolling people that actually have an ideea about what they are talking on forum, that's it! You can't expect from the player base to suddenlly forget how to play just because you are a lazy fuck that has no ideea about how to play. He wants the game to be lowered at his level, low HP, low gear, fucked up builds, but because he is a moron, he doesn't understand that that won't change anything. He wants to take everything from the players that play a lot more than him, just so that he would have a chance in 1vs1 fights, that is actually what he is asking. He is not asking for balance, he is asking that all the players to be lowered from every point of view because he is to lazy to play the game. Instead of making a build and work to get items and gear he is asking that all the players that do that to not have that oportunity anymore, how is that nobody sees this?

Ban this moron already, everybody is feed up with his stupid remarks and cheap trolling!

Funny...i played with this Guy and he know what he is doing.
You people from section 8 like to hold your hands right? But are not only one playing this game...and maybe should go play other Fonline project?
I think gangs should show their strenght evolving and adapting rather than whine on forums about nerfs of their fav builds...
...and defend obsolete game mechanics...only their way is just, ban all other nay-sayers! Yeeehaaa!

Right. Becuase a guy in leather armour and a 10mm SMG can totally stand a chance against a guy with CAMKII and an Avenger.
Come on Zuhardu. I know you've got anger issues and are as close minded as an Abrahamic fundamentalist, but you should stop being a dick.

Fallout is a game of chances..."95% is its flagship"... but even if in those 5% something weird and unexpected happens and You blow up yourself while shooting a minigun or kill Frank Horrigan with a spear doesnt mean its balanced... balanced is 50%...not 5% -.- ...5% is a unexpected miracle or failure to keep things interesting and removing this would make Fonline even closer to PvP core like starcraft where there is no % used in game at all.

So 5% 10mm-LeatherJackal  Ownage of AvengerCombatant is proof of game system and not balance of PvP mechanics.

Nuff said...once more i wasted time speking to...myself...
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« Reply #97 on: May 06, 2023, 05:17 »
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