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War. War never changes. Only the dead men saw the end of war. Human kind remains the same no matter what, with will of self-destruction carved deep into mind. Every war is hoped to be the last one, but even the nuclear armageddon wasn't enough to stop gears of war once and for all.
After heroic death of Vault Dweller and pathetic end of the Master, Lieutenant led his supermutant's horde into wasteland, to conquer human settlements. Brotherhood of Steel, the only hope of human kind, responsed to this aggression, but they had to sacrifice many soldiers to finally beat mutant armies, forcing them to retreat back to Mariposa. Brotherhood's Elders realised that without changing their doctrine they are unable to recreate their numbers and manpower. Declaration of new order and recruiting experienced wastelanders helped, but just for a while ...
Under orders of President Richardson, Enclave's scientists began to work on an upgraded version of Power Armor. They've managed to develop a reliable version of Power Armor Mark II. Results of other less fortunate prototypes testing were classified by Richardson for the sake of morale. After discovering Mariposa, heavily guarded base, Enclave troops tried to assault the place. They failed and retreated, making the President Richardson to change his plans and to recruit as many fresh blood as possible in the short period of time. Massive conquest on Wasteland is about to come ...

Second Session Teaser

First Session Teaser

Second Session Announcement
FOnline 2 is a free post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on legendary Fallout1 and Fallout2 RPGs.
Join in the second open beta session!
In this game, you can:

Experience the dramatic story through the main quest line and many side-quests.
Create your own character from many balanced classes and enjoy intense PvP in fights over the control of the towns and many other occasions...
Take part in the upcoming conflict...
...Become a member of the Enclave and participate in restoring United States' lost glory...
...Or join the Brotherhood of Steel and fight to preserve the balance in the Core Region.
You can also avoid taking sides and be about your own business playing in a seperate, player-created faction.
Get the profession, gather resources and craft variety of items.
Join one of the caravans traversing the wastes, and make a living as a caravan guard...
or earn as a trader by establishing your own shop in one of many cities.
Hunt bandits, raiders, mutants and other foes, or kill other players and take their belongings.
Explore the dungeons and the immense world by wandering through the irradiated deserts, old warehouses, city ruins, abandoned Vaults or and other mysterious places...
...or buy yourself a vehicle to cross the Wasteland faster and safer.
Establish a base, and invite your friends to unite your forces.
Play as a peaceful, law abiding citizen, or a villanous crook in a player driven city - Shady Sands,
 the capital of the New California Republic, run by NCR Rangers - player driven faction. But watch out, as all your actions have their consequences thanks too introduced karma system...
Take part in exciting global events, and carefully designed, Game Master driven events.
Join FOnline2 in the second open beta session!

First Session Announcement

Welcome on the forum of the project that we've been developing for the last one year in a more or less secret. We are kindly inviting you and your friends to join first Open Beta Test of FOnline2.
We offer you server in fully playable state now. It's not finished, still needs a lot of effort and hard work to reach the vision of what we want to achieve. At the beginning we wanted to release the 1.0 state of server, with all features, ideas and concepts finished and implemented, to give players tested and polished game. That's why we were working without rush and announcing our project to the public.
So why are we launching it now? Some important and beautiful era has just ended. FOnline 2238 has been officialy shut down and we have great respect for dev team of 2238 for their hard work. But in situation like this we decided to act. Players keep asking, speaking their wishes out loud, how awesome would it be to play some sort of FOnline 2238 Mark II, made by players for players. We couldn't just stand and watch at community disappearance after 2238's shut down.
Now we are stepping up, giving you fully playable server to enjoy FOnline. Moreover you can actively build it with us together, as we keep door to the devteam opened.

Who are "we"?
Project leaders:
- Skycast
- Rascal
Core Devteam:
- Wesan
- Mike Wall
- Wichura
and many contributors.

What is FOnline2?
Idea of FOnline2 project is to create FOnline server that gives players all they were always asking for. To merge as much as possible both English and Russian FOnline communities. To reach 1.0 state and then advertise project wide open on the Internet, including such methods as cooperation with famous Youtubers in order to promote the game.
Main principles, present behind every design, concept, decision and goal of the project are:
- make game fun to play, less "grindfest", more enjoyable
- promote players interaction, including PvP, in every aspect
- avoid other devteams' mistakes, basing on our own experience as FOnline players
- actively play our own game to see it from player's point of view and listen to the community
- bring features that community always wanted and never received
- create easy edge for newcomers into FOnline universe, in order to keep them ingame
- support game in English, Russian, Polish and possibly French languages
- after getting out of beta stage advertise the game outside the FOnline community
- half-opened development model, with strict leading, persons responsible for making decisions, one coherent vision, concept and shape of the server filled with features existing all together in harmony
- tasks given to community, such as predescribed quest/dialog/graphic/map/script that needs to be done
- open door to join the devteam, it doesn't matter if You played in some other faction, it's even better if there will be different representants inside devteam

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