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Suggestions / Re: Bonehead and Marksmanship imp boost
« on: November 13, 2017, 11:00 »
Finally had moment to do some calculation:

Sniper Rifle 2mc bc glow quest +3cc vs 1Lk bonehead char, no anticrit, no stonewall.

Bonehead is not only for anti KO, it does affect a lot for dmg intake and bypasses too. As you see KD % stays same, because KD happen in crittable range 26-100 only. Buffing bonehead would pretty much destroy eye and head shots if target has bonehead. Right now it is more beneficial to shoot groin instead of head/eyes if target has bonhead. Is it expedient to increase the cap with head/eyes vs groin and make eye&head shots useless in most cases?

btw other stuff is ext LR and SR.
SR have base +4 roll and 50 rng
LR have 48 rng but bigger damage then SR

Laser Rifle dmg vs camk2 compared Sniper Rifle dmg vs camk2. Target same as above.

If target is naked target or low resist target. Then laser rifle has higher dmg output than sniper rifle.

Suggestions / Re: Bonehead boost
« on: November 10, 2017, 14:55 »
Bonehead already the best trait at the moment. Later today if I have time, I can show calculations how much that would affect for KO % and DMG/shot for head&eye shots.

General Discussion / Re: looking for a social group.
« on: November 10, 2017, 14:00 »
You should try Junktown Scouts:

Good job Seki
Seki? Sorry, but I aint him.

General Discussion / Re: RL for tc
« on: November 04, 2017, 15:29 »
According to Dequ it looks for me chem control is more usefull for RL cos you get those extra HP every tme you eat ss (if you get damaged more than 100 ofc)

Da, If you east 2 SS or more then chem control > survival > defence (if u have less than 60% resist)

General Discussion / Re: RL for tc
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:53 »
quick hand > brof for pure RL build

Could you be more specific why? I can imagine it only when carrying -ap launcher all the time...

Brof help you when you shoot, every shot is 1 ap less.
Quick hand help you when you reload and eat ss.

If you shoot 15 Rockets in fight and eat some ss.

with brof you spend 15 APs less. With quick hand you spend 14APs less, because you need to reload 14 times. Also almost every fight RLs builds also tank dmg so they eat superstims. Each super stim you eat is 1ap less used.

So combined shooting with brof or reload and ss usage. In almost every case quick hands saves you more APs.

General Discussion / Re: RL for tc
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:24 »
quick hand > brof for pure RL build

Wow, nice.

Can u try Stonewall and Bonehead difference tables with different ST? 8 and 10?

ST only affect on cripples and weapon drops via secondary roll

Congratulations for 3 years of a great game!
Game older than 3 years . Season is 3 years long so far.

Whats the point of looting when you have it all?
Whats the point of anything really.....

THe wipe starts things over... it should be done AT LEAST once a year... MINIMUM.
bo.. fucking... ring.

Dear friend, Logging in game to find out that you still have to loot pile in your base to sort out which you left there 3 years ago, does it makes you feel frustrated?

I understant your feeling and I have a solution.

Selfwiping can be help you. I have selfwiped myself 3 times this season, so I know this by experience.

Some players love grinding and get motivation by loot, Some player get motivation doing something else.

Very good :), thx for good work

WHy was there no wipe.... this is ultra boring.

When no huge changes are made which completely change mechanics etc. and when everything already work very well and as planned. So why wipe when there is no reason?

Wiping to get more people on server is only temporary boost, in long therm it not affect. It is like changing GFs when meanwhile you could have 1 good loyal wife. Human naturally always looking for something new and something to discover to keep their inner motivation higher.

Make game well, interesting and well balanced and people keep playing it and population staying high. Thats my opinion.

So, I this is one of question I get very often. Lets have discuss, opinions and maybe some data? I have my own conclusions made but want to hear others views about this matter  ;). Also I like good conversations.

Now is better time than ever. Many new gangs recently came to this server and non stop actions everywhere.

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