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Brotherhood Of Steel / Brotherhood of Steel - Delta Squad
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:21 »
Since so many people asked me if BOS is currently recruiting, I'd like to set up player driven events involving me leading a small group throughout the wastleand, lets say, all Fridays evenings / nights and do some adventures. We would discuss it all together and we could cooperate with other roleplay projects on the server.

Need to state that I do not have any interest on goods (say power armors, tier 3 crap, caps, or even less real money)
Want to make this cristal clear. We will do it for the fun and resurrect player driven events. There is no interest of control or power whatsoever. Just for the sake of fun and enjoy some fonline.

This friday we will attack an Enclave outpost in order to free some tribal hostages and drive them back to their community.

In here people can be involved in three ways, either bos or enclave or tribals (heard there is some good RP tribal faction)
It will be fun and anyone can "win".
I will post each announcement here in the forums, and I will post screens.

Anyone interested just feel free to PM me or just write down here ;)

Hello, I have noticed there are more players in this server each day would be cool to enable BOS (lost hills) quests and faction.

Also, if you need someone to fix stuff and/or change the quests maybe I could help you out. I have many years of experience using dialog editor and I know fonline engine pretty decently.
Can't make big tasks because of my lack of time. But I wouldn't mind to help with a smaller task.

General Discussion / What is this place?
« on: December 27, 2015, 17:32 »
For me looks like some player houses-apartments flats. It's in Hub's downtown inside the "barber" sign building.

Gangs / "Wasteland justice" from RDA
« on: November 03, 2014, 23:38 »
This is totally bullshit. I mean, I never, ever PK'd anybody. Anybody who knows me can tell you it's bullshit. I never shot or hit anybody without a reason and out of TC's or faction stuff. Never raided caravans never townbursted or hunted in encounters.
So tell me please, where did i shot you? :)

1) i never had relations with RDA, bad or good. None. So i doubt i could even kill you when you where a lowbie. Past season, at the begining i played with C88 and we teamed up with RDA. Nothing else.
2) We were not hunting people becouse of, a) we were unarmed due to regroup at respawn point after dying in a caravan enc. b) i was in tribesmen woman skin. I can't use any kind of weapon which is not unarmed. And believe me, im not unarmed.

Pics talk bythemselves

Buy / Want to buy blue suit
« on: November 02, 2014, 16:56 »
Yeah, i want to buy a bluesuit :I

General Discussion / Soloing pve quests? not possible anymore
« on: October 29, 2014, 23:49 »
Hello there, first of all I have to say I'm very happy with the server progress, you guys have done a very nice job.

Unfortunately, Im not having fun at all with pve quests. They are somekind of... impossible. In this case im not talking about Boneyard's deathclaw quest. Im talking about Raiders base in main quest storyline. It's really impossible. You shot one raider and look what happens:

and then, obviously

A breif resume: swarm. Stapede of npcs.
In any quest. For example, Junktown molerat wipeout quest.
You shot the very first mole and bam! 20 freaking rats swarming you.

Maybe you guys is what you want, but even more, i see it excesive. May be really fun for 3, 4 guys teamplaying. But not for a single person. The main quest, which must be a single-side quest, mostly because of the storyline,  you cannot step forward without being bursted, punched (and etc) to death, in a massive way.

I hope this helps

Brotherhood Of Steel / transmission from Scribe Grey
« on: August 01, 2014, 21:50 »

How are my brothers and sisters doing? :)
I It's being a while alredy since I played last time.
Im having some vacations in the south of Spain. It's really hot here!
Any news? I hope you all are doing good! :)

This is scribe Grey of Brotherhood of Steel of California reporting, over.

Hello there, i just discovered i have lost the location in worldmap of raiders base (after VC stage) with two alts. I can't see it anymore.
Can anyone help me?

Suggestions / Character ingame avatars/portraits
« on: January 10, 2014, 15:44 »
Hello! i just had the idea. Would be nice to implement an avatar system ingame.
While in character registration sheet, you can select your avatar from the list or just pick it up from your personal profile in the official forum of the server.
Adding a system to upload your avatar from pc from registration sheet may be pretty impossible and problematic. So instead, the in-game avatar could be linked to an existing forum account. If the user changes his avatar in forum it will change aswell in game.

You can see a player avatar/portrait when you open trade, opening inventory (for example) and if you are leader of a party, you can see small versions of their portraits in the left of the screen where usually timeouts are displayed. If you are being followed by 3 players, those player's avatars will be visible when you are "tagged". If you are following somebody else, you only can see the leader portrait.

For a server using 2238 version of FOnline Engine, would be awesome to put a small portrat/avatar in the top of "command" menu, (alt+lmb click on a player) just above player ID.
Example: (i know it's horrible, but it's just a quick example)

I was wondering... is this still "legal"?

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