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FOnline: 2238 - source code release
« on: July 01, 2013, 23:12 »
FOnline: 2238 has ended. It was a beautiful and wonderful experience nevertheless which shaped the minds of countless players, forever. The community was paying the last respect for developers who had made that unforgettable journey possible. Then surprisingly for some part of the community, we came out with our own announcement, one that set grounds for a new beginning, which in current context will lead to the next subject we want to inform the community about.

2238 did end, but also decided to leave something for us all - itself. To be more clear, the source code of 2238 is being released with all its content, tools, solutions which can be counted for many thousands hours of work, all this won't end up closed on some dust covered old Hard Drive. It's great news for whole FOnline community.

What that means for our project? Using available resources we will be able to reach the quality of our game we are aiming at - a lot faster that we would without such resource. It will be a great boost to speed of our work and to reach a more complete shape of our game. Everything so far what made your Fonline experience what it is, will not be lost. We will try to manage the FOnline: 2238 heritage the best we can. So far from community response we know that our vision and idea for the game is aiming in the right direction.

Clones, that means clones of 2238, if you will want to run away with the first stranger which offers candy without any credibility ... well that's your choice, for everyone else we can humbly advise - stay with us and don't be clouded in your decision - "Where to play ?" if some random devteam without any backup of work and credibility will show up launching pure FOnline: 2238 code server - maybe with some little tweaks and changes. FOnline: 2238 needed full overhaul, starting from the bases, design with different principles and concept goals.

Because of 2238 source release we will be able to reach the place and time where we will be able to proudly say "It's done!" A lot faster than with our original plans.. We are hoping that 6th July OBT launch will give some credibility for our words.

Thanks for your support - we are building this together! :)