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Fallout 3 Mod Compilation
« on: January 11, 2020, 23:21 »
Hi there wastelanders! I decided some time ago to play again Fallout 3 with a bunch of mods I read about on the internet. After some time testing and playing some awesome games I decided to do a compilation for future use and I thought that probably someone in this community might be interested, so I made a guide for quicker installation that will probably save you some time and headaches if you are planning to give Fallout 3 another try . I really had a LOT of fun with the last games I played, and I can say that all these mods reshape the game completely, making it something much better from the original.

This is a pretty stable custom mod compilation for Fallout 3 wich includes many popular upgrades to the vanilla game, avoiding overloads and priorizing the gameplay over the graphical optimization. For that reason I've not included big texture packs (wich are pretty easy to find and add to this compilation) and I've selected the most intuitive and easy to use and install mods from Fallout Nexus ( After lots of trial & error and a couple of games that sums arround 160 gameplay hours, I can say that this compilation works pretty fine on a relatively old computer. I am not sure if this compilation will fit with the tastes of everyone, wich is turning F3 in a realistic hardcore game (widely configurable via the in-game mod menus that most of the big mods include, anyway). If you enjoy tactical approaches over action, thinking twice before engaging an enemy or make your low level first steps a real survival crusade in the harsh environment the wasteland should be, enhancing also the action and roleplay features, this compilation is for you.

Mod List and quick description

1. Basics

- Fallout Mod Manager (New_FOMM-640-0-13-21.exe) - Software created to install, manage and ease any fallout 3/ New Vegas Modding. (
- Fallout Script Extender (fose_v1_2_beta2.7z) - Scripting capability expansion for mods. (
- Archive Invalidation ( - Small fix to allow texture replacements (
- Unofficial F3 Patch (Updated_Unofficial_Fallout3_Patch-19122-2-3-2.exe) - additional community fixes (
- 3GB Enabler (FO3_3GB_ENABLER-6510.7z) - Allows FO3 to use more address memory space. Performance issue solver (
- Stutter Remover + Fix (Stutter Remover + - Makes Fallout 3 feel smoother and perform better.(
2. Interface

- Darnified UI ( - Makes the UI much more sorted (
- Frontal Interface (Frontal interface.rar) - Makes the compass, AP and HP bar look much better. Couldn't find the original file name, so I hope the author don't feel angry at me for posting this (You have the right to tell me to rename/retire this mod).

3. Texture

- NMCs Texture Pack (FULL_NMCs_Texture_Pack_*.rar) - Global good quality texture pack (

4. Massives

- Fallout Wanderers Edition (FWE_Master_Release_6-03a_wHOTFIX.rar) - AMAZING minor mod compilation that enhances completely the game experience, from fast travel by motorbike or caravans to Alternative roleplay start or overall game mechanics. (
- Marts Mutant Mod (Marts_Mutant_Mod-6_2_3211.rar) - AMAZING critter behaviour, shape and variety modification for almost any wasteland creature, increased spawns or new mechanics such as ghouls raising chance if head is not crippled or more dangerous radscorpion venom (
- DC Interior Project (DC_Interiors.rar) - AMAZING new interior locations arround all the wasteland, including new items such as toys, miscellaneous and decoration. Incredibly well implemented giving many hours of exploration and inmersion(

5. Mechanics and Misc

- Auto Gates (Auto_Gates_v13-15685-1-3.7z) - Makes gates and bridges from all towns and settlements open and close. Inmersion improvement (
- Re Animated (Better_WeaponAnimation-Release_v0_22-7670.rar) - Better human animations (
- Wereable Backpacks(BlackWolf_Backpack_1dot0a-2553.rar) - Simple and elegant backpack mod, specially useful for the FWE carry weight new mechanics (
- Fellout (Fellout_1_21R2-2672.7z + Fellout DLC + Fellout Brighter Nights - Point Lookout-17859-1.7z) - AMAZING new weather and lighting mod, wich gets rid of the horrible green tint everything has in the vanilla game. Also makes nights darker, pushing you to use night vision provided in FWE, drugs or lantern. ( 
- Karma Revamp (Karma Revamp - Well, it's time to think twice if it's compatible for your morals to steal that last stimpak from that poor wastelander. Better karma effects for any moral action ingame. (
- Killable Children (Killable_Children_V1-5-376.rar) Those brats are no longer bulletproof. I bet you'll want now to pay a visit to Little Lamplight with your psycopath character. (
- No cursor (No cursor on maps.7z-22036-1-00.7z) Well, I do love to get lost in the wasteland, and use the compass with no quest markers. Find your way: You'll pay more attention now to the Metro Map and sighs. (
- Enhanced Weather(Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow v2) - AMAZING, yet a bit buggy. You won't love rain when you get stuck in some lost shack, out of food, water and... RadAway. Yes, now rain is radioactive as it should be (
- Iron Sights ( - Adds centered iron sight animations to most guns (
- Unconscious timer ( - Prevents any essential character to raise every 20 seconds after being defeated. Also you'll find more punishing to put an essential follower in the front line as meat shield (
- Weapon Mod Kits (Weapon_Mod_Kits-3388.7z) - AMAZING. Because I know you wanted a laser sight on your Desert Eagle, or a silencer (with it's consequent unnoticed shot for enemies), or a scope, or an autofire mechanism or... Check it out. (

6. Compatibility

- Weapon Mod Kits & FWE (FOIP - Weapon Mod Kits and FWE 6-03-4968.7z) - Compatibilizes WMK and FWE (
- RH Iron Sights & WMK(RH Iron Sights and WMK.rar) - Compatilizes RH Iron Sights and WMK (
- RH Iron Sights & FWE( - Compatilizes RH Iron Sights and FWE (

7. Companions

- Ties That Bind (AmandaCompanion.rar) - AMAZING. A companion that results to be... your sister. If you are thinking on the implications it has on the main quest, you'll find that this is fully voiced and adds new scenes to the questline (
- Follower Amata (AmataCompanion.rar) - If you missed a reason to blow up the Overseer's head, you found one. (
- Adopt Bryan Wilks (Companion Bryan Wilks.7z) - Very good mod with it's attached questline for soft hearted wastelanders (
- Bittercup Companion ( - Team up with the emo teeneager from Big town (
- The Family - Brianna Companion ( - Lore Friendly companion. Be vampire or Cannibal. Also comes with two useful miniquests  (
- Lucy West Companion( - As good as the one above. Lucy from Megaton can join you now (
- Outcast Companion( - I wasn't honest before: Could not test this one... Because I wanted his Outcast PA (
- Slave Raider Companion( - A crazy bitch. And I'll say no more (
- Sarah Lyons Companion (CompanionSarahLyons.rar) - I think she had to die too. But at least we have this mod (
- Sydney Follower (CompanionSydney.rar) - The vanilla badass treasure hunter can join you after her quest (
- Kat Companion (Kat Companion-12965.rar) - Couldn't test this one also, but it's popular (
- Kelsey Companion(Kelsey Companion - Pretty cool female combat medic, with some voiced lines (
- JIP (JIP Companions Command and Control.7z) - AMAZING. Incredible addon wich makes possible an organized squad attack with multiple of the vanilla and above followers, giving real time orders in a very intuitive onscreen menu (

DOWNLOAD Mod Compilation From MEGA.

I hope you enjoy it the same way I did!

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Re: Fallout 3 Mod Compilation
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2020, 17:54 »
I'm a bit late but RobCo Certified is a must have for me ever since I discovered it, it lets you hack, repair, and build robots, both vanilla ones and new crazy ones with the right perks:

Wasteland Player is a very naughty mod which I very much enjoyed, it's wonky at times and has no voice acting and the dialogue goes by too fast most of the time, it's not animated but it really tickled my pickle:

I'll add some more if anything else comes to mind.