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Title: Adsense or private advertisers?
Post by: Alaestor on August 21, 2019, 21:16
Honestly not much of a suggestion but more a discussion about why Developers have not considered displaying ads in the form of videos. Pages, or other sources. Considering the views coming from some of the pages here flow to millions over the courses of them, why not put mini ads that pay to be seen not clicked?

I believe for the new launch of Season 4 the Developers require a lot more money than a patreon can deliever, plus I don't believe the players here or viewers would care much considering it's helping their game become more big.

Just a few thoughts. Write what you think.
Title: Re: Adsense or private advertisers?
Post by: Alaestor on August 21, 2019, 21:31
Releasing updates about the server in videos on youtube that come with a 30 second forced to watch ad is aggressive yes, but those kind of ads pay a lot if they are watched.

If the server does get more popular next season, revenue from things like this and potential of becoming something a lot bigger is very possible.
Title: Re: Adsense or private advertisers?
Post by: 邪悪 on August 21, 2019, 23:20
Adblock makes ads useless and I don't think there's someone who doesn't use adblock, as it comes by default with any modern browser.
Websites, which use ads, usually (always) detect it and tell you to disable it: either aggressively or not. Aggressively means they will make material on the webpage blocked until you disable your adblock. Or they simply kindly ask you to disable it.
If it's the first case, then it's very easily avoidable, depending on what you need from the website. If you just need to read an article or get a link to something and this link is there, then you don't really need to disable anything, just look at the page's source instead and read/get whatever you need from it.
If it's the second case, then you just ignore it.
If you want to support the ads-user, then you just donate to patreon.

Ads produce more nuisance than income, and thus decrease respect to whoever uses them. It's like a bad game design feature which simply doesn't work. Like 3 CH for trading or skills requirements for crafting. People will simply bypass it and will only curse whoever made it, because it creates nuisance.


Oh and what ads will be suitable for fonline forum?

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Title: Re: Adsense or private advertisers?
Post by: Alaestor on August 22, 2019, 02:59
I dont know about Adblock. On my phone or on my computer with modern internet browsers I still recieve ads on videos and on pages.

Modern YouTube videos that are being created right now can recieve a reasonable amount of income. Roughly 45% of people on youtube use Adblock and considering it works for both browsers and youtube it's reasonable to believe that 55% of ads would still be viewed.

As someone who uses youtube as a source of revenue myself I can say that it's not a low source. 1000 views can range from 3 dollars to 9.

Edit: 48% use Adblock from Youtubes global statistics btw.
I dont think many people would disrespect developers for applying ads to their game's media to support it.
Title: Re: Adsense or private advertisers?
Post by: Alaestor on September 13, 2019, 18:00
Another spitball idea; Facebook ads.

Bare with me for a minute, I know it seems sketchy at first but it's much better than it seems.

Google Pixel is a software that attaches to accounts such as Facebook pages, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This software processes the information of everyone who views and interacts with products or pages and in the background it monitors what else the user interacted with during their lifetime on the internet. It then matches all the data and creates a common interest within all these users. It could be that they enjoy the same types of games, they both search indie games, they both use the same porn website (lol).

Anyways, with this Data you can use it to run Smart Ads on Facebook. The benefit of Smart ads is that you can target audience, which basically means you can select games that are very similar to FOnline2, things like;
People who search for Fallout 1 mods;
People who search for Fallout 2 mods;
People who search for any 2D game that is remotely similar to FOnline or Fallout in General.
And lastly, it applies the data that has been run through the 400-800 people who have interacted with any kind of FOnline2 ad or page over the internet and matches similarities, honestly this kind of software is extremely powerful if used in the right hands. Moving on...

With all those categories applied, you could receive a number such as 13300 people on Facebook that have similar tastes. Now what Facebook and Pixel offer you is to pay a daily fee. It could be $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $500, daily. Amount of money applied to the search will affect things such as hours the ad is being displayed and to how many people it will attempt to target. In most cases $5 will target at least 500 in 12hours. (Best to run the ad from 1AM to 1PM).

Food for thought. If the game was intended to be launched with a huge audience for the future, it might be something to consider.

Thank you for your time everyone. :)