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SPEciAl suggestions
« on: September 28, 2019, 12:26 »
Strength - add penalty for shooting heavy weapon with next to none strength. Yes you still can aim with enough of skill but there should be chance of KD or even KO shooter. Ofcourse wepons falling from weak hands should be implemented too. Nothing except strength can help you to deal with backkick of weapon. High difference between strength and gun/ armor requirements should lead to small speed penalty while running.
For god sake make ammo really heavy it is nonsense that you can carry 5000 rounds of ammo and be happy - this will limit up BG bursters a lot.
+1carry weight per level - it is just helper for 1ST chars to be vaiable. This bonus should be connected to STR. If 10STR you have bonus every LVL as we are used to. If 1STR you have this bonus once per 10 lvls.

Perception - PE 1 chars should have more limitations - lets say not seeing name at the edge of vission. Name can be sometimes "scrumbled" Same for faction. It would be nice it it is not hardcoded (2 hexes from FOV and you see no name) but done "from time to time". Blind chars (one with broken eye) should not see any name/ faction/ HP datas until char is one hex away from them. FOV should be really limited than and whole screen should fade to deep dark. For worster orientation. For high PE chars we can have something like: ENEMY_NAME is wearing CAmkII 20/80% and Avenger 100/100 with 80 rounds of ammo.

Endurance - low Endurance should lead to faster dying from poison so lets make poison not 5% max but 10% and for 2points in endurance you have 1% of max poisoning less.

High Agility chars should have small random bonus when reloading weapon like -1ap used. On other hand if you have low AGI there should be chance of dropping some ammo (lets say whole magazine)during reload. Even button "take all" should not work for 100%