Author Topic: Looking for the FOnline 2 Server tweaks  (Read 149 times)


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Looking for the FOnline 2 Server tweaks
« on: September 05, 2021, 19:05 »

I posted here because I didnt find any other place to post it :o .

We are a french association and we are trying to create our own FOnline server to make some private events, we downloaded the TLA and Reloaded 2 sources, and we are able to do some modifications inside, but when it's about aiming or using abilities, nothing was coded in these versions.
In particular when it's about the ratio of the window of the game, it's really tricky.

We are not developpers, so, this is really hard for us to work on these things.


I did read that the team was not sharing the datas, but, at least, I try, we are in 2021 and the development seems to stopped some years ago, soooo, maybeee... ?


I saw that FOnline 2 was not "open source", and, I'm rather surprise, since it's a product belonging to Bethesda, are they okay with the fact this project is not freely shared ? I mean, they are really kind with their community (not like The Lord of The Ring / JRR Tolkien right owners which are pursueing everyone >.< ), but, I'm just wondering about this point.
Do you plan to publish the resources on GitHub somedays ? What are the plans if the admin have issues in their life ? (I'm working in computering security, this is the reason why I'm asking :p ) Do moderators have access to the resources in case of emergency ?