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Before we start - First Open Beta goals
« on: July 06, 2013, 13:30 »
Before we start - First Open Beta goals

As you all know today is the day! At 19:00 GMT+1 server gona be up and running.
What are the goals fo First Open Beta ?

The end of 2238 was unexpected, seeing the danger of community disappearance - we took the risk and announce our project for public. It's on to provide you fun and a place to enjoy FOnline. It's in fully playable state but at the same time a lot more must be done in order to fulfill our vision and ambition.  So our realese is in some way a forced decision, therefore we rushed with work like crazy in recent time. Some of the featuers are implified at the moment in comparism to our original concept - just to make them up and running, being playable.

Some of you could ask questions like:
Those are just beta tests or normal game session ?
For how long it will be on before wipe ?

This is normal game session, but in a beta state. So develop your characters, fight your way up in the wasteland chain and do whatever you always did before :)
If there wont be some kind of a total failure bugs (we aren't expecting such) earliest possible wipe will happend in like 3 months from now. You can expect a lot balance improvements then - those that couldn't be applied during the session.

 So like in every first open beta launch of new project  - expect bugs, exploits and imbalances - its inevitable. So please report them in forum bug section. This way you will help us making the game better. What can be fixed on fly and isn't demanding server wipe - we will try to fix as fast as it is possible. Same way we will be adding new content and already pre-made features. Because of FOnline: 2238 sources release we will be able for sure boost our work speed in many areas. We know what features were cool and we will implement them in near future, some of them needs some adjustments and tweaks tho. I hope you see we understand FOnline: 2238 mistakes, have good ideas and we are looking in the right design direction. I hope players will forgive us if we will fail some of their expectations at the beggining somehow and help us grow and get better to compensate for the time this project still had to be in development. So stick with us in this new FOnline chapter, lets have some fun and lets improve the game together! Your voice does make the difference :)

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