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Hyde Park / school of self-actualization
« on: April 18, 2015, 19:46 »
This is mostly for my old fonline buddies and the forum seemed like the best way to get information thru. I have quit fonline but not its people. If someone wants to keep contact, you can find me from skype under the name jamijyr. Maybe we can meet IRL some day.

Sell / WTT defense -> survival implant
« on: February 18, 2015, 06:32 »
I'm willing to exchange my defense implant to a survival. Will be announced if offer ceases.

Sell / Ripley's dumpster
« on: February 05, 2015, 22:03 »
A community phenomena known as Merle was so kind that he simply gave me a shopkeeper. Thus I'm able to dump all sorts of crap in it.
At the moment there are big amounts ))))) of various relatively useful items with jew-enraging low prices.

For example:

- Upgraded melee weapons
- All blueprints costing 444 caps and they get cheaper over time
- Books less than 1k
- Guns with improvements
- Grenades
- Lots of superstims
- Endless scrolling

Suggestions / Sierra cave improvements
« on: January 24, 2015, 05:27 »
Sierra cave is the best dungeons but is still just a place for small groups. You can't do it alone if another team is inside. They will eventually get you and then you lose everything you gathered. If you know there is a group inside, all good options are either call your friends or not go. So chance of pvp kills the entire activity. Personally I don't even go there alone during normal hours. It's waste of time to take drugs, inventory half full of ammo and just die or escape from a small group of our usual pvp ape teams that we see also in every other dungeon, event and worldmap farming square. Sierra cave seemed like a refuge to loners and other rejects but it's simply another team pvp place. 

So disallow loners from meeting groups, unless the loner wants. Having the option on allows groups to regroup once one member is dead and allows rambos to do what they like doing.
Groups of 2 could still find teams of 3. Is it fair? Technically no, but the power balance is much different. 

Redesign the pve - pvp aspect. Npcs sometimes give unfair advantages to other players, which shouldn't be their job. Npcs musn't interfere with pvp. They are there to force players to risk gear in order to defeat the npcs. Personally I think having pve and pvp happening at the same time is a mistake in design, it can't be removed from other dungeons easily but maybe in sierra caves it could be different.
I can't think of anything else than have separate pve only maps and pvp maps.
Other way would be that players can encounter you once you have killed every straightforward hostile npc in the map.

Give a hint when player enters the map you are in. Also give a hint there is someone in there. This way we get rid of the advantage a second players or group has.

What comes to loot it is mostly fine. What's missing or are way too rare are:
- Explosives like c4 and mines.
- Stealth boys. If you play sneak, you consume these faster than drugs. You find drugs all the time from the cave but stealth boys are very rare.
- Hq mats: they spawn in groups of 1 and 2. It takes 6 to craft buffout and jet which are basic food of every char.

General Discussion / banning without warning
« on: January 19, 2015, 23:41 »
So those who don't know, a member of our community was banned from activity that wasn't recognized as abuse: townbursting. It's common sense that no person can be banned beforehand a rule is written.

I think we should all keep talking about this issue until there is explanation and we should all keep townbursting until it's clearly stated where and when and why it's illegal.

If this post gets removed, I'll make a new one. You can ban me, but it only shows there is something shady to it. If some issue can't be discussed publicly, it's be best proof that there is injustice related to it.

Suggestions / Give map after base deleting
« on: January 15, 2015, 18:56 »
Deleting base is pointless as a feature. You can simply make a base alt, give authority to it and kick everyone else out who are bothered by the maps existence and then try to sell the new lead char to someone. No sense wasting 30k

So why not make it so that the guy who decided to delete base will be given a map in his inventory once the base is deleted. This makes trading the base easier because it's much more reliable to sell a map than character.

Suggestions / Global events and player count
« on: January 14, 2015, 19:30 »
It sort of sucks that when player count is low, you can't find much events. I mean for real, once it gets about 100 players those events just disappear. Wouldn't it be better that event appearance is the same regardless of player count but they spawn less stuff?

Closed suggestions / Change stealthoy mechanics
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:00 »
Change stealth boy so that it has a basic deteriorating rate which doesn't get changed if someone is looking at you. I can give few reasons:

- Friends make it break faster. So if you have friends around you, your stealth boy is soon gone. My team spawned next to me and my stealth boy took a hit of -50 in 5 seconds.

- Being defensive sneak is harder than being offensive. When in tc, the defending scout needs to have a stealth boy active for 15 mins in row while likely being scouted, stared at and fought against other sneaks. Offensive sneaks can scout the enemy without stealth boy and use it for very short period of time and then escape. Attacking is so easy in this game already that it doesn't need additional benefits in any area.

- I don't think it's reasonable that a gearless jacketman can break sneak's equipment just by looking at him. Just think about it and compare to something else: your equipment is deteriorated over time when some troll keeps coming in and looking at you. Seriously: just by looking.

General Discussion / Server target audience
« on: January 11, 2015, 03:14 »
This is a review and the purpose is to describe to whom our game is offering itself to and who's left without fun. It's mostly for devs to read, if they bother. But I suggest they do because lately I've been talking with people in different teams, in irc and made observations in general and this is sort of round up.

I play in tc, small team and alone. All these new events and sierra cave offer more activities for groups, which is nice and I like them very much. But if you are alone, there's not much you can do really. Sierra cave level 2 isn't for loners honestly. When there's a group active, you'd best just gtfo from the cave because the chance that they find you is actually very high.

We got grenades, powerful shotguns, flamers, weak armors and powerful guns, slower healing and less hp. All of these are bad for single person versus a team of players. In general, pvp is more nuubfriendly because range shooting is more effective but that favours numbers more. Sneaking is pretty much impossible without stealth boy and that is rare loot. Sneaking used to be best activity for loner who wants to do pvp. Also sneakers can't equip themselves like typical pvp players. It's not recommended to carry cool stuff like motion sensor, more than few stims or enough ammo to kill more than few targets. I don't get it why as a sneak, you are punished for risking more.

Overall it's not smart to just gear up and go fight against uneven odds, even if gear is cheap like it is now. It's just not very good idea, you will not get any extra reward from it. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. We got some daredevil individuals who just go to places alone regardless of risks but what is common to them is that they are also in a team, they work hard and don't give up upon failures. They are also old players. That's not casual gameplay, that's commitment. When was the last time some unknown new guy showed up with pro skills? I don't know a single person. Besides, it's not fair to expect that loner is just supposed to "suck it up because wasteland is harsh". 

So if you didn't read anything above, read at least this: You can't play this game alone casually and do interesting stuff
So if you don't want to join any of the existing teams or take the MASSIVE responsibility to make your own team, this game is not for you.

In general, the game has nice features for competitive teams of various sizes. But it has pretty much nothing for those who don't want to compete. Players who like co-op, the company of other players and sort of sims-like existence are either idlers or free meat for the pvp people or just quit. And what is worst is that pvp people think they have some kind of right to hunt down and kill every existing player because wasteland is harsh. People who don't want to compete will not compete and the more you hunt them, the better they hide.
Good example is that you can't do anything casually in this game with random people so that it's profitable. You end up playing with scraps, failing, getting separated and generally just being unsuccesful. And every time you meet competitive players, you die.

So the game doesn't cater for non-competitive players or loners which I can guarantee are a big group of players. Some small quests were added for them, but they are hardly interesting. Now it seems our devs are good at balancing things and just making stuff in general, but they don't seem to understand the non-competitive segment of players. So here's a little list what might keep them in the game. Ofcourse I don't expect that these things will happen instantly, just something to bear in mind.

- Aesthetics. Rare and expensive. Just stuff that doesn't really do anything but is pretty and rare. For example flares were such but they were made way too common. Proof that this kind of stuff works are sims games where you can buy luxury items. People buy real money from that. But it might be that this is lost case without 3d or some actually skilled artists.
- Co-op activities that you participate with random team. No chance to defect and real rewards (that preferrably don't support dual logging). A caravan or quest without pvp and all possible scamming turned off is an example. Harder to fix how to prevent dual log but look at it this way: just because some tryhards dual log doesn't mean the non competitive guys can't have their caravan.
- Free and fluent trade. Currently shops are owned by selected group of dedicated people. The rich buy and sell from the rich. Free the markets so supply meets demand.
- Exploration with at least fair competition. Sierra cave level 1 is nice example, but you find shovels there instead of implants or anything very rare. Special encounters are also good example. Scavenging is a folly, not profitable and uninteresting. 
- For loners: make players harder to kill. Buff sneaking and reward micromanagement moves in fights instead of clickspamming from range. Having more rambos in pvp is good for everyone. No team of nuubs will quit because some individual pro pwned them. There is no similar feeling of hopelessness when losing against smaller number as losing against higher number of players, unless significantly superior gear was included. Nobody accuses their enemy from... skill? like they accuse of swarming.

And if you want one last reason why offering features for non-competitive people is good idea is that this way we get more girl players. Girls like harmony, excitement and company of other people but not competition and I doubt anyone has anything against more girl players. This is something I don't think any server has ever taken into account, so perhaps we can be forerunners  ;). Otherwise we can spend our time with male Slavic fallout enthusiasts who don't speak english, take everything as granted, just play with their own nation teammates and kill everyone else until there's nothing to kill and they move to another server.

Suggestions / More offhand weapons
« on: January 05, 2015, 16:17 »
Wouldn't it be cool if you could shoot with pistol or stab with knife from offhand? It would work like with grenades except when pressing ctrl you get normal crosshair. Throwing knives could also work from offhand.

Sell / Hintbook lvl 99 auction
« on: January 04, 2015, 05:07 »
EDIT: price lowered
EDIT: price lowered

Public auction for lvl 99 hintbook. Lasts for undetermined amount of time, will be stated here when it ends. Starting price is 1,9 million caps. Minimum bid is 100k.

Suggestions / Utility slots in inventory
« on: December 30, 2014, 18:19 »
2238 made helmet slot, so adding more slots should be possible. So we could have like set of six, 8 or 395 additional utility slots right next to our normal inventory screen. In these slots we could put tools and items we don't want to drop with ctrl + d. It would make gameplay funnier because we wouldn't have to move tools, radios, flares, fa and doc kits back and forth in the inventory. People would also carry more of those items with them.

Suggestions / Buff aimed torsocrits
« on: December 28, 2014, 11:38 »
Nobody uses them because they have low crit chance and bad effects. What kind of damn combination is that? All snipers have so much hitchance so early that they can shoot right in the eyes anyway.

So why don't torso crits work like this: they have very high crit chance and do just mostly damage. This will help melee builds dealing only damage which is sometimes necessary. Especially in pve because right now you might have to hit a raider in the eyes 3 times before he dies. That's like 12 aps. Deathclaw can take like 20 hits or more, while burst does it in 2 or 3 shots.

Not going to present the critroll values but let's just say that damage multiplier could be 1,5 - 3 and accompanied with luck roll bypass and knockdowns at highest crit rolls. No need for random cripple because there just needs to be a place where you know you do just damage.

Suggestions / How should lockpicking work
« on: December 27, 2014, 13:03 »
Make it so that you never fail if you have a lockpick set but the set gets deteriorated if you would normally fail.

This way people might actually craft those lockpick sets and instead of carrying 1 or 2 with them, they would carry like 20.

General Discussion / Sierra caves opinions
« on: December 22, 2014, 21:52 »
This is sort of review about sierra dungeons after doing them for 2 weeks in teams of 1, 2 and 3.

First of all, it's very nice place design-wise. Pvp is pretty fair. No scouting, grid camping or fastrelogging is possible there. Escaping is easy with high close combat if you are alone vs 3. It's pretty challenging because of the combination of traps, monsters and random appearance of exits and provides pretty okay xp. Getting out with inv full of loot is nice feeling every time. Sierra dungeons are quite unique place in that way.

There are few flaws: It was promised we can find implants and tier4 parts there but after two weeks me or anyone I know haven't found any implants from there and tier 3 is damn rare too. Don't know about tier 4 either. So maybe the chance is a bit too rare. no c4 or mines either. And hq mats spawn like 1 at a time but hard drugs can be found six at a time when they are found. What's the point of getting one chem comp, if crafting 6 jets takes 18.

Also regrouping with dead or lost friends can take a while. It once took 40 minutes to get out from that place.

Overall I like Sierra dungeons very much because of its design. It has the best dungeon design of all dungeons, but if the loot isn't that special, it sort of makes the place not worth participating. Others are free to write their reviews. If someone found an implant, i wanna know how many times he did that place. And don't even think about coming up with "Oh I visited level 2 once and found an implant"  >:(

Edit: name change of topic thanks to daro.

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