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Survival Guides / Game Help / Video Tutorials
« on: February 29, 2020, 11:49 »
There has not been too much video tutorials, so I made few for most important things players (new & experienced) should know. Some players enjoy more on checking tutorial videos than find information from wiki. Here you can find all most important information by watching this series. These videos will prepare you with enough information, so you can start manage on your own and not sucking in everything you do. On videos I have added timestamps for most imporant parts, so it is easier to find things you really need.

Ultimate Guide for Character Creation

-All the information about builds you need to know
-Basics, First character
-Regular builds, metabuilds
-Advanvced Builds, t4, weapon specific builds

Road to level 26 (Safe way for new players)

-Very Basic information about game and mechanics (hotkeys etc.)
-First Character
-Easy early game quests
-Main Quest
-Some trading, skillbooks
-Gecko Hunting

Character Improvements

-All Professions
-Implant Surgery
-Glow Chess Quest
-Heave Ho

WorldMap Red Dot Events

-Suspicious Ruins for drugs
-Raider Camp Event for explosives
-Broken cars
-Hunters Camp

Dungeon Walkthrough (All Dungeons)

-Necropolis Outside
-Necropolis Vault
-Mariposa outside
-SF Tanker
-Toxic Caves
-Ares (3-6 players)
-Sierra Army Depot (6-10 players)
-Mariposa Inside (10-20 players)

Sierra Caves Guide

-How to find Sierra Caves
-What gear to take
-How to Survive

Farming Guide

-General information about farming RT/TB
-Khans & Rogues & Regulators
-Enclave and Bos Patrols
-Fire Geckos

How to Reroll

-How to Reroll?
-How to Use Hintbook?
-When to use Skillbooks?
-Junktown Repair Quest

Suggestions / New Use for Robobrain base cleaner
« on: May 24, 2019, 13:02 »
We have ocd command now so robobrain kind a useless.
Change robobrain to work as target dummy.
Remove all basecleaning dialogues and add new ones:

Dialogue options to set target:
-Bonehead Trait On/Off

Suggestions / Cookies extented timer to 5 minutes
« on: January 29, 2019, 09:57 »
Right now it is very littte use in RT fights.
To extend it working time to 5minutes would give it some value/use possibilities for RealTime fights.
And add limit that only 1 cookie can be active a time.

Bugs / not lockpickable lock text broken
« on: January 16, 2019, 10:52 »
In past there was update that all the lock that are not lockpickable had mgs: "this lock cannot be picked" or similar. It seems this feature got broken.

  • Fixed message when trying to lockpick not lockpickable car.

Now I seen that there was old text "failed to pick the lock". I got this text in broken car red dots encounter. Probably other non lockpickable locks also had wrong mgs.

Survival Guides / Game Help / Mariposa Loot 10 x Run
« on: January 13, 2019, 19:37 »

some loot missing because ppl forget to pictures, but not much.

Survival Guides / Game Help / FOnline2 Analysis Series
« on: January 06, 2019, 16:44 »
FOnline2 Analysis Series

This is new series to have comprehensive analysis about everything. Lack of understandable information and millions of questions for me and contant argues and fail information between community made me think that we could really need some deep analysis. Even top pk players seems to have very little knowledge of many common things. So these videos will provide useful information for everyone. Deep analysis I mean that even for one simple thing I might talk you about 1 hour to explain every aspect of it.

I have no obligations to do these videos, but I actually enjoy doing these. Wont set any schedule of incoming videos, because I do videos when I feel so and have enough freetime.

Currently I got about 200 topics for videos and prepared manuscript & materials for quite lot of those. Videos will contain: Game mechanics, Builds, Perks, Skills, Playstyles, Discussions, Tutorials, Optimizing, Tips & Hints, Interviews. I will try to start with most used questions/most useful informations. Mostly everything is connected to character builds somehow.

By following the series you might get better fonline player (Might because I know which kind of community this is  ::)). I have seen 0 improvement by many players who played years and years, they have hit their max cap early on. While others have had huge leap of skills in just a bit of time.

Feel free to ask specifying and new questions and if you got new ideas, let me know.

Let get started  8)

Analysis - 1 Bonehead

Analysis - 2 Threshold

Analysis - 3 Critical Chance

Currently leg shots are not very used. Suggesting new feature effect "Slowdown"

-Decrease character movement speed by 30%
-Duration is 3seconds
-Effect not stack, but it will restart every time character get new Slowdown effect

Small change for critroll table legs:

Tactical point of using leg shots:
-Catching up runners
-Without speed implant slowed down cc runner is just a bit slower than regular character
-Can be utilized in range fights, first initiated push to lock down 1 enemy for not stay in formation/not be able to get back 10hexes with rest of the team.
-Aim shot build vs burster hexer would have new way to deal with burster other than crippling arm. So they could keep burster slowed down/leg cripled to avoid getting hexed.

Suggestions / Suggestion for Weapons Changes
« on: December 23, 2018, 08:02 »
Overall we have very balanced weapons right now, but still it can be improved.
No big/huge changes will be done, but lot of small changes to see if we going to right directions.
When we see weapons in use and if outcome is not desired, we can revert changes.
Small changes can bring up new weapons to use in meta and it will increase variety of builds.

- = Chances
* = Notes

Throwable Weapons
Only Frag Grenade is being used at the moment. After changes each of these weapons got more usability.

Throwing Knife
-Added +4 critical chance
-Weight lowered from 453grams to 113grams
*This would give only a bit more dmg, but more desirable more weapon drops and cripples and knockdowns.
*Less weight allow sneaks to use this weapon in decent amount. You need to make choises how much extra weight you want to take not to be exposed too much.
*Currently not much used weapons.
*Low AP cost, reduced weight and critical bonus added this weapon can be used in sneaks, ninja builds, fast shot spammers 1AP/shot and tb builds 2AP/shot.
*Dmg is low but vs non armored character it is still decent dmg. It is more about effect and caused chaos.

Grenade (Frag)
-Weight lowered from 453grams to 220grams
*One of the most used weapons in game, it has many uses for many types of builds for both pvp and pve. Right now 1v1 fights frag grenade are not the best, but in team support it is really amazing to cause good dmg, knockdown effect for low AP cost.
*Less weight allow sneaks to use this weapon in decent amount. You need to make choises how much extra weight you want to take not to be exposed too much.

Grenade (Plasma)
-Increased dmg from 80-100 to 85-100
-Increased knockdown rate from 25% to 35%
-Weight lowered from 453grams to 220grams
*Then botb grenade types would have it uses. Plasma for damage dealing purpose and frag for locking down enemies.
*Increased knockdown rate would make this weapon preferrable used over Frag and because it is harder to craft both grenades would have it uses.
*Less weight allow sneaks to use this weapon in decent amount. You need to make choises how much extra weight you want to take not to be exposed too much.

Molotov Coctail
-Blast radius increased by 2 range
-Dmg type changed to fire
*This weapon has high AP cost and low damage. Increased blast radius would make this weapon usable vs toilet tc to give just a bit pressure.

Close Combat Weapons
Rare melee weapons should be somehow better or unique compared to those you can craft. Each of them have different kind of benefits to fit their roles.

-Range increased from 2 to 3
*Ghouls in necro can hit you a bit further so harder to avoid them.

Sharpened Spear
-Range increased from 2 to 3
*Ghouls in necro can hit you a bit further so harder to avoid them.

-AP cost Reduced from 3 to 2
-Dmg reduced from 25 - 46 to 25 -40
*Not much uses compared to other melee weapon of same tier.
*This change would make this weapon for favourate melee spammer when HtH attacks perks compined with this weapon. Then it would be 1ap/hit on unaimed.
*Reduced dmg lower dmg output a bit to compensate lowered action point cost.

Cattle Prod
-Added +5 base critical chance
*This weapon strenght depend on criticals and it is very good vs metal armors

Super Cattle Prod
-Added +10 base critical chance
*This weapon strenght depend on criticals and it is very good vs metal armors

"Little Jesus"
-Roll bonus increased from 8 to 16
*This melee weapon focus on critical roll which would be same roll as top tier TurboPlasmaRifle +16roll.
*This weapon is intented to go for highest rolls to have most chance for Knockout and Bypass.
*Range is 1, because it is only small blade.

Wakizashi Blade
-Added +10 critical chance
-Swing attack mode range increased to 2
-Thrust attack mode range 1 (no change), but min dmg increased from 30 to 40
*Wakizashi blade is intented to cause effects weapon drops and cripples. Added critical chance affect mostly for drops and cripples and only a bit for dmg.
*Added swing attack mode range to 2 would make this weapon much more versitale, because if you want to hit hands you dont want to get into 1hex.
*Trust attack mode is intented to use when you want to deal bit more damage, but then you also expose yourself into 1hex.
*After these changes this weapon works very similar as Super Cattle Prod with 2 diffecent attack options to use for different purposes.

Louisville Slugger
-Min dmg increased from 40 to 50
-Swing attack mode range increased to 2
-Thrust attack mode range 1 (no changes) and Knockback effect (no changes)
*Bigger min dmg = less randomness in damage. It is also nice buff for avarage damage. This weapon is best melee weapon for pure damage.
*Swing attack mode increased range gives this weapon better changes to figth vs bursters
*Trust attack mode would be better if want to use knockback effect.
*After changes this would be very similar as super sledge (super slege´s knockback only works if you hit from 1hex distance)

Small Guns
Small Guns have lot of variety of weapon, but only few is being used in current pvp meta.

-Weight Increased from 2267 grams to 6300 grams.
*This weapon dmg is awesome only if you sacrified all your tankiness.
*Increased weight makes it that sneaks that love to use this weapon will be seen much easier.
*After added weight 10PE character can see sneaks in front before sneak reach into bursting range (18hex), chars like 6PE can see tham about 10hexes only in front.
*So sneaks which want to use this weapon has to aproach from behind or target blind psycho bursters, which usually can endure 3 bursts.
*Caw is not op, when its not used on sneaks.

Pancor Jackhammer (T4 Shotgun)
-Added in game as t4 shotgun
-Can be crafted using 10x Metal Parts, 2x Tubes, 1x High Grade Steel, 1x Machined High Grade Steel, 1x Pancor Recipes
-6 Ammo per shot instead of 5
-Clip size increased from 15 to 30 (5burst)
-Range Increased from 16 to 26
*Dmg kept same 23 - 35
*Damage is much less than bozar or gatling laser damage, but you can burst 5 times before reload.
*Damage compared to caws see dmg tables below. It is good but not overpowered.
*Weight (5443 grams) not changed


.223 Pistol
-Base Critical Chance bonus added +5
-Critical roll increased from 4 to 6
*Right now this weapon not used at all
*This weapon as small gun comparison for plasma rifle (both range 35)
*This weapon can be masscrafted which is benefit compared to plasma rifle
*Versus non psycho build avg. damage would be just a bit lower (few %) than plasma rifle and vs psycho build it is lot worse. Enemies tend to have more normal resist than plasma resist.
*There is no projectile and lot lighter than plasma rifle, so those are benefits for sneaks which want to use this weapon
*Increased critical chance helps to cause cripples/weapon drops and it increase dmg on other body parts than eyes.

14mm Pistol
-Range Increased from 24 to 32
*Fast shot spammer weapon on psycho user (also work with psycho+accury Implant)
*Compared to pulse pistol this do a bit less dmg, but 5 hexes more range

HK P90c
-Damage increased from 16-21 to 17-22
*This small change will make this weapon weapon to work versus defense implant character. Because right now def implant char could tank two 1hexes.
*This increase also going to make this weapon to cause more damage than XL rifle. Right now it has been really similar damage with XL rifle.

-Range Increased from 40 to 42 for both single shot and burst
*This is highest range burst weapon in game, but damage quite very avarage
*Weapon is very versitale for many different situations
*This weapon has not been used much in long range fights in current meta

H&K G11
-Burst Range increased from 30 to 34
*Weapon damage is nice, but current range has been really awful.
*Weapon is one of the cheapest t4 weapons, but the ammo is really expensive.

H&K G11E
-Burst Range increased from 35 to 38
*With this change this small gun weapon range match with gatling and bozar burst range.

PPK12 Gauss Pistol
-AP Cost to shoot decreased from 4 to 3
*Gauss Pistol dmg is only a bit bigger than regular sniper rifle´s damage
*Benefit for this AP reduction is to shoot fast and cause lot of effect in long distance + decent damage.
*Gauss pistol damage compared to Gauss Rifle: Rifle damage is about 44-48% bigger.

Big Guns

Light Support Weapon
-Range Increased from 35 to 38
-Dmg Lowered from 30-40 to 30-38
*These changes make it preferable used in mid-range fights instead of Avenger (Both got 35range and Ave better dmg).

Improved Flamer
-Range Increased from 7 to 9
*Not used too much in current meta
*7 Range was not enought to beat burster, since burster was able to get into 1hex while flamer animation was going on.

Vindicator Minigun
-Range Increased from 30 to 35
*This would match up with avenger and lsw range.
*Also this weapon is not used that much in current meta compared to bozar and gatling (40range), so range increase could make it bit more useful.

-Single shot range increased from 50 to 55
-Added Weapon Perk Long Range
*Increased range making this weapon highest ranged weapon in game
*To do 2x Eye shots you need to have 16AP with brof
*Single shot damage not changed because right now single shot do much more dmg than sniper Rifle, but a bit less than Gauss Rifle
*Weapon perk added so character wont need 300bg skill to have max hit%. Wihtout this perk it could be impossible to reach max hit% at 55range.

Energy Weapons

Solar Scorcher
-Added Burst attack mode (Straight line burst, 3bullet burst)
-Ammo capacity 6 (2burst)
-Range increased from 20 to 26
*DPS build would do about 200+ dmg vs Naked chars & Kamikaze Sneaks
*VS Camk2 chars it would deal about 60+ dmg
*Ideal antisneak weapon, because low weight and enought dmg to kill unarmored enemies in 2 shots.
*Also no ammo to carry = less weight for sneaks.

Pulse Pistol
-Range increased from 18 to 26
-Base Critical Chance bonus added +5
*Just to make it more usable for psycho users (they have 26fov)
*Good weapon for fast shot spammers since attack is electric type, so no need to bypass.

Plasma Rifle
- Base Critical Chance added +10
- Base Critical Roll removed (8 to 0)
- Dmg changed from 30-65 to 45-60
*Dmg will be more constant. Same avg dmg for eyes as before, but more dmg on other body parts.
*Removed roll = less KO and less very high end dmg.
*Added critical chance increase fast shot builds dmg output and to cause more cripple/weapon drops and knockdowns. This also increase the chance of intented effects.
*Tesla armor would get it uses, because most dmg is not bypass (less roll) so it can be resisted more easily.

Pulse Rifle
-Range increased from 30 to 35
*To make it usable as middle range as we already have alienblaster (26range) and TurboPlasmaRifle (40range)


5mm JHP
-Change DR +40% to DR+35%
*This would mean damage resist 31% and less would be vulnerablity to JHP ammo
*Also Combat looter would certainly die with range 2burst using XL and Avenger

14mm ammo
-Ammo DR mod from -50% to -60%
*This would make this 14mm pistol better for fast shot spammers versus high resistances

Explosive Rockets
-Blast radius +1
*Higher Blast but lower dmg than AP rocket
*Good for controlling chokepoints

Bugs / Turning + Attack delay
« on: December 10, 2018, 07:43 »
It seems like when your character need to turn into direction of enemy before attacking it cause it to have delay. This was not the case before update " - The direction change has a delay implemented, no Beyblade spinning in hub anymore."

It might sound a minor thing but it affect a lot. It mostly affect hexing and melee gameplay when every tiny bit of delays affecting a lot. I think Zmeja was one who noticed this first.

Bugs / Armed Dynamite in Special Encounter
« on: November 16, 2018, 12:41 »
Brotherhood Armor Special encounter. Managed to loot armed dynamite. Cannot remember which locker/npc had it. Maybe npc armed it when I initiated combat?

Bugs / Special unarmed attack critchances
« on: November 09, 2018, 16:16 »
It seems like there is something wrong in cc or those are not even added this game. That table is from fallout2. Tried 50 piercing unaimed kicks and got only 1 critical.

Was planning some Roleplay build and had to test does those works.

Buy / WTB Survival Implant BOUGHT
« on: October 03, 2018, 14:09 »

Buy / WTB Field Medic First Aid Kit BOUGHT ENOUGHT
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:58 »
500 Caps each

Buy / WTB Maribombs & Cliftons & Hypos
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:35 »
Explosive Filled Backpack aka Maribomb

1 Mariposabomb (Explosive Filled Backpack) = 1 800 000 Caps / 1 Speed Implant / 1 Defense Implant / 1 Marksmanship Implant / 1 Plasma Gatling

So if you happen to find bomb and are need of caps or any of those top implants or best gun in game. Then we could make a trade that benefits both of us.  :)
General Clifton's Holotape
= 800 000 Caps
  = 8000 Caps

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