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Buy / WTB Stimpaks
« Last post by Veinn on Today at 22:12 »
90 caps each
about 600
Buy / WTB Speed implant
« Last post by LoooM on Today at 21:09 »
« Last post by Antonv on Today at 15:15 »
Suggestions / Re: Remove Worldmap - Completely Open World
« Last post by jammaplaya on Today at 02:38 »
I agree that the current WM could be enhanced with more red dots etc and that would be effective, for some time.

However I have to disagree that it's the best option.

Over-specialization of the current worldmap setup is a slow death, one that we've all been witnessing since the birth of fallout online. Slowly but surely, people are less and less involved. 3rd party cheat programs nestle in to the gaps that this overspecialization produces, and we end up dying slowly in terms of population growth.

Open world maps are popular, but that isn't the point. The truth is that Fallout 1/2 are much more tactical games than the newest fallout 4, and so there is potential for a new audience who would prefer a more tactical experience but in an open world setting.

I understand that there are limits with the engine, and thanks Lucek for the information. 10kx10k map size isn't that bad, especially if the entire map was broken into four large quadrants with multiple teleporters to each one. In other words, a sewer system, trains, vertibird etc. Many ways to teleport from one grid to the next will eliminate the potential for camping PKs on the other end.

So I guess all I'm saying is that we can be satisfied with what we have refined, which is excellent and thriving rather well as it is, or we can be bold and put in the effort to make something bigger and better. Always innovating is the only way to survive in the long run.

If I wanted to take school to get to learn what I need to know to help improve fallout online, what courses would I take? Just C++ or is there more?
« Last post by Antonv on August 18, 2017, 21:09 »
Hyde Park / Re: Share Music Thread
« Last post by sraka na ryj on August 18, 2017, 17:33 »
Fan Art / Re: Iyeswideshot Propaganda $!$ ONLY TRUE VERIFIED FACTS $!$
« Last post by The Sheep on August 18, 2017, 17:23 »
Poop ?

Brotherhood Of Steel / Re: Brotherhood patrol photo documentation
« Last post by Surgeon on August 18, 2017, 17:03 »

 HQ would like to remind you that West Tek research facility(Glow) is a restricted area.Every person(exept allies and neutrally friendly to Brotherhood factions) noticed there will be shot down without a warning.Please dont risk your life and safety.


Suggestions / Re: Remove Worldmap - Completely Open World
« Last post by Feather on August 18, 2017, 14:37 »

So... PUBG for McGyver-alts. Sounds cool...

As for the original suggestion – nah. I'd rather like to see an enhancement of what the current worldmap is, by adding loads of red dot events (such as broken car, suspicious ruins, convoy) but having different types of them.
Some open just like the ones we have, where in theory the biggest swarms dominate them and some that are artificially gating how many players/ teams can actually enter them, or how often you are allowed to re-enter them, to create more variety of actions and more fair playgrounds for smaller teams or even loners.

Yellow dots: Pure PvE – First person/group to enter gets to do it. As soon as someone entered it the dot vanishes from the map for others.
Orange dots: PvE/PvP – First person/group gets a time limit to solve the encounter, after the time is up a second person/team can try enter and hunt the first, but only one team (dot vanishes for the rest of players) and only the chars that originally were involved can re-enter it. The first group also determines the allowed max player size for the following group (So if 2 players entered only 2 can follow)
Light red dots: Same as orange with no initial grace period timer and one-life only (no fast respawn-regear-re-enter circlejerking), but possibly allowing more than 2 parties fighting.
Red dots: like current red dots with no limitations.

This would make traveling in groups on the WM fun I think. (And leader-alts something that is useful beyond swarming convoys :D )
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