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Re: Server target audience
« Reply #30 on: January 16, 2015, 00:00 »
to make game better for loners and small teams you need a bunch of new dungeons similar to v15/wh/necro in levels of difficulty and loot. A whole bunch of them, like 5-10.  It would make a huge difference in game for these players because there's more to do than the glow/wh/necro circuit. People will disagree and say these dungeons will be camped by gangs constantly and it wont change anything. However V15 isn't constantly camped by gangs. If you had five more v15-level dungeons, neither would they be, especially if you had also added 5 MORE dungeons of slightly higher difficulty and loot prospects. Loners could visit these low level dungeons and not be destroyed by bigger teams, especially if you the dungeons contain only a small amount of loot.

 Obviously it's a lot of work but skycast mentioned they have tons of maps and just need concept. Well concept like v15 and glow might be hard to match but how about for example "an abandoned children of the cathedral church" (using church map some guy made last session) and have either human npc of children of cathedral or just a bunch of bodies of them and rats/molerats with some robot boss. Very simple, but does every dungeon need some lore-filled backstory?


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Re: Server target audience
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More quests then more dungs. And far as I know its easier to make "Talk to this NPC" he gives you this shit, bring this shit to "This NPC" , now yo must bla bla.

Dungs require more work far as I know. But if there are maps ready and they just need concept, whats so hard about it ?

Damaged BoS outpost, find some item bla bla, or just loot it
Supermarket with basement, big place, nice loot, several entrances/exists etc.

I really don't see a problem, but probably devs don't have time to add all this during 1 year/session, so I'm sure in about 5 years we will have some decent loner playability.


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Re: Server target audience
« Reply #32 on: April 27, 2015, 23:27 »
Loners work best with more fog of war; one of the great things about FOnline are the worldmap encounters where you don't know what you're going to run into (and neither does the other guy, when you can fade into urban areas). The trouble with dungeons is that it's too easy for a group to clamp down on a couple of chokepoints-- I say if you want to help loners give them more maps with swiss cheese holes.