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New California Republic / THE PRESIDENT SPEAKS
« on: June 07, 2015, 08:34 »
President ClegDos

Citizens of the Reformed New California Republic, I begin this administration with a heartfelt gratitude. Your confidence is the strength, the foundation on which I build this dream we have shared for so long. After a few days of deep introspection and reflection, allow me now to emerge as a leader to usher in the new era of this Republic.

The change you have sought is coming, not soon...NOW. We as a Republic must accept that change is inevitable but growth is optional. What this means for us as a nation is while everything changes, we must make the best choices on which direction we take for growth. With that in mind, please consider these as my first official actions as your president.

General Hubert, the fromer esteemed Regent of the Republic and still the highest ranking member of the Army will remain as the General of the Army and all Army actions and direction will fall under his command. I have nothing but the most adamant trust for the General and his abilities. Under his guidance, the Army will grow, gain experience and move into a second phase of growth to become the most powerful force for peace and stability in the wasteland.  The Enclave is out there, citizens. The one thing that can stand between us and the inevitable invasion we face is the stalwart soldier of the RNCR. General Hubert will oversee recruitment and training of this army as well as any and all defense of our Republic. In this task, I have the utmost confidence in the abilities of the General and his staff. WIth that in mind, General and officers, please send me a private communication via this network at your earliest convenience.

The Citizens Council of the Republic will also continue to advise and serve as a steering committee for this government. As with any government, one man cannot hold all the power for that is the shell from which tyranny hatches. With that in mind, I will decree the following:

  • At any time, the Citizens Council of the RNCR can call for a referendum on any political action conerning the governance of the Republic. Any matter relating to trade, diplomacy, law, operational direction or the president himself may be undertaken by the Council with a quorum of 75 percent of voting members. A vote may be called for referendum by this quorum and be passed by 2/3 majority. The president will have the ability to veto this action however his veto can be overruled by the council with a unanimous vote. In the absence of a unanimous vote, a new motion for referrendum must be called and the process begin again. This is to ensure that the Office of the President has no supreme power and will serve the best interest of the Republic.
  • At any time, the Citizens Council of the RNCR can call for a recall of the president with a quorum of 100 percent of voting members and approve such vote with 100 percent unanimous vote. If such an action os objected by the sitting president, the Council is empowered by law to enjoin the assitance of the General of the Army to forcibly remove the president. The same voting will apply to the Commanding General should he refuse such an order and new General appointed by the council. In the event of such a complication, the power of the president will immediately be transferred to the Chairman of the Citizens COuncil of the RNCR for a period not to exceed 30 days in which time a vote will be held to name a new president. In thevent the Chairman exceeds the 30 day limit, the Ranking Officer in Charge of the Army will assume the role of Regent until such time as the Citizens Council is stabilized by the citizens of the RNCR.
  • Any and all actions voted on by the Citizens Council of the RNCR must be approved or vetoed by the President before they are signed into policy or law.
Citizens, we are standing at the threshold of what has never been done in the wasteland. We stand now with the ability to govern with the voice of the people, the citizens of the Reformed New California Republic, as the driving force behind our policy of growth.

As for the immediate direction of this government, I propose the following:
  • Trade must increase and we must gather treasure to fill the coffers of this Republic. WIthout currency, we are nothing more than mouths who will bite the first hand that offers a solution to starvation. As the Council is made up of industrialists, I beseech the Council to enjoin trade agreements that will benefit the Republic immediately and fully empower the industrial base of the RNCR to begin working in that direction.
  • A great author of the 20th century said of history "If we dwell on the past, we lose an eye. If we forget the past, we lose both eyes."
       We will not be blind. But, in the same vein, we will not allow the loss of an eye to cloud our vision of the future. Factions across the wasteland have sought to make our capitol city - Shady Sands - a target. The ripest piece of fruit is always the most desired by anyone. However, we must show that we are not simply an object which can be taken at any given moment. With that in mind, I propose all enemy factions be cleared from the rolls. All factions will be given the ability to enage in fair trade, access to the trading center and the caravn masters who provide the blood of trade that keeps this wasteland alive. This will be seen as many to be a contemptuous slap in the face to the honored dead who gace their lives to defend the capitol from those that sought to plunder and pillage. No. This is a measure of new beginnings. We open the gates and allow any and all to come and partake in the entire meal we lay before the wasteland. But know this, if you come to make war; if you come to raid; if you come to disrupt or lay waste to our vision; you will be forever banned from this table. In perpetuity, forver. There will be no negotiation, no diplomacy. The door will shut until your faction no longer breathes air and the full claw and teeth of the bear will come down on you. This is a chance to open ourselves to you and if you betray that, doom upon you.
Lastly, I want you to know that I am an available President. Your voice is what I wish to hear the most. I have made a career out of listening - be it to the almost-silent headet in a soldier's ear to the roaring generators in our power plants - I listen and I wish to hear more. Talk to me, tell me your ideas. Share with me your vision. Speak to your Citizens Advisory Board members and tell them what you want from this government. Your voice is the driving force, for the first time since the last government failed us.

President ClegDos

New California Republic / New Council Members
« on: June 01, 2015, 18:54 »
It is with great pleasure that we announce the latest additions to the Citizen's Council of the RNCR

Roland Kemper is well known to the citizens of Shady Sands and the surrounding areas as one of the largest suppliers of metal parts int he western wasteland. The owner of five claims in the Reformed New California Republic, Kemper oversees the daily operation of ten mines all refining iron ore into metal parts at a rate not matched since the pre-war era. Although Kemper is viewed as one of the most industrious men in the RNCR, he is quick to dispute that.
"I am not a man of industry. I am a man of simple means. I started as a miner and I will end as a miner," Kemper told members of the RNCR at the last council meeting. "I am very interested in the direction of the RNCR and I want to make sure all citizens are represented - not just the ones who make their living with caps."

Clel Rossovich has never remained in one place for very long but calls Shady Sands home. A frequent guest of New Reno, Rossovich told the council he sees a need for a different element to represented on the board.
"For every two honest, hardworking person in this city, there are five of us who make our living working smarter and not harder," Rossovich said. "I work, don't get me wrong. Professional gambling is a trade that brings as much stress and sweat as digging ore out of a cave...just...with fewer critters involved."

The next scheduled meeting of the Citizen's' Advisory Board will be in two days. At which time, the proposed agenda includes new trade agreements, the looming presidential void and reccommendations to the army involving recruitment and supply.

Roleplay / Concerning Officer Butthurt
« on: May 31, 2015, 20:26 »
Congratulations, Officer Butthurt. You have won the distinction of being nullified on the RP section of this forum.

It has been determined after a review of your post history that you have posted 1 comment that did not involve idiocy and 79 posts that did. With that in mind, we wish to inform you that all posts you make to the RP section of this forum will be deleted.

Call it censorship, Gestapo tactics, bullhsit, whatever. We are past the point of caring. We hope this action serves as an example to everyone that we will not tolerate complete and utter shitposting on this forum. We are here to enjoy the Role Play aspect of this game. You are here to cause constant irritation. You are a cancer and - from this section - you have been removed...surgically.

Have fun on all the other sections. But, the RP forum is now a real wasteland for you.


New California Republic / An Open Letter to General Hubert
« on: May 12, 2015, 18:47 »
General Hubert,
I have served many, many valuable years as your trusted second. I have served many valuable years as a loyal soldier to the banner of the Bear. My service record is one untarnished of sedition or skullduggery.
It is with that record in hand that I come to you publicly, as a citizen of the Reformed New California Republic. I wave it high above my head, not as a banner of surrender - but, a promise of true motive.
You will not like what I request. It may not please you to read these words. Your anger is something I have felt many times and for which I have the most astounding appreciation. I do not write these words with malice. I write them as a plea.
I read the words written by a man wise in the matter of such things:

"I grew up in Cuba under a strong, military, oppressive dictatorship. So as a teenager, I found myself involved in a revolution. I remember during that time, a young, charismatic leader rose up, talking about hope and change. His name was ... Fidel Castro."

We rose up. We changed things. We gave the citizens hope. And, now, we have settled into what we most feared once: a Military dictatorship that, while functional and fair, is still just that.
As a civilian and citizen of the RNCR, I most humbly request that there be a citizens' council established. Not by you, but by the citizens. We must have a vehicle to negotiate with you and others concerning the future of this Republic. A vehicle adorned without flags and guns and armor, but one laden with branches of peace and un-blemished by the marks of war.
Truly, your efforts to establish a council was admirable, but a panel appointed by a General is thick and opaque. A military-appointed government is nothing more than a junta - a handful of puppets with gauntlets at their necks.
Allow me and the citizens of the RNCR to come to you with a collection of men and women willing and able to offer you counsel and course with the full, unadulterated support of the masses. What you do with these reccomendations is, of course, your perogative as Regent of this Republic. We seek to offer guidance and counsel for affairs affecting our future.

Please, my old friend, see this not as a challenge to the banner you defend but as an offer of a stronger mast on which to fly it.
I await your public response, General.


Sell / Pre-War junk
« on: May 06, 2015, 17:37 »
Have lots of pre war junk, unique items. Lots and lots of blueprints and a few recipes for sale. PM for info

New California Republic / A new road
« on: May 04, 2015, 20:14 »
I do not suffer fools. Nor do I suffer their misguided plans. The short-sighted make plans that burn hot and fast, leaving nothing. Those who posess a world-view are blessed with a fire that glows eternal.

For there to be a true Republic....
For there to be a real government....
There must be peace and stability.

If the wasteland has taught us anything, it is that peace and stability come with a price.
But blood is not the only currency here in the west.
Caps rule the sands and with caps, we will build castles.

As a citizen, and no longer a member of the armed forces, I turn my efforts to trade. With the wealth I have amassed as a soldier, I am willing to propose the foundation of a new economy....a new hub - if you will - one devoid of treachery and theft.

Join me, traders and peaceful fortune seekers.
Wednesday beginning at dawn. The square outside the presidential mansion in Shady Sands.
All traders will find a peaceful environment to conduct business without fear of thieves or terrorists. A safe and secure arena of true trade.
I have been in discussions with members of the Treasure Hunters and The RNCR to provide security at the front gate and again at the mansion to ensure safety.
Trade will rule. Caps will flow.

Because in the end, it is money that talks.

New California Republic / Resignation
« on: May 03, 2015, 21:39 »

I have never been known to be terse but for this I will make an exception.

It appears I participated in an illegal election process. In fairness and in a move to squash any and all intent that there was any fascist intent, I resigned my commission. No one should ever feel compelled to vote for a man wearing a uniform. If the history on holodisk has taught us anything, it is that men wearing uniforms are often the basis for intimidation in elections.

I will not seek re-instatement. I have betrayed the RNCR and - albeit without knowledge of such an act - participated in an event that may well bring down a civil war inside the Republic I have worked so carefully to guard and steward.

This is unnacceptable and I fully accept the responsibility for such a foolish act.

I will go softly into the night, the same night from which I came. The mystery surrounding my appearance will carry on with my exit.

But know this:

I serve no master now. I roam the blackness of the waste's night as a true ronin - a warrior of honor without master.

Or leash...
Or conscience....

Those of you who sought to corrupt, those who sought to enjoin terror, those who sought to see ashes in the place of the banner of the NCR....

You will find me at the most inopportune times.

And you will feel my blade.


« on: April 28, 2015, 22:35 »
Department of Information and Intelligence


Memo Text:
As of 1430 hours today, the army of the RNCR and allied faction Treasure Hunters mounted a counter-offensive to the earlier attacks on Shady Sands.
The village of Modoc was taken and held for a short time before the expeditionary force met overwhelming hostile resistance and was forced to regroup back in Shady Sands. The exercise combined new tactics, equipment and cooperation and communication technology.

"The success of this operation can be measured more in communication and morale gains than in normal tactical goals," said Major CleDos, commander of the RNCR Department of Information and Intelligence. "Cooperation and unit communication was improved exponentially as we saw solid advances in tactical and strategic command."

General Hubert, Regent and commanding officer of the Army of the RNCR, recognized the following soldiers with commendations:
Cpl. Snow: Commendation of RNCR for excellence in tactical training and execution
Lt. Kurt Russell: Bronze Star of RNCR for bravery during battle
Joe Peterson (Treasure Hunters): Golden Bear Award for going above and beyond the call of duty for a faction.

The Golden Bear Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a member of a faction that is not a solider in the Army of RNCR.


New California Republic / Gates locked?
« on: April 25, 2015, 20:58 »
I was wondering on who's order the gates are raised and locked daily?

Sell / Sell Brotherhood Armor
« on: April 19, 2015, 18:55 »

Like New!

New California Republic / HISTORY NOVEL FOUND
« on: April 06, 2015, 01:50 »
Army of the Reformed New California Republic
Discovered three days ago by members of an RNCR reclamation team outside Shady Sands, what appears to be the remnants of a novel chronicling the recent history of the RNCR has been found. Samples will be released chronologically beginning today.

Part One:

   There was a silence that deafened the heart coming from the office of the President. On the order of the highest ranking general of the army, the door was forced open with a crowbar and, as the dust settled, the team of uniformed guards swept the room quickly. The silence, they said, is what bothered them the most.
   "Shady Sands is not a quiet place," Presidential Guard Ambrose Pyle explained. "There is always something to buzz in the ear...the sound of weapons being cycled and checked; the gentle clinking of caps in a pouch; the way a stimpak sounds when it is injected - you know - that little puffing noise. But in the office, there was nothing. Not a sound."
   Pyle said that as the dust settled, the banner of the New California Republic rustled lightly on the wall and their weapons aimed at it before the guard detail came to realize they were alone in the room.  Behind the desk built from the last California Oak  left after the war, the chair of the President was empty and the dust accumulated on it was enough to tell that it had been empty for some time. The room remained quiet until a member of the Presidential Guard quietly said a key phrase: a phrase that unlocked the door to the future.
   "He's gone, sir." The Guard said quietly. A crunch broke the quiet as the mutant General Hubert, stepped heavily through the remains of the breached door - his ubiquitous M60 in hand.
   "Secure the room," General Hubert told the guards who set about to the task. The General's heavy steps were solemn as he walked slowly to the dusty and faded portrait of President Glumer that hung on the wall opposite the grand oak desk. His huge left hand reached up and the fingers that had once squeezed a grenade so hard it shattered and gently - almost with a child's touch - delicately brushed the dust from the face on the portrait. "Goodbye, Mr. President," he mumbled quietly to himself. A guard approached behind him.
   "General, the room is secure. No sign of the President. Your orders, sir?" the guard asked.
   The mutant quickly straightened to attention and made a rapt about face with razor military  precision. He looked at the face of each member of the guard detail quickly and then used his left hand to brush the dust from the front of his armor. His thumb expertly wiped the settling dust from the red painted bear emblem on the front of his chest..
   "Remove the holodisk from the top left drawer," the General ordered. A guard reached into the drawer and withdrew a dusty old-style holodisk.
   "This, sir?" the Guard asked.
   "Hand it to me," the General ordered. The guard walked over and placed the holodisk in the General's hand. The General walked to the wall and pressed the power button on the holodisk projector.
   "Summon the officer corps and have them meet me here in one hour," the General said. "Lock the city gates and impose martial law by executive order. No one in or out of the city for the next 12 hours. Send out a recall to all soldiers in the field. They are to report to Shady Sands for further instructions within one week. Dismissed."
   The guard detail left the room smartly and the General found himself alone staring at the fuzzy static of the holodisk projector. He looked down into his palm at the four soldiers in the photo. A drop of water came from somewhere and fell on the faces in the wrinkled photograph taken so long ago. Water is the most precious commodity in the wasteland, he thought. It is wasted on the dead. He folded the wet photo of the four soldiers and slid it back into the pocket over his chest behind his metal armor. The young faces of Glumer, Noisy, Mouse and Hubert in their new shiny brown leather NCR recruit uniforms again took their place nearest his heart.  He looked at the desk, then back at the monitor and sighed. He inserted the holodisk and pressed play.

Suggestions / NCR elections
« on: April 05, 2015, 07:39 »
Is there any interest in this? Any interest from devs at all?

Closed Bugs / TB in Toxic caves
« on: March 30, 2015, 02:12 »
It seems to allow lots of the geckos to time out their turn in TB. Some TB turns taking 120 seconds or more.

New California Republic / Defense of Shady Sands
« on: March 28, 2015, 23:36 »
I don't care if they name a damn trophy after me for being killed the most.

Suggestions / Caravan Guards
« on: March 28, 2015, 07:56 »
Seriously? For some reason the caravan leaders have been charging into the middle of mob groups to try and fire at the furthest mob or the most ranged mob. They are dying like flies in the face of plasma grenades and burster mobs. Two weeks ago, the cravan guards would hang back and inflict ranged damage, now they Rambo like idiots. Is this a bug or what?

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