Author Topic: Spawning points on desert ruins encounter  (Read 2458 times)

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Spawning points on desert ruins encounter
« on: August 20, 2017, 12:26 »
Some time ago my friends and i gone for tb fight in one desert encounter(trap), in desert ruins map.


In corner behind wall with boxes,there is two hexes you can move,i was stucked inside one and my friend in another,we spawned in group like 5 ppl to enc,and two of us got stucked in there,i tryed even kill that friend in front of me.. but no,still could move only two hexes,left up and right down and i couldn't help to my friends,luckly we won and i got out by my friend by taggin' him and leaving map with him.. Is there any way how to fix it? You can't move to right tho,so make it possible go there?
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Re: Spawning points on desert ruins encounter
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2017, 22:06 »
Will be fixed with next update.