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Clear Sky
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Clear Sky

 Few words from author:

 The story is devoted to period of time wich is known in Fallout Chronology as "War for Alaska" wich happened at winter 2066.

Before starting up here are answers on possible questions:

1)-Why so much to read?!


2)What is U.S.A.C.C.?

-United States Army Central Command

3)What is Anchorage?

-Town and area in Alaska.

4)Does God bless BBS?

-Nothing is written in Bible about it.

Part 1

-27 hours before operation "Shield"-

 The light of rising sun was regecting from snow,bringing it the look of something mysteriouse and beautiful at the same time.It was very quiet morning,so quiet that you could easily hear how smooth winter winds were gently moving through vellies and hitting across the mountains wich were shining like a lighthouses,rising their peaks above the white sea of frozen water,up to the brilliantly clear blue sky without a single cloud.Those peaks looked pretty hilariouse in compare with mess of ice and dirt of the trenches.Noone was laughting though.
 Michel closed his eyes and tried to remember how field in front of him looked 2 days ago.The heavy snowfall wich happened on previouse night,hid marks of recent massacre."Thunder" not far away from him looked either like a giant snowbank than a tank.Pits,made by artillery missiles looked quite natural and even burned corpses of APCs seemed to have some geometrical sense.There was something that didnt fix the "nature" though.The figures of giant artirelly canons were like a reminding that it was a war.

...That it was Anchorage...

 He hated the silence of each morning as well as he hated that place.It wasnt just a simple hate.It had went so deep into his soul that now it seemed to become a part of him.He could feel it burning him from inside during long sleepless nights.But now he felt nothing.He was too tired for that...

 Michel opened his eyes and looked at soldiers around him.He remembered words of Head Commander Adamson on their last briefing-"You are the sons of freedome!Sons of the greatest nation!Today you will show our enemies the light of it!Be brave!Bring us victory and save millions from red agressor.You are sword and shield of American liberty!Robots of justice,worriors of ligh..."
 General Adamson was a talanted orator,he coulf burn fire in hearts of billions...But speech wich should have enspired soldiers turned out to be a requiem for thousands of them.People with whome Michel was fighting against enemy could be anyone,but surely not robots.

He took his binoculars and looked at enemy positions.The dot wich had been destroied 2 days ago was repaired and on nearby hill he could see mortar position wich hadnt been there before.
 He sighed and looked at his watch,than he rised his pistol up to the sky.

A shot...

A signal...

The silence of morning exploaded with the cacophony of sounds.Hundreds of APCs started their engines,thousands of soldiers rushed towards enemy positions in order to...

-18 hours before operation "Shield"-

 "...destroy enemy missile defense system.As task was done we insist on urgent launching of "Zeus".We cant wait anymore."Skies" are out of control,Commander...each lost second get us closer to the global disaster.We need to destroy...

-14 hours before operation "Shield"-

"...enemy HQ by launching "Zeus"."-professor Brown was nearly lying on huge table,madly waving some documents in his right hand.Such tables were a common sights in halls of Military and Political Committee,and were made out of some very rare and expensive material.It was believed that such table cost more than tanker filled with oil.Though everyone knew that 1 tanker with oil cost more than whole Detroit and area wich surrounded it,noone actually found such belief absurd...
 I simple words-table cost more than whole city.

 General Military Committee started to look like a mad house nearly 15 minutes ago,straight after one of colonels threw a glass filled with water into another one.During next 5 minutes glasses were flying everywhere,and screams of dispites and suggestions could be heard in whole building.
 Cituation normalised only when Adamson came.
 Colonel Blaik Armstrong was carefully examining his own hands thinking about absurdity everything around.

"Ridiculous"-he thought-"Cituation is not improving towards better side...Its just becoming ridiculous.Now we are acting clowns,in next hour we will be acting clowns in front of new recruits,who will be later send in a wonderful bloody soup named Alaska..."-he rubbed his temples-"and in the evening we will be writting funeral letters to the families of dead soldiers which gonna be filled with absolutely useless patriotism...Though,what else can we type?<<Dear Mrs. Smith,U.S.A.C.C. proudly announce you the fact that your son shared destiny of others and split his brains over whole Anchorage!Funny,isnt it?Wasnt he only 20 years old?Dont worry,soldiers die on battlefield every 2 seconds,so we are sure that somebody from your neighbores recived absolutely same "ha ha" letter.So sit down comfortably,take a bottle of Nuka Cola and try to understand a fact that this world is rolling to absolute ass.Europe is burning in fire,Africa is dying from plague.Do you have relatives in North Canada?We hope not,because now there is nothing much exept radioactive ruins...Or maybe Mexico wich is slowly sinking in civil war?
 Why we type you this?Just to make you understand that you must be happy that you are still able to read this,because..."
-"I disagree"-said Blaik and stood up.-"Launching "Zeus" can lead towards awful concequences,such as..."

-1 hout before operation "Shield"

"...death,it can be caused by absolute overheating or blood boiling.Thats why we try to avoid injection of psycho in our soldiers."-doctor waved his hand and 2 sanitars drag dead body away from room.

 "I know about it,doctor"-Blaik carefully looked at protocole in his hands-"Do you want to say that group "Delta" under  command of Sergeant Michel Genrard died because of druggs?"
-"Than what?"
-"They died because of horror...and something tells me that the thing wich they found...its somehow connected with it"
 Blaik carefully looked at doctor and after a minute silence said:
-"Give me a copy of video record from Sergeant Michel's helmet..."

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"They have swarm,but we have APAs"

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Re: Clear Sky
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-25 hours before operation "Shield"-

-"Alright "Delta",we are upcomming to positions..."-radio went silent as nearby explosion shook APC-"Prepare equipment we are..."
 APC suddenly shuddered and half of team with Michel fell on floor.Because of the roar of explosions he could hardly hear screams of their driver.After several seconds of disorginised mess he managed to stand up and open little loophole in a wall of trooper bay of the APC.
 The view wich he saw made him freeze from confusion for a moment.
 The 37th armored assault platoon lost nearly half of personnel.He saw how APCs and tanks were flying up in the air after direct hits of missiles,turning into blazing balls.
 Something slightly hit the corpse several times,landscape in front of him started to cover with brown clouds...

-"GAS!GAAAS!!"-Michel leaned back frantically taking his gas mask.-"Ron!Get us out of here untill we all turned into floods!"

 The APC shuddered again and waged to the left.The handrail Michel held broke with a shrill squeak and Michel flied towards other side of trooper bay...

-11 hours before operation "Shield"-

 "...pretty painfully.This gas covers huge area destroing every kind of life.Land after it turns into sand...the region is already environmently destroied,colonel Blaik Armstrong,its not the option for us to canceal the launch of "Zeus".-Adamson light another cigarette.-"This war cost' us giant holes in budget.Without Alaska's oil these holes can be filled with nothing..."-he slightly shook his head-"or with papper".
 They were standing in front of the huge panoramic window watching how sun was slowly going down announcing the end of day.
-"We could win without "Zeus"...
-"Colonel,you need to understand that..."
-"C.C.* want to hide something."
 Adamson carefully looked at him.
-"What do you mean?"
-"Several hours ago I saw vertibirds with emblems of N.S.S.**.What are they doing here if its just a war..."
-"Its not in your urisdiction,colonel.I can only wonder what..."

-56 minutes before operation "Shield"-

"...that means?How come that this video file is taken to "Sector G"?"-Blaik furiously looked at doctor.
-"It was an order,sir..."
-"Whose order?!"
-"Order of General Adamson".
 Blaik looked at doctor for a while than walked out of room.

...In the middle of corridor he carefully took electronic lockpick out of his pocket and walked towards "Sector G"...

 A little hall in front of huge titanium door of "Sectot G" was empty.Blaik knew that cameras were not set in this level,so after a minute of fighting with door he managed to get in.

 All H.Q. buildings of U.S.A.C.C. had absolutly same design,so "Sector G" wich was used in purpose of storage of secret and coinfedential information,looked absolutly same as in other buildings of same kind.

 It was a huge archive storage after 5 minutes of searching,Blaik managed to find the thing wich he was searching for...

* -Central Command
** - National Security Service

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"They have swarm,but we have APAs"

"Keep shooting them!Soon they will run out of ss!"


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Re: Clear Sky
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-21 hours before operation "Shield"-

...Pain went through whole his body as Michel slowly openned his eyes.
-"Sergeant!Thanks God...are you ok?"-private Grace,field medic,looked in his eyes,holding a little flashlight in her right hand.
-"Fine...fine."-Michel carefully sat down on the metal floor of trooper bay,wich looked pretty crumpled.I right wall there was a huge hole.-"What happened?"
-"We were driving throught sector 17 in attempt to get out from area of gas spray..."-she helped him to stand up.-"...when suddenly APC sank into the ground."-from her little paranedic's bad she took stimulator and injected it into Michles chest,holding him from falling back on floor.-"We appeared to be in some sort of tunnel...This place is not marked on map and radio doesnt work here."
-"Who else survived?"
-"3 more persons.Fernand,Alice and Albert."
 Michel leaned on bay's wall.-"Drivers?"
-"Engine exploaded straight after the fall.Drivers cabin...better not look there."-she swallowed and went out from bay.
 "5 survivors out of 30"-though Michel-"I will kill Adamson if I survive this...".
 He carefully got out of bay.The place where they were was a giant tunnel,the only light there was from flashlights of soldiers and giand hole in the celling.Michel carefully looked at that hole,through wich he could see clear blue sky of Alaska.It was big enought in diameter,but nearly 20 meters above them.Even if they all would climb on APC's wall and make a pyramid,the celling still gonna be unreachable.
-"Whats now,Sergeant?"-all soldiers were staring at him.
-"We need to move..."-he looked at APC in smooth hope that it can still work,but the view of burned cabin and crushed iron were a visible facts that the thing wount work again.-"...futher.Lets try to find an exist out of here."-he waved his hand towards the darkness of tunnel and...

-17 minutes before operation "Shield"-

 ...Felt how something hit his right shoulder.He managed to take his pistol when both legs and arms stoped listening him.He heavilly fell on his back,looking at grey concrete of room's celling.
 In few seconds a figure of Adamson rised above him.
-"You...?!"-Blaik tried to move his arm.Useless.
-"Yes,me."-Adamson sat on chair new him and put needler pistol in his pocket.On his face Blaik could see a smile.-"Well done,Colonel.You are first one who managed to go so far."-he slowly light the cigarette and and made a deep inhale.

"I know that now you may have many questions."-he looked at Michel and his smile disappeared.-""Delta" didnt find "Skies" ,they found a part of it called...

-20 hours before operation "Shield"-

 "..."The Guardian of Forever""-was written on little sign.
 It was huge room,filled with different computers,all of wich were now absolutly useless as whole complex ran out of power.
 In the center of room was a giant monument with columns on side and huge rock,wich looked like a donut,in the center of it.This "donut" was gently glowing with mysteriouse teal light.
-"Dear my...S-Sir.."-Grace took a step back pointing at something near monument.
 Michel looked in same direction.Area near monument was covered with blood and corpses of people.Blood was absolutly everywhere,even on walls.Some of the corpses were dressed in uniform of N.S.S.
-"Look,this one seems not touched"-he pointed at body of person in white doctoral gown.The eyes of "doctor",who died,sitting on chair, were madly staring out at "Guardian".

-"He looks as if something frightened him to death..."-said Albert,gently poking "doctor" with his laser rifle.-"I think they..."

-"...were found in one of buildings not far from Anchorage.3 of them...we think they ran in "Guardian" before death."-Adamson dropped his cigarette on floor and stepped on it.-"You was right in your conclusion,Blaik."Guardian" is a portal and one of power elements of "Skies".Its some kind of anciet technology...maybe it was even created by aliens,who knows?!But it was used by C.C. in purposes of teleporting people on Moon...Untill we found the main power of facility and understood that "Guardian" is connected with absolutly same power elements all around the world.20 years ago N.S.S created "Inferno" and oppened project "Skies"...When Chinese attacked Alaska,"Guardian" went out of the controll.It opened a portal to some other alternative reality."-Adamson took his needler pistol again and start to spin it in his hands.-"SOMETHING appeared out of it...We blocked complex,but it wasnt a solution of the problem.Each day "Guarding" was becoming more and more unstable...Thats why we launched "Zeus".
 Adamson suddenly smiled and stood up.
-"Thats it Blaik.I know that you still have questions...Maybe once you will find answers on them.Now...its time to sleep a bit"...


 Night sky of Anchorage became bright.For some time light was so strong that night turned into day and land shuddered from the monstrous blow.
 Space station "Zeus" launched it's rockets.Operation "Shield" started...

...and finished when first ashes of Anchorage started slowly landing on snow,being lightened by far riot of fire...


"Warning!System fatal error.Setting up an evacuation protocole.All personel should immediatly leave the area.



Cryogenic Storage A-no life detected...

Cryogenic Storage B-no life detected...

Cryogenic Storagre C-no life detected...

Cryogenic Storage D...

Life dected.


Openning a cryogenic chamber #NYU77482...


-Welcome to "Skies",colonel Blaik Armstrong.Current time 17:48.Current year-2242...


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"They have swarm,but we have APAs"

"Keep shooting them!Soon they will run out of ss!"