Author Topic: Happy 4th Year Anniversary  (Read 5503 times)


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Re: Happy 4th Year Anniversary
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2019, 13:40 »
Happy 4th Year Anniversary, everyone!

To celebrate another passing year we've have added Santa to Hub! You'll find him near the busted vehicle at the main entrance.

Santa will offer you gifts! Gifts are random items that were confiscated from banned cheater bases. It can be from a crowbar to power armor, it's all random!

To receive gift player has to be at least level 15.
You CAN come back and receive another gift every 12 hours!

Additionally to gifts. You will receive Santa's Blessing with your first gift!

Santa's Blessing is PERMANENT (Stays forever on your character, even after Santa is gone.) +30% boost to Experience gain from all sources and +10% bottlecaps gained from quests and caravan runs!

Santa will give away gifts until his gift bag is empty, but worry not, the blessing will be available to be received until the end of the year!

Yes. A Santa in October. Christmas came early.

I hope there's a sickening merger of the 3rd & 4th year celebrations for an ungodly event this coming 5th year! Afterall this is half a decade were talking about... ::)