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General suggestions
« on: October 12, 2021, 18:00 »
General annoyances and suggestions to improve on them in the future of FOnline 2:

- RT/TB combat timeout is inconsistent.
You can leave to WM on a caravan in RT through leader at any time, but not through grid if in RT combat. Never tried using leader that way in TB but I will assume you can't go to WM that way while in TB. Other way around you can leave on grid in TB combat, while you can't do certain other actions like FA without using all AP (but without cooldown, lol) or Doc (without bag is it?) while in TB combat, or sneak, or leave via vehicle.
My only suggestion to clear these inconsistencies:
+ Let timeout in both modes only affect FA and Doctor, by not allowing them in combat at all, only relying on drugs instead. This will also make dueling much faster, if you run out of stims in combat, or if you get crippled. Then if you get crippled you can still leave, fix it on WM and come back.

- The weapon/vehicle conditions system is inconsistent and unrealistic.
Melee weapons of the lowest tier never wear out. Obviously, realistically they do, but not as fast as guns deteriorate in FOnline 2, not even close.
Some guns shouldn't even experience much tear through firing, like lasers and gauss, because of the lack of interior moving parts, except for the projectile in the gauss, but it doesn't touch the inside of the barrel. Nevermind that all energy weapons have a funny unrealistic recoil, because that unrealistic stuff has always been part and parcel of most scifi and I realize such drastic changing of animations for such a minor thing is not feasible to ask for.
Some general suggestions I have to add on this note:
+ Make guns like Solar Scorcher either craftable or remove condition on it altogether. Instead, it could only be destroyed by exploding if you aim hand on the wielder of it, or through the current catastrophic misfire via Jinx. This fix would make Solar Scorcher ideal for low level PvE farming, especially for sneakers.
+ Make Gauss ammo craftable. If you know anything about how real gauss weapons systems work you know that the ammo is even simpler than bullets. It's just some metal molded and polished the right shape, no casings or gunpowder. On the other hand, real gauss basically have two "ammos", the projectile and the electricity used to propel it, so EC or MFC could be part of the recipe perhaps.
+ Make all unique weapons either indestructible or infinitely repairable like a vehicle, or at the very least infinitely repairable if character has something like Junk or Metal Parts and tools in inventory when attempting repair, even for normally uncraftable weapons. This last part could go for CA as well, by adding kevlar to it, say every piece of kevlar added gives a set amount of renewed %.
+ On a more scifi note, add in more Alien tech in the lore perhaps? In particular I am thinking of something like a very rare loot (think: Alien Epoxy in New Vegas) to upgrade weapons and vehicles with, like giving them new durability or making them auto-repair (removing condition) or giving vehicles and energy weapons auto-recharge (not necessarily like Solar Scorcher but slowly regenerating by itself perhaps).
+ Require tools to repair vehicle.

- The movement is clunky, and I'm not just talking about how we have to keep clicking continuously to move.
+ Just fix it any way you please.
+ Allowing firing while moving if possible, even if aim is shit.

- You have robot armor in sim but no Hub robe, making it silly and at the same time impossible to truly practice sneak PvP in there. If people for any reason want any items at all banned in sim fights just add a hosting option of a ban list, not just Tier system.

- I know it's in the lore, but there really is not much difference between drugs like Mentats (nootropics) and Jet (amphetamines) in real life, why even have both?
And why is there no Charisma boost from alcohol, at least under a certain limit of bottles?

Misc items, traps, gadgets and utilities:
- Does geiger counter even see any use?
+ Add radiation suits.
+ Make food and water edible and decrease amount of junk items, this is also where geiger counter could find real use, to check for radiation in edibles.
+ Expand the range of motion sensors, even better, make them more useful on WM to detect if there are players in general in the same zone (presented as message listing x amount of y creatures and z amount of wastelanders in zone xx:yy), not just the Outdoors boost.
- What's up with infinite flares in bases?
+ Add actual lamps?
+ Make gadgets with condition rechargeable or infinitely repairable.
+ Make Super Tool Kit craftable with x amount of regular Tools, Wrench, Sledge, Knife, Crowbar and Metal Parts as recipe.
+ Make wrench and crowbar, sledges and knives give minor repair boost.
+ Make First Aid Kit craftable so you can make use of cloth with alcohol and other drugs.
+ Make mines craftable.
+ Make beartraps an actual item, craftable and reusable.

+ Add companions, slaves and ownable cattle.
+ Add 3-tiered Animal Friend perk, ending in becoming a Beastlord.
+ Remove the cleaning bot or make it a companion.

+ Make coordinate = encounter system, realistic and consistent without weird rules about how long or how many times you've been in any specific encounter. I'm not even gonna complain about how the map layout of the encounter changes on the same coordinate.

+ Make vehicles drivable inside encounters. I know original FO2 doesn't have such animations and that Fallout Tactics was in a different engine, but if you would add only one set of animations, please add vehicles in encounters.

The weight and storage system is TOTALLY inconsistent and unrealistic.
- Things that should have weight doesn't.
- Things that by logical comparison then also shouldn't have weight still does.
- Things that weigh tons on a character can fit infinitely in containers like a car trunk.
- Containers with the same dimensions differ vastly in storage space because one is default in a base while the other is crafted, some are so vast in storage space for some stuff that they are as magical as sapient pearwood luggage.
+ Add craftable, lockable containers and compartments that cannot be detected by highlighting contours or any means, unless someone knew exactly where to look.

Not being able to locate the unmanaged ones on WM is one of the most unrealistic aspects of this game, not to mention some actions can't be done in them unless the character is managing it. Or the fact that locations of tents can't be shared after making them. Now, do hear me out on this topic.
If you followed my suggestions so far, it is still possible to avoid the obvious horrors here, because:
If we were able to have companions and player-owned combat bots.
If we were able to craft traps.
If we were able to install hidden containers and hidden doors.
If the same coordinate always meant the same encounter, a base in this case.
Then we could defend our bases and hide our valuables even if hostile players found a way in.
This would also make people actually find real use for renting houses (which should be expanded) in safe towns and owning bank accounts. Add in the feature of at least some NPC vendors (in unsafe territories if you so wish) ALWAYS having caps to trade for any item, or the possibility to have a box in a bank vault for items, and you would then have yourself a very interesting mechanic going on.
You would create a bustling in-game economy and create randomly generated player-owned mini-dungeons at the same time, bases that would continuously switch owners, even if some stuff would still be in there that might never be found by the new owners. I imagine you would also cut down the number of server crashing item hoarders drastically.

Basically make them persistent as long as there is a player, companion or base there.