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If you know a game called FTL (faster than light), a guys in a wooden house (or not) made a game called Tachyon Online, very early stage, very low players accounts, but i have feeling that guys playing here could apreciate it, so take a look at it :

v0.7 for coop campaign, v0.5 is MMO with server running it no campaign only pain :
Port: 30303

Ofc as i made a post here for this game i will make a post on their forum for Fo² ;)

All in title, not rly a bug, but when you click bottom of screen near interface on the right you push the switch weapon, died twice because of this ^^

All in the title, other dungeons have this feature, will prevent some runners to get implants alone by ninja loot mutants...

So good feature about this fast running shit but it's just a troll thing now.

Let me explain :

1- Crit burster rat firing 2 shots and run away if no crit.
2- All about looter alt (all the rats who comes during fights, just loot and run with 250kg in the pockets).
3- All those lame barter alt standing near barters with 250kg of trading stuff and fast running when you met them (speciale dedidace to Talons).

I don't think it will make big penality to grenaders (need see how much speed they loose and you can change grenade weight if too much ?), same for sneakers, i don't think sneaker build have 250kg of gear.

I sugest same kind of formula for fast running shit as sneak and carryweight have.

General Discussion / Looking for a minigun sound
« on: February 05, 2015, 21:49 »
Quote from: kill n die on November 01, 2013, 02:56:48 PM

    Just put those 2 acm. files to your fonline folder/data/sound/sfx

    Video link with new sfx:

Anyone still have this file ?

Bugs / Wierd Fov bug in adytum
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:41 »

Only happen between 150% and 400% zoom.
Only see that bug in adytum.
Playng opengl exe

Config :

nvidia gtx 660
intel core i5 3ghz
8go ram

Gangs / The Amboy Dukes
« on: October 31, 2013, 14:32 »

= The Amboy Dukes & Bang Bang Smash =

= Members =

dskpnk, Caled, Azteque, Pinkie, Flupke, Latoum, Bastib, Fass, Blitz, Mayski, Urukai, Cognac, Triqua, RogZ, LapinMalin, Prof, Nightkin, Qlang, Xan, Eolith, Marcellino, Buchay, Cryo (inactive or playing with other gangs)

= Overview =

2008 - The Amboy Dukes was first a gather of french players on FOnline : The Life After.
2009 - After a lot of updates, the 2238 mod became more playable and the team do the move to this new server (OB3).
2009 - We taked part in the big conflic by joining The Dark Alliance. (BBS/TAD/REPO/MDK vs Cajuns/Orphans/Spades/VSB)
2010 - Taking part in the conflic between Broken Hill and Reeding by joining The North Bandits. (SOT/TAD/RDA vs BBS/TTLA/VSB)
2010 - Finaly owned the Cajuns by raping them and claiming their faction name.
2011 - After wipe we allied The Outcast and The Black Flags and created the North Alliance, we camped toilets untill reach 500 TC points and won gecko !
2011 - TTTLA base as been raped, we are having fun for summer, cya "soon"
2012 - We are back for glory and lulz : TNB season 2 ! (SOT/TAD/rogues vs TTTLA/BBS/VSB)
2012 - 2238 is dead Amboy moved to Fonline² and Fonline Reloaded.
2014 - Now Amboy joined Pistoleros on Fo Reloaded and SOT on Fo².
2015 - The Amboy Dukes officially leave Fo Reloaded and join old friends on Fo².
2016 - TAD, SOT & BBS playing together now.
2018 - We didn't launched the game for mounth, and nobody feels bad about it, after 9 years on this game, i think we are finally done.

= Here are the rules =

A FOnline² PvP Faction Fighting everywhere for glory and lulz !

1. PvP First.
2. Work at school and be independant player no babysitting here.
3. Use descent builds.
4. Speak French (or not).
5. Don't be afraid to rape the enemy's bases after 3 a.m.
6. Don't get caught cheating under our name.
7. If someone is claiming his/her stuff back after being killed, kill him/her back.
8. Wasteland is harsh.
9. Praise rat god and fight for glory and lulz.
10. Share political view of Ted Nugent and respect our allies.

= Recruitment =

The Amboy Dukes's recruitments are off.

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