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Suggestions / Easy reload between JHP and AP, info about ammo
« on: August 13, 2019, 14:36 »
Add easy reload (hotkey) between AP and JHP ammo, Interface info about current loaded ammo. Both ammo types have their place in this game, could be great to use them with more ease.

Suggestions / Proximity detector
« on: October 24, 2018, 16:22 »
Item that will detect any movement within its proximity, craftable and/or drop from dungeons/npc. Can be connected with radio channel to broadcast signal when movement is detected. Preferably disappearing/becoming disabled after amount of time to prevent mass use (eg 20 minutes). Can be picked and turned off with traps skill.

Survival Guides / Game Help / Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Bot
« on: November 17, 2017, 12:07 »
Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Bot

After months of work Brotherhood scientists managed to specify behavior of everyone's best vacuum cleaner Ultra looter mark XII aka Cleaning Bot

For maximum efficiency robot needs 12 lockers available for him, no more, no less. You can block his access to excessive lockers with electronic locks or furniture.

example, two lockers hidden behind wall are locked as well since it was harder to click on them.

Robot divides your precious stuff looted from bad guys into 12 types:

  • keys/cards
  • blueprints
  • small guns
  • big guns
  • energy weapons
  • explosives
  • misc/crafting
  • ammo
  • drugs
  • armors
  • melee
  • throwing stuff

You can hint him to put stuff where you want by putting something from one of those categories in a locker.
Every time you want robot to haul and sort stuff you have to pick him up from ground (dialogue 8,2,2) and put him down again
If even that cannot help, sometimes changing container configuration in location helps (eg. removing one locker which robot doesn't have access too or taking car away from location)
Robot also complains about opened containers in inaccesible areas. He will wait until the container will close before ending his routine.

In case you want to stop robot from his routine (eg. he is grabbing your precisely placed color flares or started looting your mate stuff), just kill him. You can revive him by using repair on his remants. (results may vary)

Stopping robot from his vilanous actions

Easy farming with vacuum cleaner

  • Start from blocking every container in location (easy with a tent). Make sure that robot cannot put stuff anywhere.
  • Prepare unlocked car (put electronic lock on car with normal key and then lockpick it to remove lock). Place that car in prepared location
  • Happily grind baddies and scrap their stuff, drop it in tent/base on the ground.
  • Use robot to haul stuff, he will put everything in car trunk happily ignoring its capacity. Even your buggy can carry load of stuff this way.

           - ...What those meatbags think. They want me to provide them with proper results without giving me any sensors. I don’t wanna end like ZAX waiting for attention and some stupid chess game. I need to find some way out…

When Head Knight entered Brotherhood production line on level 3rd everyone knew that something is wrong. He never comes here. Its Senior Knight's area of responsibility. And when he spoke, everything was clear. There will be lot of work.

           - Everyone please listen. Scribes gathered data from Sierra Army Depot about construction of Eye Bot. By decision of our Elder we must open new production line. HoMBrE want’s to go outside to interact with wasteland. He said that data we provide might be incomplete and he wants to learn everything himself. We start producing eyebots tomorrow. Bots will be provided with limited data necessary for survival, but will not have all his knowledge. We need many bots, because by his calculations his bot will be destroyed very often. HoMBrE will be collecting data on Holodisks so if he got destroyed all we need is to bring holodisk back to mainframe so he can upload it on new eyebot. Simple?

           - Not really

Said Senior Knight Dreyn who just entered room and heard last words.

           - This will mean that we will need to put more man on duty. This robot probably will want to work 24/7 and will need escort all the time.

Yates smiled

           - And here you are wrong, Brother, all we need is to retrieve holodisk. HoMBre said that if we put bounty and pay for holodisks in bottlecaps, most of wastelanders will return them to us. He wants to learn how common wastelanders and we live out there, and how we manage to survive. If we lose any holodisk it will not be a big deal, just little gap in his experience. He said that 5000 is enough to satisfy any wastelander who will find holodisk. Scribes will be responsible of that part. We have to focus only on producing more eyebots.

…few days later Knights crafted prototype of Executor's Mobile Interaction Unit, born under hammer in the flames emerged the one, who will rule all …

         Finaly awaken. At least i will have some movement while around this base. In rare cases I still have way to connect to this remote but without me it is stupid as hell, Good that i've found enough place for my learning algorithms so it can collect data from wasteland.
Wasteland... Kneel before Brotherhood of Steel Technology!

Brotherhood Codex

By our role in this world:Besides, we require:

  • we cannot accept Mutant characters in our ranks,
  • we will not add any Russian nicknamed Character in our ranks.
  • we must collect all prewar data and advanced technology,
  • we cannot sell or trade advanced technology(T4)* outside of our community,
  • we have to protect Humanity from themselves by restricting access to areas with advanced Technology such as West Tek Research Facility (Glow), Sierra Army Depot or Mariposa Military Base so patrols around these areas will be required.
  • you are only allowed to exchange advanced technology with other members of our brotherhood,
  • any advanced weaponry you found belongs to you,
  • anyone who sold or tried to sell our equipment(T4), will be expelled from our ranks,
  • advanced Equipment found during group expeditions with officer on board, by decision of officer can be stored in our storage or given (rolled) on the field to the soldiers.
  • officers can decide to give you advanced technology for personal usage/actions depending on current needs.

  • unwavering trust in your leader commands,
  • do not question your commander orders,
  • absolute discipline on the battlefield,
  • behave as brotherhood member at all times,
  • respect higher ranked members,
  • not insult anyone,
  • regularly participate in BoS expeditions,
  • keep everything said in the brotherhood inside the Brotherhood
  • do not cooperate with unknown gangs,
  • reinforce any expedition which requests immediate help,
  • serve, fight and die for The Brotherhood!
  • respect our allies and their officers. In case of not resolved issues, ask our officers for help
  • you are allowed to remove any threat that poses danger to you, your squad, or your mission,

We offer:
  • opportunity to be part of roleplay faction
  • friendly community of older and new players
  • help you discovering this awesome world
  • become part of great pvp and non pvp events
  • join epic fights with our alliances.
  • access to best bunker in game with working features such as:
    • secure workbench
    • meeting hall
    • action storage
    • ecure carpark with direct access from/to wasteland
    • our own personal room only for you

We require from you:
  • Discord
  • Team Speak and microphone
  • aged 18+ (this rule can be changed in specific cases)
  • obey our codex

List of T4 items we cannot sale:
-Power Armor
-‎Advanced Power Armor

-H&K G11
-‎H&K G11E
-‎PPK12 Gauss Pistol
-‎M72 Gauss Rifle
-‎Vindicator Minigun
-‎Alien Blaster
-‎Turbo Plazma Rifle
-‎YK42B Pulse Rifle
-‎Laser Gatling
-‎Plazma Gatling
-‎Grenade (pulse)

-4,7mm caseless
-‎2mm ec
-‎.50 Caliber

-Advanced Power Armor Manual
-‎Advanced Power Armor Shell
-‎Bolt Assist Mechanism
-‎Electronic Firing Mechanism
-‎Emission Concentrator
-‎HiFlo Hydraulic Systems
-‎Improved Servomotors
-‎Particle Accelerator
-‎Recoil Compensator
-‎Rotary Chamber
-‎T51b Power Armor Manual
-‎T51b Power Armor Shell
-‎Telescopic Sights
-‎Titanium Miniguns Barrels
-‎TX-28 Microfusion Pack

-All Implants

Items that we shouldn’t sell - consult our officers 
-‎Mariposa Bomb/Backpack filled with explosives
-‎General Clifton's Holotape

*Note: as these items themselves are not considered as T4 they are they key to obtain them so we advice to keep them.

Brotherhood Of Steel / Brotherhood of Steel New Hope
« on: November 05, 2017, 22:03 »

Hail Brothers!

Meeting room on the 4th underground level of Lost hills Bunker filled with muted chatter went silent as the Head Knight followed by Head Scribe entered.

I'm sure that you all excited to find out Council decisions in vote for a new Elder.

Said Head Knight as soon he reached top of the table. Everyone been on the toes waiting quietly, the only thing that could be heard was quiet muttering of Power Armors HiFlo units on Brother Paladins that rushed to the meeting right from their nightshift patrol.

All right then let us all introduce The member of our Brotherhood who is going to be responsible for our future now on.. Head Scribe, please introduce project we’ve been working on for some time

Head Scribe looked around brothers with suspicious smile on his face

We’ve managed to record all data logs from battles and compile them together with some other informations we collect to create database for our Supercomputer

Some faces suddenly woke up.

Data about our logistics, trading, travels, deals and diplomacy, all scattered on multiple holodisks and terminals all uploaded into single database with one purpose. Using our influence in San Francisco we’ve joined forces with their scientists and developed an Expert System that can work with all our data. Please, brothers, welcome our Holy Military Brotherhood Executor. HoMBrE. He will serve us with his advices as our previous Elder did. But he will be better, never mistaken and never off. Yes, Brothers, he works all the time! Praise HoMBre! Praise technology!

Sell / Scribe Vilgefortz's Store
« on: October 17, 2017, 20:07 »
Wellcome to my shop. For trade please write here, pm me or find me on discord*.


*)prices and quantities will be updated, no order applied, if i find buyer faster, stuff goes for him.

Brotherhood Of Steel / From diary of Scribe Lara Dorren...
« on: October 16, 2017, 15:18 »

Overcomming dizziness, Lara went to small opening she saw light coming through. Opened tent door only to be thrown back inside by headache caused by the sunlight. "Come back here" she heard. She came out again, squinting her eyes.

Kenny was a kind man. He patched Lara up from being almost dead. He asked her to clear up a nearby cave out of radscorpions. Easy pie. After she finished she still felt that she should do something more for him. Luckily he had one more task for her. A caravan he helped in directions didnt show up after some time.Lara should check what happened.So here it goes!

Whole caravan was wiped out.Lara searched the bodies for some information. One raider had holodisk with encrypted data. Kenny was upset after hearing about their fate. He copied data to his an my own pip boy and said that he has some important things to do and left Lara his tent so she could settle down there a bit. He also mentioned one guy from Vault City, who can decrypt data from holodisk.

Lara made contact with her Brotherhood friend residing in Hub for some ammo and weapons. She also mentioned that she has some plot going on and might require some support. Then she departed with caravan heading to Vault City.

Trip was quick adventurous, Lara's rifle gained few new scratches as well as her armor. She found Bill in smallest house near Vault entrance. She was suprised how this guy fit all those electronics in such small place. For radio he decoded the data but it still had to be decrypted. For this purpose Lara used main Vault computer (after convincing some people to let her in)

It took her some time...

Data contained location of some raider's camp. Lara knew that it is too much for her. She called HQ for help. Help arrived with a hummer on the outskirts of the city. Lara was suprised - it was one man.

Raider's Camp was located far south from the City but their hummer had modified engine. They reached the place really quick. Using the element of suprise they caught Raider's defences off guard.

Both Paladin and Scribe went down the stairway to the basement. There was no defence down there which made them both more cautious. In main office they found two bodies. But hey, one of them is still alive!

Those are enclave documents. With them they could get location of their main base! They even sent their spy to infiltrate those raiders. What an opportunity. Brotherhood Squad headed to Enclave meeting point mentioned by betrayed raiders captain. From far they could see it will not be easy job.

They found information about Enclave main base in the Vertibird's deck computer. Another small but great victory of Brotherhood of Steel!

Starring: Surgeon, Vilgefortz


Brotherhood Trading and Internal Economy Statute

Rules of Brotherhood Common Storage

1. For security reason Common Storage it was relocated to more secure location. We claimed two old gas stations in the ruins near Lost Hills bunker, and will use one of them for this purpose.

2. Every Brotherhood member has access to it and is free to take stuff from common storage. Only common sense works here, please be sure you are not taking too much stuff, there might be others in need too.

3. You cannot sell stuff from this supply base. There is almost no way to enforce this point, but if any evidence will be provided, player can be expelled from Brotherhood ranks.

4. You can add stuff to common storage if you feel rich enough.

5. Scribes can dismantle low tier items (1-2) from first gasstation to obtain crafting materials. It will be target of our supply farming expeditions.

6. Scribes should craft items in unprotected towns for better chances for improved items, we will make crafting expeditions as well.

7. We tweaked robot programming protocol to sort items in this location easily.

Rules of Brotherhood Wealth Storage

1. Wealth Storage serves as starting point of trading caravans which scribes will organise to sell redundand stuff (selling it on forum or, when we finally get it, delivering it to our merchant - update, we already have a merchant shared by our dear Paladin Pyra).

2. Scribes are free to move redundand stuff from first gas station to another. Only trusted scribes will have access to this location.

3. Every addition should be protocoled, so Head Scribe can add this stuff to our forum shop.

4. Current state of Wealth Storage (items and money) will be public.

5. If scribe with access to this location will find buyer for anything, Head Scribe should be informed as well, so it can be removed from shop.

6. Remember that forum shop has lowered prices since it requires more effort using this channel from both seller and buyer. However it provides us with ability to sell ammo for less than 1 bottle cap per bullet, which is impossible to do with merchant.

7. We tweaked robot programming protocol to sort items in this location easily.

Rules of Brotherhood Technology Storage (officers)

1. It is located on second level of Brotherhood Lost Hills Bunker

2. Brothers who don't know what to do with their t4 parts (according to fact that they cannot sell it) can give it to Head Scribe. In exchange they will get Brotherhood Token (secured holodisk)

3. If someone will need item from our Technology Storage, an auction will be organised. Who offers more Tokens wins the item. Every t4 part will have its base price in tokens.

4. State of storage will be published to every Brotherhood member.


1. Its all about money, yes our shiny armors and fancy implants cost money. Scribes will collect money for implants and t4 items.

2. Every Brother should pay taxes weekly. After long discussions about how much it should be we stated that 20% for earnings below 100k and 10% for earning above 100k is fair for everyone. Brother can pay his caps different way.

3. Brother can give his redundand t2-t3 stuff to common storage instead of paying caps. As allways its about common sense what you feel is enough.

4. Each saturday Head Scribe will publish open spreadsheet form to fill by every Brother what he gave. Please drop stuff/money on floor of common storage. We have robot there to do all dirty work.

Forum shop

1. Money from selling Brotherhood stuff will serve the same purpos as tax income.

2. Brothers can add their own stuff to shop (give it to Head Scribe). Brother will get his money after item is sold. 20% from every transaction is taken by Head Scribe (16% for Brotherhood, 4% for Scribe).

3. Brothers will get 10% discount on every item in shop, so if anyone adds his stuff for sale should note that his revenue can be lowered even to 70%.

Suggestions / Clean holodisk
« on: July 01, 2017, 22:09 »
Ability to clean holodisk with one click. Now its looong proces with delete/backspace button. I've even written macro for it but it still takes long time.

Brotherhood Of Steel / Brotherhood Operation Ytic
« on: June 18, 2017, 12:39 »

Credits to Initiate Alastar for his fast legs, brave heart and open mind. Your help was priceless

To all who want to use translator, here goes text form of this anonucement
Discovery Operation Ytic report and anouncement

Our forces led by Paladin Nyaria, squad Verde were dispatched in peacefull mission with not classified orogin six weeks ago. Scribe Zackai was supposed to give short information on their progres via the radio without details and note details on holodisks for further reference

We've recieved last message two weeks ago. We hope for another message but its only hope. We probably can recover their work though.

To all wastelanders, who find all four holodisks with Scribe Zackai notes will be rewarded with 20k bottle caps. Message me via fonline 2 protocol network.

Head Scribe Vilgefortz

File signature: adb3c21

Sell / Sold [WTA] Better sniper rifles
« on: May 27, 2017, 09:48 »










Starting price 20k,
Minimum bid 2k,
Auction ends 28.05, 19:00 forum time.
(auction for all items)

Sell / Sold [WTA] Better Improved Flamers
« on: May 27, 2017, 09:30 »

Starting price: 15k,
Minimum bid: 1k
Auction ends 28.05, 19:00 forum time.

Brotherhood is actively searching for new technology. They are sometimes interrupted by wastelanders though.

  • Those are pvp real time combat events. We shoot our enemies on sight. Anyone else who comes too close to event's point of interest or BoS member might get shot too so watch out.
  • We anounce them on radio broadcasting on channel 0 and discord's #roleplay channel so be sure to look there sometimes.
  • Don't expect swarm of Brotherhood members (3-4 knights). If we get swarmed too many times (like 2-3x more enemies than us) expect more of us to come there, even our allies. That will lower frequency of events though.

Brotherhood Some Expedition Broken Car Event.
Brotherhood protecting their broken buggy.
In announcement there is allways a hint where to look for broken car. Just go there and try to steal our technology from car trunk.
Possible loot:
  • stuff from dead knights
  • t3, minor t4 weapons
  • t2, t3 armors
  • drugs

Brotherhood Locker Event
Brotherhood squad found advanced technology in wasteland and awaits transportation. Usually located in urban area, Brotherhood members are defending locker inside some building. Go there and take it from them.
Possible loot:
  • stuff from dead knights
  • t3, minor t4 weapons
  • t2, t3 armors
  • drugs

Brotherhood Ambush Event
Brotherhood ambushed by mercenaries hired by NCR. Wounded awaiting evacuation.

Brotherhood ambushed by mercenaries hired by BBS. Wounded awaiting evacuation.

Brotherhood ambushed near adytum.

Brotherhood squad was ambushed on patrol. They are still healing their wounds while awaiting medevac. Go there and check what technology they found on their patrol. From their bodies.
Possible loot:
  • stuff from dead knights
  • t3, minor t4 weapons
  • t2, t3 armors
  • drugs

Brotherhood Negotiation Event
Brotherhood negotiating for maps with marked location of toxic caves with random Adytum hobos
Brotherhood map transaction interrupted by enemy.

Another attempt to buy some maps, this time from scavengers roaming near San Francisco

Rumors are that some scavengers found rare maps or keys of some sort. Brotherhood is about to negotiate for those. Make those negotiations shorter.
Possible loot (one of):
  • necropolis key [1-2]
  • toxic caves map [1-3]
  • mission briefing [1-4]
  • blue glow cards[1-2], can come with valid yellow or/and red cards
  • base map, very rare[1]
  • stuff from dead knights, as allways

Brotherhood Exchanging tools, food and knowlege with local tribe
Event involves tribesman, we exchange tools, armors, medical supplies and food with local tribe for things they found in the wasteland
  • tier 3 weapons and armors [1]
  • tier 2-1 weapons, tools[1-3]
  • foooooooooooood[1-4]
  • stuff from dead tribals and BoS members

Buy / WTB medical implant
« on: May 24, 2017, 16:04 »
pm me offers

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