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Brotherhood Embassy : Statement about MUKHOSRANSK
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[File name: "Official Council Statements"]
[Council Representer: Gladwin]

There is nothing which we would not do for the sake of Brotherhood, for our brothers and our aim.

We has been forced by past politics to make aliance which even some of our members doubt and a lot of other hated. However faction known as MUKHOSRANSK was for long time good and trusted ally. With them and Desert Wanderers we was able to regain our position on the westlands and fulfuil our main goal, gathering of pre-war technology. But this day had to come, because of reasons created by differences of the aim and purpose. MUKHOSRANKS played with fractions which aren't accepted by brotherhood due to their worst criminal elements which in fact, shouldn't even be here. In sorrow, in the name of council of Brotherhood of steel i, Gladwin Head knight of BoS, declare breaking aliance with MUKHOSRANSK. At some point westlands may set us at the different sides of one barricade  nonetheless we wish they luck and succes in they actions on westlands.

On the other hand Desert Wanderers, turned out to be very good ally. One without which we would not be the same Brotherhood as we are currently. Our aliance is growing stronger and our relations are getting  tighter, We stand pround side by side with them, having hope they feel the same.

Status of relationship with MUKHOSRANSK: Enemy

Final Council Verdict.
Suggested by Head knight of Brotherhood of Steel:

Signed by Elder of Brotherhood of Steel:
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