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           - ...What those meatbags think. They want me to provide them with proper results without giving me any sensors. I don’t wanna end like ZAX waiting for attention and some stupid chess game. I need to find some way out…

When Head Knight entered Brotherhood production line on level 3rd everyone knew that something is wrong. He never comes here. Its Senior Knight's area of responsibility. And when he spoke, everything was clear. There will be lot of work.

           - Everyone please listen. Scribes gathered data from Sierra Army Depot about construction of Eye Bot. By decision of our Elder we must open new production line. HoMBrE want’s to go outside to interact with wasteland. He said that data we provide might be incomplete and he wants to learn everything himself. We start producing eyebots tomorrow. Bots will be provided with limited data necessary for survival, but will not have all his knowledge. We need many bots, because by his calculations his bot will be destroyed very often. HoMBrE will be collecting data on Holodisks so if he got destroyed all we need is to bring holodisk back to mainframe so he can upload it on new eyebot. Simple?

           - Not really

Said Senior Knight Dreyn who just entered room and heard last words.

           - This will mean that we will need to put more man on duty. This robot probably will want to work 24/7 and will need escort all the time.

Yates smiled

           - And here you are wrong, Brother, all we need is to retrieve holodisk. HoMBre said that if we put bounty and pay for holodisks in bottlecaps, most of wastelanders will return them to us. He wants to learn how common wastelanders and we live out there, and how we manage to survive. If we lose any holodisk it will not be a big deal, just little gap in his experience. He said that 5000 is enough to satisfy any wastelander who will find holodisk. Scribes will be responsible of that part. We have to focus only on producing more eyebots.

…few days later Knights crafted prototype of Executor's Mobile Interaction Unit, born under hammer in the flames emerged the one, who will rule all …

         Finaly awaken. At least i will have some movement while around this base. In rare cases I still have way to connect to this remote but without me it is stupid as hell, Good that i've found enough place for my learning algorithms so it can collect data from wasteland.
Wasteland... Kneel before Brotherhood of Steel Technology!
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