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It is nice you are determined but BoS is now rather far from being made. You can try to join those guys who try to remake it. Just join discord and write in looking for people. Hard work and one day it will definitly become true.
General Discussion / Re: What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel?
« Last post by Arcann on September 19, 2018, 23:36 »
I would definately love to be Brotherhood of Steel! But hopefully enjoy a sit through to make sure that happened in time's past is to never be repeated!

I love to roleplay and I love what the Brotherhood of Steel does on the west coast.

I was thinking of a point system, for people in the faction - turn in salvaged fusion cells, tons of other things and get awarded points jotted by the quartermaster on the forum.. for rewards such as joining some sort of t4 inner-member lottery.. all kinds of nick nacks that matter.
Suggestions / some changes
« Last post by shekel_goblin on September 19, 2018, 23:20 »
pack rat: reduce the number of box lifting quest to 5 instead of 10, and lets say you would only need to do it in the 5 major guarded cities (boneyard, hub, junktown, vault city, ncr).

gecko express: reduce the number of delivery packages to some more convenient amount, lets say 8 instead of 15. also might worth noting if you fail to deliver the package your character is fucked, unless you register another character for the sole purpose to have another box, and we all know why is that really bad.

smart cursor: lets make a cursor similar to what aop had; if you press right click it will use the moving cursor, if you press left click it would be attacking cursor.

maybe this game was intended to be played by autists, but it doesnt necessarily have to be that way. many people have never made pack rat and gecko express quests, because nobody wants to spend half hour of their free time (or rather more) doing some box lifting or package delivering bullshittery. i ve also seen many people complaining about botters and even some bans lately by gms, but actually its quite understandable that nobody wants to make such a fucking time wasting activity manually. as for smart cursor, many people already have that script for autohotkey and developers will never be able to filter this thing out but then again, its more convenient to use and less of a mouse killer activity that way.
General Discussion / Re: What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel?
« Last post by gladwin on September 19, 2018, 22:10 »
To take it long.
We had huge drama around the winter or autumn of 2017, when leadership have changed, i left, and a lot of players transfered to allied factions with some core RP players inside. Some time passed from this time and a lot of us might overreacted about this whole drama but it was quite serious shit. I personaly got pissed by way more stuff but it is my sweet secret. ( So from now on it is more info i got than actualy first handed, but i got it from friends from BoS so it is rather valid )
After that leadership has been passed to council from what i remember, it worked for some time. Aliance has been broken, every decent player left to allied/ ex allied factions and inside remained just some semi active, unactive player and newbies or players who were basicly the lowers in the ranks.
Bast got the leadership, he made aliance with polish faction as he was polish aswell. They made out of BoS some polish exclusive and it died around shortly after.

Some dudes want to make BoS again, personaly i would be more than glad to see it working again. We doesn't have any big RP faction after all. Just some minor groups like Unity of BH aaaaannndd that would be it it
General Discussion / Re: What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel?
« Last post by Lucek666 on September 19, 2018, 21:55 »
To say it short, they failed as faction and got disbanded.
General Discussion / What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel?
« Last post by Arcann on September 19, 2018, 21:38 »
I remember a long time ago it was a treat to see Sir Brave Bohlin at the hub, where he talked frequently, and any other means of brotherhood initiates and their members. Now, they're never seen or around. What happened?
Gangs / Re: Super Mutant Army
« Last post by blink on September 19, 2018, 20:52 »
Super Mutants Army grows strong. NCR was raided by the horde… join us, we can make u something better,,, we can make u something more… we can make u Super Mutant!

Fan Art / Re: Boon's 'art'
« Last post by NarrowMinded on September 19, 2018, 19:47 »
I think you must continue your arts Boon, it is funny.

Well done.
« Last post by gladwin on September 19, 2018, 15:25 »
Enviromental Implant has 19 letters
Plaaaaaaaaasma rifle has 19 also

Accidident? I don't think so.
Русская территория / Re: Обсуждение билдов
« Last post by snailbeast on September 19, 2018, 10:56 »
За смысл не скажу, сервак практически безвайповый.
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