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WTT Enchancement, Survival, Scouting implants fro Defence one, with some +/- offers with caps.

PM me if you interested in this.

Closed Bugs / Ares forcefield not working
« on: November 01, 2014, 19:47 »
On 2nd LvL force field not working. 1st one after elevator spawn...

Suggestions / How much HP you can heal for anothers
« on: October 24, 2014, 22:17 »
For now you can heal your friend on 300HP in combat.
We all saw that assist when al lteam trying to kill one tank on the floor and his friends simply healing him on HP = their FA skill.
I suggest a 150HP like on self-healing.
For me it was be pretty OK.
It was be tested and we saw that problem.
If it's possible make it like HP=150+(Fa_skill-150)*0.5
If it's not possible just make it 150HP limit.

More of that it will decrease the difference betveen 99lvl and 26lvl.

Suggestions / Medic perk rework.
« on: October 24, 2014, 22:02 »
Medic perk now
Requirements: First Aid 40%, Doctor 40%
Bonus: +25% to your first aid and doctor skills. Additionally, both FA and DOC timeouts are halved.

The problem is evident for all community: It's IMBA perk for Tank builds. With 300 FA on 99 LvL annd Tank BGs have about 15-20 sec FA CD.
In current PvP mechanik it's something like "unkillable" char.

Suggestion: there are 2 ways:
1) Nerf perk power:
Bonus: +10% to your first aid and doctor skills. Additionally, both FA and DOC timeouts are 25% decreased.
2) Increase requirements to some "unusual" (like it done with Better criticals)
For example:
Requirements for perk: 7 IN and 2 LK with current stats.

General Discussion / Looking for player!
« on: October 22, 2014, 09:52 »
Hello guys. Maybe it sounds strange but did anyone know polish player who had "Pan. Juarez" nickname 4-5 years ago?

Bugs / BOOKS
« on: October 10, 2014, 07:29 »
Sorry if I missed something but will be fixed this bug when you loosing some skillpoints from books if you reading them after 180 skill limit?
Or it was be fixed already?

Sell / WTS Survivor Implant (SOLD)
« on: February 16, 2014, 06:25 »
Starting price: 500 000 caps
minimal bid: 50 000 caps
End of auction: 18.02.2014

ps. If you have some special for barter PM me.

Sell / WTS Chem Control Implant (SOLD)
« on: February 16, 2014, 06:21 »
Starting prize: 600 000 caps
minimal bid: 50 000 caps
End of auction: 18.02.2014

ps. If you have some special for barter PM me.

Buy / WTB Engineer implant
« on: February 06, 2014, 09:53 »
Want to buy implant for my crafter, PM your price...

General Discussion / Aventures in Vault15
« on: January 24, 2014, 22:23 »
First time on this session erotica tried to check Vault15.
And on the first floor she founded dead body:

On 2nd floor she killed 2 PKers:

This guys were been angry and erotica called her friends and suddenly: implant !

Suddenly 2 BG dropping on our head in Improved stuff. But were been sodomized.

Enemies again...

Buy / VTB Marksman Implant.
« on: January 11, 2014, 07:27 »
WTB Marksman Implant.
PM me your price.


After some experiments I found that people sometimes tiering of pew-pew and farm. They want to relax and get some fun from communication with another players.
Some of them helping newcomers...doing some own RP/events. Some of players getting adrenaline and fun from risking...

But people are different: and sometimes we can see rally honorable actions from their side.

More of that: after people reach some "cap" (lvls, chars, stuff) they starting bored and in this case some funny actions giving them fun.

From my side I invite new type of fun: trusting coming to was been really surprised that people fount it's pretty cool, funny and full of adrenaline :)

There some of my screens from this way, sure there are many players who can have same funny stories with happened with them and another players.

Here some screens with people who took me to their bases...thx for trusting, it was funny !  :)

Here somw of players who I took to my own base... I't suicide but it's again confirm the theory that there are too many friendly people playing on FOnline2 too  ;)

So the idea of this tread: funny situations with players which you meet in wasteland of FOnline2. Something funny and creative what was be done...

ps. I have big request for moderators to clear this tread from trolls: the main idea of this tread is to post here some funny actions except PvP (We have PvP screens and Movies for that) which helping people to getting fun from game on the server.

Some new screens ^_^:


As all of us know 29.08.2013 was been update which stopped possibility to rape-tagging in cities.

I invited this way of raping 5 years ago and now think that I can finish this age by this tread.
Maybe base-tagging will be available again but for now it's not. Actually it's not too bad because people pay too hard for their mistakes and not all followers are ready to talk and solace.

But well, lat's start  ;)

First of all I want to present something like my own "codex" of base following.

1) I didn't rape newcomers. Most of them just have no imagination about this system and if players have not so rich tent it's short to take last stuff from them.
2) I didn't rape good people.

This topic looks like "ming fly" so I want to focus my attention on some psychological aspects of people communicating in game.
I remember my first following rape on 2238 few years old. It was the time of "Centaurs Invasion"... I wasn't be so experienced in FOnline and stayed in NCR (center of world on 2238 old sessions) with TommyGun in my hands and 5 6 5 6 5 6 build style. Then I thought: "what will happened if I will tag someone ?"...first guy I tagged brought me to his tent.
There were 2 Brotherhood Armors (actually rare stuff for noobs on those session)! We started fight: he with Combat Shotgun and me with TommyGun. Hard noobs fight :D After all I won with 20 HP left and put him in "-hp"^_^ It's hard to describe how many adrenaline noob can have after same action...but...
At that time I wanted to join some APK_paladins faction. But all of them didn't recruiting noobs... I stayed ower his knocked outed body... I wasn't be sure what to do... It was something like dark and light jedy sight in films  ::) He helped me with my choice: In chat I read same thing: "GTFO fucking scum  fuck you mom...bla bla...". He helped me with choice... Last burst ripped his body. That was double feeling after that...but no back way after that - as I thought then.
Sure you can agreed with me or not: but the lesson of this situation are pretty evident...and not considered with me...
And for now I didn't rape "good people". It's not mean you need to kneeling ask for quarter (but actyally the most effective ^_^). If player was be able to make some normal dialogue and asked for stuff back I newer raped him.

I know that some of followers raping all with crying "NOOBS MUST SUFFER BLA BLA BLA"... It's their choice. As for me I more interesting in psychological aspects of following...not just blood-meet-guts-rock-n-roll.

That's about my own moral's go next  ;)

This tread will include 2 different types of adventures: Following and Trusting (one more interesting thing...but we will talk about it later...)

Before watching next spoiler you need to close spoiler opened before. Because too many screens causing lags and it's hard to see last screens if first spoiler opened.

This part will include 3 small parts:
1) Bases and tents which were been raped+some encounter-following rapes.
2) Bases and tents whose owners were been quartered(100% sometimes on 50%).
3) Some raping which I don't remember and don't remember their fate.
4) Some experiment about some of (Nebulla char and her friends...) "word"  :D

People with unstable mentality and under the age of 18 years, please refrain from viewing this spoilers.

1) RAPE:
One of the most epic rapes ever: erotica in bluesuit against 3+1 enemies. 3 times small but powerfull erotica was been closer to death...each second like a oxigen...each bullet like a gold. By using skill and frest ming erotica won this battle, won next round under enemies drugs and took TOP stuff by using car under unstoppable attack of enemy factioners ^_^

Same action 2nd downed...

same action 3rd downed

Same action: results.

(ps. there was Lemis fighting against me. I really want to say respect for him. Player without any bullshit and hate.)

Knight downed:

Famous PKers from beginning of session ^_^

Very butthurtish guy. Few times tried to kill me in Hub ))

One more stupid guy: I didn't want to rape him...but he all the time told some bullshit about me...strange people ))

He brought me from Hub to Modoc tent throw all WM oO

Forum crier deathbolt dropped on enc after 5 min raging in Hub...and found erotica there  :D

3rt time deatbold came to enc under drugs to kill erotica bluesuit...she is his fate  :D

The most stupid person ever: on my phrase "I don't want to rape you" he told to many bullshit about me that I rape his tent to ZERO. Newer understood such people...  :-\

Glumer alt's base with desert armors: next dualloging didn't help him ^_^

5 minutes for frag:

Double levitation:

Hehe, funny they thought  I have no weapon and wanted to kill unarmed bsuesuit...but one was been killed and 2nd was totally knelled :D

"morron"...again mistake... ::)

Dualloged Glumer characters trying to catch erotica...unsuccessful ^_^

Some mad chat :DDDD

Don't like Rap...

One of my allies now. One of players who not scare to fight. Another respect from me )

Not too good screen - there are 2 raped enemies on down )

Another duallod...

Heh...Deuq like 20 time kicked me from team...and few day ago I done that! Actually not too big rape -  I waste ammo on his 400hp+ healer and was forced to loot some resources from locker, took police car and leave  :D

Pepic tent ^_^

Big respect for people from this screens. They play game easy...always ready to talk...and not writing some shit in chat...and it helped them. All this tents and bases weren't be raped.

3) Half-to-half. Some of this bases were raped, some - not. Just don't remember clear.

4) Experiment ^_^ :
HawenShellBurn (Nebulla) from Hawks want to take me to base by trusting. It's for sure a trap because peaceful Hub suddenly started to be full of Hawks alts (that's why I screened all this adventure ^_^).  But she told "You have my word"...and I had no choice except come to check in undependend from result. And I was right: now we all know what "word" of some Hawks players mean  :D
Spoiler about betrayers which I found ^_^
Nebulla with few hawks and Glumer in main giving "word"  ;)

Flavous wictory ^_^

But not all people are so big traitors and we will see this in next part of this tread ^_^

That's all about base-following. Someone will say it's cryel...someone will say "YOU WAS NEED TO RAPE THEM ALL AND PISS ON BIDUES"... Some will envy how many stuff  I got...some - not.
But all this players had a chance independent or their factions etc. And as I see people on FOnline2 much more friendly and ready to communicate then on another servers.
And want  I want to show by there screens: Most of players have heart and most of them are friendly if you come to them with good but not with some bullshit. That one of things which I want to show by this tread :) !

And another part of this tread will be about one of the most good, sexy and funny things in our world...but one of the most dangerous too: about trust.


I like to come to bases just because it's funny to see something see how people live... To feel that people can trust someone and get some fun from game except unstoppable pew-pew and rages in chat...
Great respect and thx for people from next two spoilers. Keep get fun!...and be carefull ^_^
Sure it's their own bases and tents and not all are main...but anyway, greate !

On all this screens I come to bases by trusting, not by tagging. So all haters who told that I ever been backstabber can GTFO for this kid provocations ^_^

Erotica coming to bases by trusting  :):


And here some AWESOME SCREENS. I didn't do it all years before. Most of players on these screens from enemy factions. I newer talk with them in voice communication. There no 2nd alts on WM in ALL screens.  Erotica defenseless on her base... Create respect for people who have honor and can play game for fun -not for pew-pew only. On most screens it's a base before I brought most stuff to faction base. there tonnes of stuff and hundreds thousands of money. Thx for fun, that was be epic !  ;)


Heh, that's all  :)
Sorry if I forget someone - there are too many screenshoots that it's not to easy to manipulate them.
Some of you will hate me...some love...trolls for sure can appear. In this case  I will separately answering in this tread because of evident reasons. Thanks for waching  :)

ps. Time for provocations and fairies about people who stopped playing game. But before it: All newbies I meet told me "thx" for lesson and that I didn't rape them. But anyway some of followers raping all of community with 100%  chance So maybe it's good that tent following stopped...will see ;)

Closed Bugs / [Mechanic] Commutatively crafting
« on: July 08, 2013, 16:39 »
Maybe I'm so unlucky but when I crafted 6 metal armors in one fix I get 6 "Regular" ones. Same with flamers etc.

So just suggestion for another's to check this  :)

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