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The forum has been no longer maintained for some time already, you will find helpful community, essential links, and support at the official Fonline2 discord.

News and Announcements / Changelog 08/02/2020
« on: February 08, 2020, 17:34 »
In this update, various features have been radically improved and new content has been made available. In-game contributors have collectively gathered suggestions from the Fonline2 community. Alongside with the developers, these peculiar suggestions have been implemented for this final update.

- New Blueprint Buyer in Gun Runners:
The Gun Runners trader is buying Pre-War Blueprints for 500 caps each. The Gun Runners are in permanent need of these schematics for their factories, as they need to deliver high-end weaponry throughout the wasteland.  The Gun Runners is located in Adytum, Boneyard.

- Weapon Stat Rerolling in Gun Runners:
The Gun Runners are proud to announce their services to the wasteland. For a fee, they are taking weapons from wastelanders and upgrading them to become even deadlier. They guarantee that your weapons will be at least Enhanced quality, go to the Gun Runners today and find out!

This the list of weapons they have provided to upgrade in exchange for bottle caps:

Tier 3:
H&K CAWS, .223 Pistol, HK P90c, XL70E3, Sniper Rifle, Improved Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Light Support Weapon, Avenger Minigun, YK32 Pulse Pistol, Laser Rifle Ext. Capacity, Plasma Rifle, Mega Power Fist, Super Cattle Prod, Super Sledge.

Tier 4:
H&K G11, H&K G11e, PPK12 Gauss Pistol, M72 Gauss Rifle, Bozar, Vindicator Minigun, YK42B Pulse Rifle, Gatling Laser.

- New Hostile Random Encounters:
Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel patrols have made their appearance in the wasteland. The Enclave are hostile and aggressive towards wastelanders who oppose their salvage missions; equipped with Tier 3 weaponry, they are a force to be reckoned with. The Brotherhood maintains their neutrality with the wasteland, so long no one dares to attack them first.
The following NPC's may appear in each respective encounter:
Brotherhood of Steel: Brotherhood Initiate, Brotherhood Knight, Brotherhood Paladin.
The Enclave: Enclave Recruit, Enclave Trooper, Enclave Veteran Trooper.

Each group of NPC's have the chance to drop Tier 3 weaponry and bottle caps.

- New Worldmap Events:
As the years have progressed, wastelanders have found new areas to explore, some of them have been reported to be dangerous to those inexperienced in survival.
Toxic Dump
A desolate irradiated place. This area is riddled by pits of toxic goop and Radioactive Geckos. Many who have ventured here have been decimated by the likes of these creatures, or have succumbed to the radiation. Can you find the way out of this hell hole?
Suspicious Tunnel
Ruins of a pre-war Highway Tunnel. Various raiders have taken a liking to making these areas as deathtraps for unsuspecting prospectors. Kill the raiders who have lured you into this area and show them who's boss. Reap the rewards of their labor and escape.

- New Town Event:
Cathedral Event
Something suspicious is happening in Cathedral. An Enclave Scout patrol has appeared. You can't help but feel something ominous is going to happen, it's best if you prepare for the worst...

- Navy Combat Armor and Desert Combat Armor unlocked:
After some time, there have been rumors of these armors appearing throughout the wasteland. Navy Armor has been sighted in the Necropolis Vault. Desert Combat Armor has been reported to be found in Ares, Sierra, and Mariposa. In addition to this, these armors had some slight upgrades made to them.

Desert Combat Armor
- Increased Anticritical  from 20% to 30%
- Increased durability from 200% to 300%

Navy Armor
- Electric Resistance Increased from 40% to 50%

- New Playerbases:
New bases have been found by prospectors and they have a Pre-War era theme. They appear to be in seemingly good condition despite many years of inactivity...
Engine Bay
Engine Bay can be found in Glow, Ares, Sierra, and Mariposa.

Undeground Outpost
Underground Outposts can be found in Toxic Caves, Cathedral, Glow and Ares.

- Pancor Jackhammer unlocked:
The Pancor Jackhammer is now available to be found in the wasteland. Wastelanders reports that it appears from Sierra Control. Also, this weapon has been rebalanced to make its mark as a Tier 4 Shotgun.
- 6 Ammo per shot instead of 5
- Clip size increased from 15 to 30
- Range Increased from 18 to 20
- It cannot be bonused.

- Free Rerolls:
- You get a reroll, he gets a reroll, EVERYONE, GETS FREE REROLLS! You have to be level 26 to get a free to reroll. Free rerolls have been enabled to celebrate the 5-year long session. The period to get a reroll will be at least 2 months long.

- Double XP:
- You get double experience UNTIL Level 26. After that, you get the normal XP-Ratio again. Good for new players and new builds to happen!

- Weapon Rebalances:
Overall the weapon system has been relatively balanced, but there is always room for improvement. There have been some minor nerfs/buffs to represent more diversity in the metagame of build planning. However, if such changes are not desirable, then they can always be reverted. These changes give underused weapons more versatility; let it be more range to match other weapons, more critical chance to give higher probabilities for wanted situational effects like crippling/weapon drops, or a damage increase to separate the use for similar type weapons; i.e(Frag/Plasma Grenades). The main purpose was to increase weapon viability and make them usable on different builds.
Few very contradictory weapons did gain a lot of different opinions from one side to another: Plasma Rifle, Avenger Minigun, Light Support Weapon. Balancing these was not an easy task, so we chose the safest step, which was not to change these weapons.

Small Guns

- Weight increased from 2267 grams to 5443 grams.

Needler Pistol:
- Critical chance added +5.

.223 Pistol:
- Critical chance added +5.

14mm Pistol:
- Range increased from 24 to 29.

HK P90c:
- Damage increased from 16-21 to 17-22.
- Weight decreased from 3628 grams to 2267 grams.

- The single-shot range increased from 40 to 45.

H&K G11:
- The burst range increased from 30 to 34.

H&K G11E:
- Burst Range increased from 35 to 38.

Big Guns

Improved Flamer:
- Range increased from 7 to 8.

Vindicator Minigun:
- The range increased from 30 to 35.

- The single-shot range increased from 50 to 55.

Energy Weapons

Solar Scorcher:
- Added burst attack mode (Straight line burst, 3 bullet burst)
- Range increased from 20 to 26.

YK32B Pulse Pistol:
- Range increased from 18 to 22.
- Critical chance added +5.

YK32B Pulse Rifle:
- Projectile added.
- Range increased from 30 to 35

Close Combat Weapons

Spear and Sharpened Spear:
- Range increased from 2 to 3.

- AP cost reduced from 3 to 2.
- Damage reduced from 25-46 to 25-40.

Cattle Prod &  Super Cattle Prod:
- Critical chance added +5.

Lil' Jesus:
- Crit roll increased from 8 to 16.

Wakizashi Blade:
- Critical chance added +10.
- The swing attack mode range increased to 2.
- Minimal damage increased from 30 to 40.

Throwable Weapons

Throwing Knife:
- Critical chance added +5.
- Weight lowered from 453 grams to 113 grams.

Grenades (Plasma):
- Increased damage from 80-100 to 90-100.


- Explode radius increased by 2 hexes.
- Damage lowered.


Power Armor:
- The electric threshold decreased from 12 to 10.
- Electric resistance decreased from 40 to 35.

Advanced Power Armor:
- The electric threshold decreased from 13 to 11.
- Electric resistance decreased from 50 to 45.


14mm ammo:
- Ammo DR mod from -50% to -60%.

Explosive Rockets:
- Blast radius increased by 1 hex.

- Misc. & Loot Rebalances:
Various existing features have been reworked to better represent the demands of players, either it be loot, locations, quest improvements, etc. All these have been taken into account.

- Town Control:
- Town control time reduced from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.
- Minimum player requirement to start TC increased to 4 players.

- Karma:
- Daily positive karma gain limit removed.

- Quests:
I Smell a Rat
Before: 100 positive karma, 2000 exp, 500 caps.
After: 150 positive karma, 2500 exp, 750 caps.

The strong arm of the Law
Before: 100 positive karma, 3500 exp, 1000 caps.
After: 200 positive karma, 4000 exp, 1200 caps.

Kill them while They're Small
Before: 100 positive karma, 8000 exp, 750 caps.
After: 200 positive karma, 9000 exp, 1000 caps.

-The Sniper and the Cave
-The Sniper:
- Action points lowered from 18 to 12
- 2 Bonus Rate of Damage perks removed.

- 2 Bonus Rate of Damage perks removed.
- Better criticals perk removed.

- Sierra Caves Complex:
- Ammo spawn changed in level 2:
- 7.62mm, .45 Cal, 14mm AP have been removed from the loot pool.
- Flamer Fuel MkII added.

- Event Rewards:
- Increased spawn of Tier 4 ammo per refresh in Reno Ammo Delivery. The chance of T4 ammo appearing remains the same.
- Haywire Robots: Chance of Tier 3 recipes added. Also added chance for Pulse Grenades to spawn. T4 chance spawn remains the same.
- Convoys: loot resource gain increased. T4 spawn chance remains the same.
- Book Sale in San Francisco: Tier 4 recipes added to the loot pool.

- Sierra Control:
- Wave time changed from 8 minutes to 4 minutes.
- Added 5 to 10 Super Stimpacks per wave to upkeep for healing teammates.
- Increased recipe spawn.

- Caravans:
Hub - NCR
Before: 1000 exp, 800 caps.
After: 1500 exp, 1100 caps.

NCR - Vault City
Before: 2000 exp, 1000 caps.
After: 2500 exp, 1300 caps.

Hub - Vault City
Before: 3000 exp, 2000 caps.
After: 3500 exp, 2500 caps.

Hub - San Francisco
Before: 4000 exp, 3000 caps
After: 4500 exp, 3500 caps.

Before: 16000 exp, 5000 caps.
After: 17000 exp, 6000 caps.

Random T3 recipe will be rewarded upon completing a caravan run.

- Random Caves:
- Loot pool rebalanced to be similar but not identical to that of the Top Loot area below San Fransisco.

- Top Loot Area (Below SF):
- Junk items removed from the loot table

- Town Lockers:
- Town lockers (NOT Town Control locker) now spawn various T1-T2 weaponry.

- Faction Icons:
- Newest faction icons added.

- Implants:
- Speed Implant walk speed now increased to 12%. Works for Mutants as well.

- Crafting Bonus:
- Crafting Bonus increased to 10% for 2 at least months.

- Token Shop:
- All reflected items have been adjusted in comparison to the token: caps ratio, and it will always be cheaper to purchase with caps than to use tokens.
- Prices in the Token shop have been readjusted.

- Vault City:
- Vault City map was redone. Vault City is finally not blocked around the vault entrance when moving the mouse around.
- Some scenery was moved or replaced for easier interactions with objects or NPCs.
- Housing now available in Vault City, houses will take the format of available housing as in Hub and NCR. Caps are taken from your bank account in real-time to upkeep monthly payment.
- Inner-city spawn enabled.
- Box lifting location moved for easier accessibility

- NCR:
- Town map is refreshed, some town landmarks have changed.
- Box lifting quest moved closer to the main town spawn, next to the caravan office
- Player will get an explanatory message in chatlog when spawning to NCR
- Lighting/lag fps drop fixed.
- Original NCR ambient soundtrack readded.

- Hunger games items will be deleted after the server crash
- Homes in protected towns deny you to enter with a car and will instead spawn you on the main entrance
- Some Russian translations
- Some map fixes

News and Announcements / Patreon - October Article
« on: November 09, 2019, 16:49 »
Hello! The October article is out! Check it out!

News and Announcements / Patreon - September Article
« on: October 05, 2019, 17:55 »
The new article is out! Have a nice read!

News and Announcements / Patreon - August Article
« on: September 01, 2019, 13:36 »

News and Announcements / Patreon - July Article
« on: August 03, 2019, 18:37 »

News and Announcements / Patreon - June Article
« on: June 29, 2019, 20:48 »
It's the end of the month, read about things at our Patreon!


Hey there folks!

First of all. I would want you to thank you for all support over all these years. The feedback, donations to run the server. Contributions to the game, wiki, maintaining discord. All of it was invaluable.

This project has begun in 2012. And since then we constantly expanded upon the game, when the time allowed. We introduced several novelties that were proudly adopted into the world of fonline 2 and followed to appear in other servers. Our goal was always to innovate in a considerable way without losing the feel of fallout and stick to the canon.

And we're not going to change that, actually for years in the background, we have pushed further. I'm sure some of you heard about mystical season 4. And thanks to the release of the  engine source and multiple fixes, we are finally ready to seriously begin working on it. To push our free time and energy into a new project you could call somewhat a Next "Tier" Fonline.
Season 4 is a new engine. New system. Everything is being made from scratch. Everything is a completely different, new system. Converting all of the items, maps, dialogs was already a big challenge that took over half a year. Graphics were reworked to non-FRM format, interface and gameplay were scrapped and are needed to be done from pure nothing - that includes a whole world map system, town preview system, even the combat, and inventory system.  We had to start over a few times or do big reworks when the engine updates changed things up and messed up our work.

But finally, due to recent updates and the engine becoming open source, we are able to not be delayed and it is possible to implement vital hardcoded changes. So, we once again turned our focus over the recent months towards S4 and made some nice progress. We are confident we can start delivering tech demo to test engine performance this summer.

So we have decided to launch Patreon. There you will find upcoming news and ways to support the project. 
If you're interested in either head to the link below.

Here is the link to the first article detailing how things are going:

Once again. Thank you for everyone who kept our game running, especially John Name that singlehandedly paid for the whole year of hosting in total.
Thank you, man. You were a great help and you know I mean more than just the donations.

Lots of love from the dev team, from a bunch of creative dreamers that wanted to create their perfect MMO, and although things can be never bug-free, we're proud and happy what 7 years of a non-profit hobby have created.

News and Announcements / Changelog 03/03/2019
« on: March 03, 2019, 17:56 »
- Smart Mouse Mode ( Autocursor )
Toggle it on and off by bindable HOTKEY(autocursor_onoff), default key: middle mouse click.
There are only 2 states. Mouse Mode and Attack Mode, the hex is always enabled within those states.
In both states, right click will make the player run to a destination of a hex while left click will act like default/attack mouse.
To switch to attack mode you press A, or HOTKEY(setcursor_attack), default key: mouse scroll up.
To go off attack mode back to the mouse mode you can either press ESC or HOTKEY(setcursor_default), default key: mouse scroll down.
Hotkeys that swap mouse mode are also available to be used outside smart mouse.

- Save Settings system:
Your settings like toggled walls, fov, container highlight and similar other are now saved and loaded with the client.

- Added hotkeys for repairing hand and armor slot items (repair1hand, repair2hand, repairarmor)
- Added a way to use a key on the car to get a duplicate key or get new id when car ID became zero after removing the electronic lock.
- Faction TC score now lists the best faction from last month.
- Q/W keys are now rebindable.

- Sierra Armory room loot was significantly improved, reworked t4 spawn to ensure more guaranteed evened out weapon spawning.

- Fixed bug where player forgets spot of an encounter when entered with a car and died in the cave.
- The Step count zoomed position on hex when holding ctrl was fixed.

To Town Control PvP groups:
After you become the last month winner you should consider visiting Sierra Armory Depot.

Update Client

News and Announcements / Changelog 24/12/2018
« on: December 24, 2018, 14:23 »
- The main hub district houses are now using new home system and can be purchased.
- You can enter instanced houses from worldmap by town/world screen.
- You can leave instanced houses to worldmap by using any skill on the door.
- Above features are disabled in NCR homes.

- Blue pass keys from glow are now stackable.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's a list of bonuses you can expect to sweeten things up for you!

All crafted items, no matter if the protected town or not, have 30% chance to roll with bonuses.
Quests/Activities/Caravans have a chance to award player a cookie upon completion.
Loot respawns twice as fast in dungeons.

News and Announcements / Changelog 24/11/2018
« on: November 24, 2018, 22:33 »

NEW CLIENT - Update needed for changes to work for you.
- Fixed Worldmap movement, the "surprisingly, the location has moved" bug is no more when moving too quickly.
- The engine fov bug with critters being invisible for the client should be resolved - no more critters hitting you despite you not seeing them.
- Fullscreen fixes, no more sliding mouse and unresponsive keyboard.
- Fixed another barter bug.

Base cleaner:
- Implemented Master container.
A container can be marked as Master. When the master container is sorted it collects EVERYTHING from the ground into it.
- Added a hotkey bind for sorting menu - base_cleaner in your hotkeys.

Tons of keybinds are now editable, the hotkeys ini file will auto-update with all available commands and default hotkeys for them.

News and Announcements / Changelog 10/11/2018
« on: November 10, 2018, 22:28 »

This is something big, as many have heard, the source of the Fonline engine was released, that allows us to implement features and quality of life improvements that we always wanted! Currently, we have added:
- One client open limitation was removed, you can have as many instances of Fonline 2 as you wish without third party tools. Dual Logging Rules still apply.
- Players now can run in TB just like in RT. No tip-toeing to grid anymore. No differences except in speed.
- Changing direction of a player will update his fov, it works both by clicking on yourself and using "<" and ">" keyboard hotkeys.
- The direction change has a delay implemented, no Beyblade spinning in hub anymore.
- Wall transparency. Just like roofs, now you can toggle wall transparency with ctrl+f10.
- Container highlighter. By pressing ctrl+v you will outline all containers in green.
- Item highlighter. By pressing alt+v you will outline all items in yellow.
- Hidden Trade is now working and doesn't crash the game anymore.
- Barter exploit with dropping items was fixed, a trade will be canceled on confirmation if such action happened.
- Map Zoom ABOVE 100% Will not reset itself back to 100%
- Updated icon. Woo!

Base Cleaner Live!
A new feature was unlocked and added to base. It allows you to instantly sort the items to containers by ~ocd/~sorting command.
Containers are marked by base manager/owner themselves. So everything will go whenever you want.
This feature allows you to also list contents of container, repair items in the container (Just like the robot, no fail state.) and empty up a container in one click.
A small guide can be found here:
Base Cleaner - Guide

Broken Hills
Mutant's favorite town received a small rework. (Thanks Lucek!)
The town contains new things all over to make PVP more interesting in the location, the nasty scrolling bug from the top left corner was removed and the underground section of the town was unified into a single map with new ways in and out.

- The bonus chance to receive an upgraded item from crafting in unsafe towns was improved.
- Small map fixes in sierra caves.

You NEED to update the client executables to be able to connect to the game. Old client or any modified client will not work.


You can also get a new client by downloading it here:

Fonline2 D3D
Fonline2 OpenGL

Google Drive Mirror (Zip of two)

News and Announcements / Happy 4th Year Anniversary
« on: October 28, 2018, 19:48 »
Happy 4th Year Anniversary, everyone!

To celebrate another passing year we've have added Santa to Hub! You'll find him near the busted vehicle at the main entrance.

Santa will offer you gifts! Gifts are random items that were confiscated from banned cheater bases. It can be from a crowbar to power armor, it's all random!

To receive gift player has to be at least level 15.
You CAN come back and receive another gift every 12 hours!

Additionally to gifts. You will receive Santa's Blessing with your first gift!

Santa's Blessing is PERMANENT (Stays forever on your character, even after Santa is gone.) +30% boost to Experience gain from all sources and +10% bottlecaps gained from quests and caravan runs!

Santa will give away gifts until his gift bag is empty, but worry not, the blessing will be available to be received until the end of the year!

Yes. A Santa in October. Christmas came early.

News and Announcements / Changelog 30/08/2018
« on: August 30, 2018, 19:43 »

New California's Shady Sands was rebuilt!
The town is now far greater, more advanced than before, tons of new shopkeepers were added to the newly open trading center.
New area with buyable homes.
A loudspeaker system allowing the officers to communicate with visitors and citizens.
A second gate and new gate system.
A multitude of advancements in NCR Faction side systems.
Bank event is now thing of the past, it will be replaced with a more interesting event in the future.

Faction Town control influence system
Factions will gain 10 points per hour for each controlled town.
There is a top 10 leaderboard in faction screen added.
The leaderboard will reset monthly. Previous month top list will be visible in pip-boy and top places rewarded.

Sierra caves level 2 upgrade
Level 2 Will now also consists of ruined, abandoned bunkers that will have 50% more loot in the storages.
A forcefield system will be enabled if there is an armory on the map.

A new instanced home system
The player is able to buy homes for a set price depending on the house by interacting with its door.
The bought homes cost monthly tax of 20% of their price taken straight from players bank account. Keep your account filled or you'll lose the house with its contents.
First houses were implemented inside new NCR. More houses and functions coming after thorough testing on those.
The player can have only one home per town.

- A new random event, malfunctioning robots.
A caravan of robots carrying high tech items has gone haywire in one of the unprotected towns which are chosen at random.
Whoever manages to kill them and break through an electronic lock system can take the reward.

- Implemented ROOF TOGGLE. Hotkey F10 will toggle between Full, Transparent and No roofs visible. Finally, no roof mods are necessary!

- Added two new raider themed bases, the bases are a rare drop from world map encounters consisting hostile humans, drop system is similar to toxic cave maps.

- Holding Shift in faction interface allows you to scroll faster.

- New world map event suspicious basement map added.

- Sierra Army Depot Patrol Bots reworked, added passage doors to all chokepoints and made Patrol drones become aggressive on respawn, added 2 drones to level 2 that can be dealt with before opening the doors.
- Furniture seller chance to spawn furniture items has massively improved, it should make easier to find the item you are looking for.
- Some small map fixes, for example, hole in glow now cannot have flares thrown in.

Faction icons uploaded, update your client.

Thank you everyone from the contributors team that have made this update blooming with new interesting features and ideas. Be sure to congratulate them on Discord!

News and Announcements / Maintenance 10/08/2018
« on: August 10, 2018, 15:23 »
Removed unused and empty tents following this rule:
- Only tents with nothing inside on the ground or in the container will get deleted.
- If a tent was visited in the period of a month, it won't get deleted.

Players that have lost the tents will get 10k caps transferred to their bank accounts.

Base system change:
From now on you'll be able to place bases as close to the towns as you wish - just like tents. This is an important step to reduce the number of multiple tents per character played by a single person.

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