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« on: January 20, 2015, 00:18 »
Metro quest was abused with lot of alts for long time. - no1 saying its good, wasnt any proper solution for it attached yet.
Today there was SOT on some multilog abusing it and dequ who have 4 special townbursters chars and started neverending townbursting them which was considered as abuse and his char was jailed for this for one day.

Unfortunately he went nuts insulted devs, made special video with insults, spammed forum and other websites with this and bypassed forum ban. Its sad thing because I personally know him as a very good guy, but sadly he went beyond mad limits.

Noone gona throw shit on us on our own forum. Then there was serries of recopying this insulting posts/video by other users  - they were banned also and others will be if they will choose to continue - we are in a pretty bad mood now.

Long story short - we are done with this community. We are too tired handling all this and babysitting idiots. No matter if decisions made by us are bad or good there are limits of critisism, most times that line is when insults and all that jazz is starting.

FO2 devs created this game from scratch, clean SDK. Overrun millions of obstacles which you wont gona never know or comprehend, spent millions of hours of hard work by the cost of their free time after real life and real jobs for FREE. We own you nothing and you as a player of our game own us at least some respect. We are just too tired to handle bunch of idiots on forum again, again and again, so long story short. We will keep server and forum online for normal regular players, we will do updates and progress if we like. If you dont like our game or forum just change game and gtfo :)