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Keep our towns stink-FREE
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:09 »
(*How one idea could change to cooperate storyline written by multiple persons....I will add more as we write them , because we are writting it in Fonline2 discord channel Rolepaly_strict*)

Pupok , as he wandering  around wasteland again and again sometimes smell .... some sort of  stink ... , sometime more, sometime less...but stink anyway.... yes...stinky shits from that Herdsmans brahmins that is decaying in hot sunny days and spread that stink all around the city...nash.......So he decide to run small company Clean Service s.r.o. and cover major stink cities:
Vault City /HUB (Junktown partially from  HUB  ) / and Shady Sands with three young beautifull womans - cleaners...They will remove that shits and stink out from our wasteland cities.
But you know ...that Brahmins....take shits almost all the it is hard to keep barriers clean constantly.... main goal is removing that old most stinky shits from there.
Feel free to contact me ... if you travel around city and see/smell full barrier of  stinky shits there. Our stuff must some time sleep and have also their we cannot keep it clen constantly.

Brahmins Herders offers some caps for cleaning ...but it is very small amount for that dirty stinky work...and it definitelly dont offer much provision for running our clening service company.

If you are satisfied with our can transfer some amount of caps to our bank account: Pupok , or directly to one of ours beautifull cleaners.They can be fond here:
Clean Service V - Vault City
Clean Service H - Hub / Junk town
Clean Service S - Shady Sands

Our motto:
Stinky shitty out of ours beautifull towns!

(on discord roleplay / PM Pupok )

Vault City
BrzozTom - 1000 caps
Unknow good man ( cant see his name, I have Fonline windows in backround ) - around 1000-2000 caps dont know exactly, he left caps under my feet :)
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2017, 14:37 »

looking at how people clearing Brahimin's shit ,Brotherhood scout shook his head and remembered his comfortable room in Lost Hills,so clean and safe."They say before war it was a great nation"- he thought - "but what I see now...can't be called great..." ,than he slowly turned around and walk in other direction


Seeing how BoS scout contemptuously looking at guys cleaning brahmin's pen, town guard thought - "This bunker rat probably never had to work hard" then he spit on ground and moved on.


Boon, feeling left out, also spits on the ground and walks off.


Pupka just shovelled last dung when nice  man walked around her in a shiny looking power armor. "That must be a BoS member,high society" she thought. But his eyeview was so doomy and snobish...nevermind " She turned around and looked for a shadow and some chair for rest a bit.  Sitting there in corner she was also wondering about why all that men around spits on the ground...


Brotherhood scout stopped and looked at town guard with kind smile.Than looked at woman with tired expression in her eyes and for a second something blinked in eyes of Brotherhood scout and kindly smiling he made few steps toward woman and said.

"Hello fellow wastelander.Another day with hard work?"


"Oh...that nice man just stops there and looked for me? Or even blinked on me? No way. That cannot be.I am just dirty poor dump cleaner. Wait...he turns around and is walking  toward me?!?? "
She  was sitting there and cannot move or even sad something,freezes on the chair completly for a seconds.

"Hello fellow wastelander. Another day with hard work?"

Her nice brown long hair just spread away from headcloth when Pupka turned around and checked  if that man was spoking with someone behind her back.... but there was noone....

"Yyyes. But thats nothing, I am used to work hard from what I remember as a child. Little here, little there" She smiles a little after all at him.
"But scouting and outdoorsman life....thats my way. I´m only helping to my brother iniciative to keep towns clean from this stinky smelling dungs."
Pupka was suprised how she was talking directly to this stranger at all.
"And what have bring you here to Vault city, I cannot remember you walking around in some days back"


Brotherhood scout thought a bit after hearing what woman told him.

-I am here for important business.Tell me,have you ever wanted to do something which is not connected to ...this job which you are doing now?

 Brotherhood scout crossed his hands and looked straight in eyes of woman.It was hard glance but in his eyes there could be seen slight glowing of kindness,hided under a bit gloomy look- result of taking part in fights.


As two wastelanders from completely different worlds met, the sky turned slightly gray, the cows groaned and nearby caravan workers cursed as they quickly rushed to cover carts with their goods to secure them from the possible acidic rain.

The Herd manager let out a faint growl towards the woman. "Do you remember I'm paying you to keep it clean?" old man warned the worker seeing she was involved in idle chat and grumbled however, as he noticed it was one of the Brotherhood members, not wanting to cause trouble for himself, the herdsman waved them off and left to hide under scrap metal roof and save his poor clothes from the rain.


Brotherhood scout looked at Heard manager and smiled gloomly,heavy rain made him remember how they were fighting in San Francisco docks versus Enclave troops.The fight grew in bloody hell when NCR forces decided to join the mess...

 He looked at woman and thought that she may have troubles after their speech with her manager.After little thinking he made a step towards woman and said :

"Is there any bars or good pubs in this city where we could speak?"

The Hound

In far distant corners of the Wasteland a newbie gets brutally shot to death


Wasteland is harsh


"Sorry for that"

Pupka looked at old Herder.

"He think that for some caps all will jump around in second after one of his Brahmins make poo-poo.But he is good man, he helped me and my sisters many times for no reward.But he dont like my older brother...I dont know why, for no reason...or maybe as my brother Pupok grow up , he gets his own personality and  he say what he wanted to say, wihout any consequences. And that stink around city was the last think they dispute each otheher .... so I am here to help my brother with his inniciative - for no stink in towns."

"And of course" she slowly continue in conversation

" Yes , we have public MCRae´s bar over there or Parlor Room inside the city - But  personally I am not recomending that - only robo-synthetized alcohol there and mineral water....
I would prefer walking in our park near council house with some real beers from MCRae , but that slightly acid rain starting fall down so we can go visit MCRae,  if you agree"

As Pupka looked up into dark-grey clouds above them and walk back a little below the edge of nearly roof .... stops talking for a while.


"Sure,we can go there if you will show me the road,I promise to buy you something to drink"- said scout and smiled slightly.

 While they were walking,he looked at woman carefully.She was young and preety,a bit dirty because of her work and seems to be tired.

"Tell me"-said scout-" What are you doing in such place like this?Why are you doing such job?


As they  walked into old rusty-plate building with big flashing eye-catcher arrow called simply Bar, Pupka noticed that their companion non-stop checked his back and sides, he do it looks like he maybe except some threat from somewhere.
And of course, like all men he scans her completly...but in very native way though.

They ordered some beers and Pupka start talking.

"As far as I remember as child, me , my brother and sisters were alone, without parents.Brother Pupok said, that as we travelled from Vault City to Boneyard, our caravan was ambushed by Khan Raiders...they killed almost all of us, cowardly with rocket launchers from distance.We have to do nothing...but with some lucky, we managed to hide ourselves in nearby cave. Few hours later we left that hideout , and without anything left, caps, we fought as kids  through this hard wasteland life up to now. That day my little brother sweared to punish that accident and he , and his friends organising raids , and looking for any khan members out there south from Vault city.They have nice negotiate tools...laser rifles with some upgrades, I dont understand how, but it shoots at longer range and have upgraded energy capacitor, with fixed trigger mechanism, so it fire faster than normal versions.
"Hey Pupka" shout big muscled ugly guy from corner, where he was drinking with some same looking guys.

"I dont like all that guns from distance" continued Pupka and ignoring that´s unpersonal....I prefer close combat technique"
Pupka pulled out her small knife from nowhere , she managed to do some trick in air in no time and then hide knife somewhere in her clothing.

"Nah,I am scared, like little chicken..... You found new friend? Hah?
Come to me my little pussy"
Ugly guy continues with bothering them.

"I sad you twice John, dont talk to me anymore,you tried to sell me whole truck of bad meat few months ago....last warning" and he smiles toward him and drank a beer.

"So I am wandering through wasteland , make package delivery, hunting geckos and gather some herbs and healing roots.And now doing dirty job for Herder.Not much money, but clean town without stink at least....

"Come out to my highwayman? I will show you my best friend...
No? You think your new friend can prote.....?"

John did not catch his last word because Pupka jump over the room in few flips and leaps and knocked him dow from chair, her knife was attached below his neck and all three John´s friend lied down on the floor too.

"You want to say me something John?
"Hmm . I guess not"
John was in dreams now
"And you?"
Pupka looked at rest of Johny´s band lying on the floor.
"No? I thought. Take John out and tell him after he wake up I warned him.
Best for all of you would be that you never ever meet me again"

MCRay smiled from ear to ear and called his guards off with simple hand wave.
"I have told you John, many times , don´t make trouble here, especially not with Pupka......"
"Come Pupka, two more beers on me , nice theater show"

Pupka walked slowly to MCRay,  took beers and sit back.

"Sorry, I dont introduce myself ... Pupka. "
"I tought  gentleman like you should know that man introduce himself first"
She smiles friendly and looked directly to him with her nice brown eyes.


The bar was overcrowded by frequent visitors and folks that found here shelter from the rain, almost busted jukebox was running a tune in the background for the muttering crowd. The bartender was going from the table to table, serving rotgut for a small handful of caps per cup.

When two wastelanders stepped into the building and ordered the beer, the sly man pulled two priciest, but arguably finest bottles of the booze and slid it towards for the couple.

As Pupka jumped at the thugs he kept polishing the misty glass unbothered.

The bartender smiled from ear to ear and called his guards with simple hand wave.
"I have told you, John, many times, don't make trouble here, especially not with Pupka..."
"Come Pupka, two more beers on me, nice theater show"

The crowd burst into laughter, cheering for the nimble woman before sinking back into their private discussions and arguments.

After the table was cleared from John and his buddies, the bartender did single quick swipe trough it and called it 'clean' then kneeled to pick up the flipped chairs. Upon standing up, the man was smiling widely holding up a small bag of bottlecaps someone has lost in the mess.

After that, he continued serving terrible moonshine to customers with empty cups.


The whole show emberressed him.Woman was moving very fast and very proffecional. Even some experienced people in San Francisco can't do so.

" you should know that man introduce himself first"- she said and looked directly at him.

 Scout smiled gloomly,what could he say?He didn't remember his name...or better say,didn't want to remember.

 People like him can't have names,his name is under " TopSecret" and even he doesn't know this secret.

 "You can call me Surgeon,as everyone around" - he looked around bar carefully, but everything seems came back to peace.

 "Where have you been learning?Your fight looked very proffecional." - he looked at her again.
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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( Beginning of the first part of different story, but at same time written by my  colleague Sawen )
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Somewhere far to the south from Vault City
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Oh man! Fire round! Everything´s perfectly clean, junk from the ground is now resting in the garbage can and separeted for BIO processing.

That was a nice day. I´ll have shower and then I´ll try to contact
a physiotherapist for a good massage.

“Are you free tonight?” said unidentified manly voice from behind.

“Well, it depends on person that´s askin´” I told, as I was
turning to the author of that speech. It was Mark, the guy from the same
delivery company which I work for from time to time.

“Do you wanna invite me for a drink?” I asked while thinking about
possible date with that kind guy.

“I´m sorry. I have to deliver this package to Adytum ASAP. My
sister had a tough accident and she needs a special medkit that only we have.
It is my top priority! However, none of my employees are here.”

Dissapointed. That was how I felt. My eyes were no longer stuck on
Marks face but rather on the floor. Why do I have to be the only “always-present” human being in the
Shady Sands? I can´t just leave him and his sis helpless.

“You´re lucky one. I´ve just got repaired my Harley. I´ll have

“Here you are!” Mark said while giving me sandy box... and of
course, I owe you that drink, now.”

Driving through the Wasteland I´ve recalled reading something
about Rallye Dakar in the old magazines.

I got to the Adytum right on time and handed the package to nurse
next to Marks sister.

And now fast home...
What? Whats up? OMG!

What is it? What...? Regulators have been obstructing me. I do not have a sanctuary to escape, the corridor was very small and I am unarmed ...

Burst, burst never changes!.....

Meanwhile in the Shady Sands, Mark was waiting next to a bar.
Everytime someone opened the door he stood up to see if it was her. For
nothing. Boredom spread around him.

The next week, he recieved the letter from the city of Adytum. His
sister enclosed the Harley key, the dog tag and piece of paper.

The letter stated: “The city patrol have found the pair of dog
tags of Kosicka Caja and this key with your name engraved on it. I am so sorry!”

Advertising on the posters in  Adytum,
Hub, Shady and Vault city:

We are looking for a smart girl with cleaning skills.
We offer a permanent job, a private tent and a HARLEY
Contact us ASAP!

( End of the first part of different story, but at same time written by my  colleague Sawen )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Pupka seems sad for a while as she remembered for her friend....
"For everything I know, I thank´s to my friend.....he is missing for five years now....noone know what happened to him."
"He was my life-long love...., I am looking for him all the time, last time we was together, he spoke about some spy mission somewhere in the mountains around Broken Hills"
"But he never told me for who he was working..."


Sadness...No matter what some people in wasteland spread about Brotherhood paladins being simple cold killing machines,it wasn't true.Looking in Pupkas eyes he felt sorry for her and intrigued at the sameoment."Spy?"-he thought -"Our agent or Enclave?Or maybe even NCR?"

-"What was his name?" - asked Surgeon.


"I called him always , Juraj,  nothing more, Just Juraj...."
"I never asked him about his last name or even if this was his real name"
"I always trust him. He went out for weeks from time to time and say nothing.Just call it,  his duty"
"Strange thing was, few days before he disappear, that he give me this dog tag"

He pull out little metal piece from neck.

" There was some small letters and numbers, but almost half of it cannot be was hardly scratched, one can say it was on purpose...."
"I jus saw many of dog tags, but nothing like this, it seems like some code or coded message"
"I heard some storys that exist some machine called electron microscope, that can read that missing letters from metal scructure changes under the surface of metal, but I never meet someone that can tell me where I can find this machine or someone that can manipulate such high technique machine"
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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*Surgeon looked at dog tag.It was true,it looked like a code.And what is more important Brotherhood has 2 electron microscopes.One is Lost Hills,another one- in San Francisco outpost.

"Its not the problem to read the code - he said - " Tell me,how much you want for this dog tag?Or maybe we could make some arrangement?"


Pupka looked to Surgeon and hardly said:
"No way man, I will never sell this relic to anyone!"
"It is the only memory for him I can hold in hands..."

She was thinking at the same time, if she can say him about two holodiscs that he gave her with that dog tag

"Maybe I can give him that dog tag and holodisc and he maybe he can find out a clue what happened..."

She figuring out about it for a while but sensed that, suddenly outside bar, was some strange silent now, what is unusual for this part of town...


...her expression changed.Now with wide opened eyes she seems to be trying to hear something.He listened as well.

 Bar...slight music, everything seems to be ok,but...

Silence ...

It was too silent outside bar.Not typical for such city as this.

He felt danger.Everything in his body seems to be screaming about it.

Carefully he took out motio n sensor and turned it dots appeared on screen around their position.

Surrounding?No...Already surrounded.But who?Vaut City guards?What for?

No time to think,it was clear that they must get out from city as fast as possible.Woman can be somehow involved in it...

 He wrote something in his pip boy and showed it to Pupka.

"We are in danger.Do you know some extra way out of this bar?"

Cpt.Ragnis - Vault City secure agency,tried to make less fuss while his men were surrounding building.

"Object - woman and man in big shiny armor.All forces prepare for assault..."
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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The bartender noticed a silence outside masked by a heavy rain hammering down on the rusty walls and roof of the Bar. The tension inside also was too unbearable to be ignored. "Whatever it is. I'm not a fan of that..." he barked out and waved at one of his guards to check things outside.

As the time passed and his bodyguard didn't seem to come back, neither any noise outside of the rain reached their ears. Nervous bartender stepped into the table with the couple, leaning in, acting like he's just pouring disgusting booze into the glass he just settled on the table. "It's not that I am a fan what mess you two brought into my humble establishment. But still, I am a man of business. And dead clients don't bring any. There is a small hatch in my storage that will take you out in the cornfields behind the fence. It's pretty tight and the roof is low so I hope you value your life more than polish of your armor since you will have to crawl..." His arm laid on Pupka's shoulder. "You, my dear can go, however, your friend has to pay thousand caps for the... Shortcut."

He lowered his hand under the table, awaiting heavy bribe, aware that there is no other way to avoid the bloodshed or imprisonment from the guards.


Pupka knows that something went wrong, dont know why and for what reason... but her instinct says: Get the f**k out of here.
Person in smooth light-brown sand robe that was sitting in the shadowed corner just leaved bar.....
"That man was always typing stx to pipboy when I looked on him...damm man..."
She turned to MCRay and blink on him.

"It's not that I am a fan what mess you two brought into my humble establishment. But still, I am a man of business....
... You, my dear can go, however, your friend has to pay thousand caps for the... Shortcut."

"Thanks MCRay , but give that dirty hand out you fool !!! Now it is time to  pay off your dept toward me ... and my friend Surgeon is part of it.... so go and take that ladder to that window up there and open window, it will slow them a little"
"Come Surg, hurry to storage...!"
"Bye MCRay and thanks .... she smile on him and in the same time she made a strong punch to his face so he landed on the floor sleeping like baby "
" Now he will not be suspicious..."
As they close hatchet in storage she continued talking as if nothing had happened.
"Few years ago I found this secret passage and only for that MCRay can push out that old slimmy jackass Ramond from operating this Bar....together we bring out his stock at night and proved that it was hallmarkerd .I gived up my part of bar property after that accident and gave it to now it was time to pay out-day "

She smiled again to Surg...but now she dont punch anyone.

As they climb up from passage to corn field they heared commands that ordered to immediately find them.

"Come this way and go near to that little gorge and stay there for a while, I will be here in few minutes"

Surgeon wants to say something but Pupka interrupt him....

"I promise, it will take few minutes only, dont worry I´ll be back"

Pupka sneak around fence to nearly hidden entrance to some sort of low cave, found two holodisc under the rocks from Juraj , uploaded them for sure to her PIP-boy and then pushed up nice old style Harley out.

"Psss, come here Surge"  Pupka whispered
"We have to go down a little bit, than we turn there , over that crag. I can start this old gentleman there, they will not listen us, there is a canyon with old unused road"


*Surgeon was even more embarrassed.Near him he saw not simple worked,but proffecional fighter and surviver.
 He slightly nooded and wondered what Pupka was doing so there?Searching for something?

 No time to think. He could hear guards breaking door in bar and screaming something.

 He followed her step by step,her movements were very silent and agile.She moved like a shadow,making absolutely no noises.

 In 10 minutes they finally managed to leave city,none from city guards catched them.

"At least something good for today" - thought Surgeon.

 They were slowly moving among the road getting as far fr city as possible.

"Hey"- finally said Surgeon and came closer to Pupka. - Its going to be dark soon,not good idea to walk around canyons in complete darkness.My squad has little shelter not far from here.There we can take normal equipment and talk...and I think we need to talk about something a lot" - he pointed at  old gas station building.

 After they came inside ,Surgeon found a way to special underground rooms with all useful equipment storing there.

"Ok" - he said and helped Pupka to go down -"Stay here,let me activate electricity".

 He went somewhere right and pressed few buttons.Generator started to work and rooms filled with bright light.

 And at that moment Pupka saw turret aiming her...

-"Now let's talk"- said Surgeon and looked at her carefully - "Who are you,why guards hunting you,why you ran somewhere after we went out from bar?"


"What? Pupka was shocked
" Guards hunting me??? They was hunting you !!! .... I am part of Vault City community for years...I sit at MCRay almost every day.... why would they act towards me like that !!!"

She looked straight to Surge´s eye´s and dont slip away.

Pupka thinked hard and fast.

"What just happened? Why me? It must by coupled with this man... why he left with me?....fair and rightful BoS member.... And why the hell I ran away? Damm. I mistrust him and he mistrust me. That must by something else.But what? That damm man in sand robe in the bar.....they was near and must listened...and that his PIP-Boy .... all went wrong after we spoke about Jurajs scratched dog tag... Maybe it is time to show him that coded holodisc records from Juraj... But can I trust him?"

...Pupka continued...

"Remember that man in sand robe in bar? Left back corner, not far from us...He always typed something to his PIP-boy and at the end he left the bar with hurry.... They have some tatoo on the left wrist"
"Forgot that all those guards was because of my fight with John...It´s on daily order here and guards never  act for that..."

"And can you deflect that turret from aiming my head? please. I dont trust that post apo robots...."
"You aim at me rather that this peace of junks..."


He looked at her with harsh glance ,but than his glance changed into his normal kind way looking."She keeps something in secret...but why doesn't she want to tell me?She came with me because she needs something from me...but what?"

 He came to turret and disactivated it.Than he turned back to her.

 The whole shelter was made out of 4 rooms - little bedroom for 1 person,little storage with weapons,ammo and so on , little workshop and seint toilet with shower.

 "Look" - he said - "You have no reason to not trust me.If you need help - I can help you."

 He disappeared in workshop for several minutes ,she could hear loud metal noises.Than he came out in grey robe and made a welcoming gesture.

"I want you to think about what I've just said" - he said and took some pistol from pocket checking if its loaded - "Now...I think you need a rest,I will have a walk on surface.In storage you can find everything what can be useful for you.Tommorow we gonna have long and hard day,so you better go to bed."

 When he was walking just near her ,he made a step towards her and looked into her eyes.

"Think about it please"

Than he went to the  ladder and went up.


As Sorge went to surface Pupka started to pick that two holodiscs from her backpack.She put them on the middle of massive table and looked to them very long.

"I have to think....what to say and what not.Give him that holodiscs?" Something inside me says trust him, experience from wasteland says not...."

After a while Pupka get up from chair , shortly looked at holodiscs and left them on the table going to the small room  near , finding the bed.
Her last thought was if Surge hide her motorbike....Harley Davidson Nova , sign on side sad that it was manufactured in 1980´s and from old magazines she knows that only three units was builded.So it  was really old, but in good condition.


Sun was slowly going down and Surgeon stand on hill looking at Vault City far from him,glowing in darkness like star.He was thinking about everything what have just tag,guard hunting...

 He laid on ground and closed his eyes.Slowly reality started to slip away from him...



 Another vertibird flew just above them and was hit by rocket.

-"BROTHER REXSON GET YOUR ASS HERE!!!" - he shouted as loud as possible ,from everywhere it could be heard sound of shooting and explosions.Enemy rocket exploded just near their mashine gun position.


 Enclave forcements were fighting like crazy,gas wasn't helping much as they were in Advanced Power Armors.

" LOOK HERE!" - he screamed to their radio operator. - "WE CANT CONTACT NCR TEAMS IN ZONE ALPHA AND DELTA...

Something exploded just near them.

" FIRE..."
"...I am burning!..."


 Radio operator- soldier in rang of squire ,was shaking like leave and looking at him with wide opened eyes in which he could read absolute shock,no wonders,their position was located in the center of hell.Operator noded and started to say something in radio.

 He ran to paladin Rexson who was firing from bozar without stops,risking to overheat a weapon.

 " Damn it!" - screamed Rexson and pointed at another vertiberd.
"GET DOWN!" - he pushed Rexson away and than felt how something hit his back 3 times...

 Surgeon woke up,breathing heavily,feeling how his heart was beating so fast that it seemed like if it was ready to jump out from his breast.

 "This dream again..."- he thought - " I heard from decans that last fight of NCR and Brotherhood vs Enclave forces turned out in bloody mess,in which Enclave lost only because its commanders died from gas in a middle of fight.

 He looked at horizon, sun was slowly uprising ,he contacted HQ via his pipboy and told about everything what had happened.He refused the suggestion of HQ to send paladin team to help them in their way to Lost Hills as it could make some fuss and attract big amount of attention.

 He returned in gas station and went to ledder hoping that woman had already woken up...


Pupka woke up many times at night...Surge wasn´t there....and holodiscs layed still there on the table. She want to go outside to check what´s up, but entry room to old gas station was secured from inside as from outside....she dont try to enter random combination, because deactivated turret was on the other side of the room...she believe that alarm will activate them immediately after alarm would started....
She looked to pip-boy....
"It´s already morning,sun will rise in a hour,   where the hell is Surge? He prisoned me here like rat. Or he were caught?"
Pupka started study how to disable turret manually, so in emergency she can escape from this prison.
It was easy, there was some metal tubes.
"If I put it here, and this there, it will prevent moving turret up to shooting position"
She put tubes down near turret as emergency preparations.

"What´s that nosie?" She put ear to door and try to listen...

There was little display near the door directly facing her.
Pupka pushed the only button present there.....after few second monitor turn on and showed hidden entrance door in room oposed to Pupka´s room.She was right there on the other side of that hidden door flatten her ears to it.

"That´s car...but strong engine,...maybe stops...."

" Ok, get out quick and scan this set to hi-res mode"

Pupka recognized that man by was Cpt.Ragnis from Vault security agency.

"They must have motion sensor" she tryed to remember from old magazine she red, how this sensor works.
"I cant move , even a little! , and worse , it can detect my breath movement from few meters..." She thought with her ear still pushing at the door...

Looked at the monitor Pupka tryed to count when she have to hold the breath. Vault city soldier entered the room with  operating motion sensor....crossing it slowly.

"Get the f**ck out of here you fool" Pupka swearing in mind almost without fresh air in her lungs."

"This is end....."
Peep-peep - Motion sensor  beeped  loudly

Pupka breathed a little and looked how soldier pulled out his Plasma pistol and twice shooted..... to the ground near hidden door....

Damm scorpion !!! soldier swore loudly and turning motion sensor off, when he leaving the room, he puts something to old shelf, pull out scorpion tail from backpack and few times knocked to the wall.He get in the hummer, still swearing like a devil on that scorpion.Minutes later hummer get off the old gas station....

Pupka did not believed her own eyes what happened just now.

"There wasn´t any scorpion !!! , and that knocks were morse code for sure"

Morse code was old coded language still used over centuries past, ....

Pupka remembered sequence of knocks ...
" ..-.|.-.|..|.|-.|-..| "

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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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When Surgeon heard sound of hummer,he rushed out from gas station and hided behind the nearest rock little far from gas station.He activated stealth boy  managed to stay unnoticed.When he laied behind rock his stealth boy suddenly turned off.He tried to activate it but nothing changed.

-"Damn it!"- he said,and draged scope from his pocket and watched carefully.

 It was guards from Vault City ,and one of them, being equiped woth motion sensor went inside gas station.

 Surgeon knew that even if they will find door,and somehow open it,alarm will turn on and they will have not very nice meeting with security system...if only Pupka hadnt turned it off he thought.

 He felt something cold near his right ear.

-"Stand up" - said voice.

 Surgeon stood up and turned to the guy who was holding 10 mm pistol aiming him.It was young man with black hair and big nose.

-"Lets go."-said man and pointed at hummer.

"Sure,let me just shake some dust off my boots"- said Surgeon and bowed to the ground.(edited)
"I said..."- man had no time to finish his thought.Surgeon threw sand in his eyes and hit him in right arm which was holding pistol.Pistol fell on ground and only than Surgeon saw knife in another man's hand.Knife hit Surgeon in left shoulder and straight after it ,Surgeon hit man in neck with full strength.He heard sound of broken bones and pulled already dead guy out from himself.Than he pull knife out of his shoulder hilding himself not to scream because of pain.

 He looked at gas station again.Hummer was now driven out from it and went towards Surgeon position.

 Surgeon hide dead body of guy behind rock.Suddenly hummer stoped.

"LUUUCAS!" - he heard.Than silence.

-"Where the hell is he?!"- he heard again and than hummer started up and driven away.

 Surgeon came inside gas station, opened door and wend down.He saw Pupka standing just near it and looking at him with some kind of anger.

-"Good morning"- said Surgeon and smiled,he looked down and saw that big part of his robe turned red because of blood from his shoulder.He went to room with shower and found first aid kid,than torn up robe in area near shoulder and started to check wound.It was deep but not seriouse,he took hydrogen peroxide and split some on his wound.Terrible pain flashed in all his body and disappeared,than he took bundages.

-"Seems like your friends from Vault City dont give up so easily"- he said.-"How night went?Ready for our trip?"
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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"There could be 4 reasons why Vault city guards hunting us."

Pupka started with her angry questions...

"First....It is somehow connected to BoS or you personally....and I cant even imagine what it is...
Second... my missed love...Juraj...did something bad in past or he is doing now, if he is alive and that man in sand robe heared us in MCRay pub in Vault city and reported it via PIP-boy to someone at high position in Vault city .
Third... Juraj discover some secrets that someone at high position in Vault city dont like....and that damm man in sand robe reportet our conversation about scratch dog-tag heared us in MCRay pub in Vault city and reported it via PIP-boy
Fourth... no idea

But you can answer me only one question...why the hell you run away if you didnt do anything wrong..."

Pupka knows that she run away without reason too, but she have to ask Surge about it.

"And dont lie to me, please"

Then she slowly pass Surge, looked at his wound and realize it is not as bad that she have to solve and went out to entry room where that guard put something to shelf.

After short time she came back and told Surge with all details about what happened and what do that vault city guard with motion sensor near entrance to their hideout.

"But you can always see it at video record, if you have such technology here"

"Anyway look at this note he left there in old shelf.... some coordinates and time windows...
place and possible time to meet him there?"
"My PIP-boy dont recognize that coordinates...I wasnt there yet...but it is somewhere south-west from Vault City...As I heard there is some ruins of town..."


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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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"Surgeon tried to get angry and tell this woman everything what he personally thinks about all situation...but couldn't.Slight happiness about knowing that woman is all right was in him.Surgeon looked at himself at mirror.He remembered his last talk with his friends - Paladin Howard.

" our work,Surgeon, its better wipe all feelings out..."- he said that times.-"... Nothing will return Alice...forget about it..."

Surgeon putt off his robe and started to wear simple combat complect ,when we was putting on his Brotherhood combat armor he said:

-"I ran with you because I want to help you.I don't lie to you.".

 Than he suddenly came very close to Pupka and looked in her eyes.

-" But you seems not telling me all truth"- he pointed at holodiscs on table and smiled.Than he turned away and walked to storage.

"Seems we will need to meet that guy there,but you know it may be embush,so you better get yourself ready.Come here,take whatever you want..."

Cpt.Ragnis carefully looked at map.

-And how you,damn maggots,managed to loose them?!- he screamed looking at three sergeants standing near him.

 They were in small room which seems to be filled with sense of cigars.

 He must find them.That was all what Ragnis knew.

 Suddenly a message came to terminal near him.He carefully read it though and smiled.

He took radio and said : "Code Zed Alpha,prepare" .


"I will try to trust you....I hope I will not regret it"
"This holodisc are from Juraj...He give them to me the same moment as that dog-tag" I dont tell you about them because I dont know If I can trust you at all"
"But in this situation I havent much choices to take so I decide to give them to you"
"They are crypted and even super computer in Vault City Vault cant decodet it"

Then Pupka left to storage and looked at all that high tech equipment.....armors....guns, cold weapons....
"What I have to choose? And how to operate that thinks...."

Than her eyes glows....she looked at Mega power fist....She remembered one old man that weared this and almost completly ruined old Bar somewhere in some dusty town at south, dont remembered which, but remembered that all 5 men that cross him fly around in air with pain on their faces....

She tryed one...but.... there was some buttons, energy cell entries.....

"So complicated"

and put fist back , turn around and take some of her beloved throwing knifes... and only one female combat armor...all other for men has some MKII marks on them....

As she was coming out spots old took one...but in second puts hammer on the ground as she spots nice baseball bat....which changed again for slightly rusty turning it in her hands .....finally looked at something special....straight over her head on the top of the wall...there were very rare shiny katana....ripper flew down to floor and katana has new owner now...(edited)


Looking at how Pupka was choosing equipment, Surgeon laughted quietly and came to her.

-"Stand still,I gonna check your armor,don't want you to die there,you know"- he checked helmet and combat armor on woman trying to find any defect,but everything seemed to be fine.

-"OK"- he said - "You can take some medicaments in that locker".

He moved to the energy weapon section.The chose in this little shelter was poor,and he took modificated laser rifle and YK-32 pulse pistol,several grenades and several super stimulators with compact first aid kit.

-"I will wait you outside"- said Surgeon.

 Outside he took his pip boy and write something in it,than he put it away and when Pupka went out he said :

" So,lead the way"


"OK but I thought You have detailed location information on your PIP-boy global map and already uncovered this coordinates... as BoS member.....or you can´t ride on Harley?"

Pupka smiled and started old moto-cycle.


Surgeon remembered how first tried to ride Harley.He nearly destroyed poor motorbike.

-"Sure lady,but it can be big pleasure for me to see you riding it"- he said and laughed.-"Anyway,we better move now or we gonna be late for this...meeting".


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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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"Yes of course...another man that wanna touch me from behind and around my sides...."
"Ok, why not....come , we will be there just in time if nothing special happened"

Harley loudly starts its powerfull engine and disappear in dust heads the way approximate coordinates found in note...
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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Steve, old man in worn leather armor just set up last simple animal trap near dusty road, where he saw yesterday few wolfes wandering around and wanna walk away to his hideout when he heared some loudly motor sound approaching his way...he barely turn around squaded and hidden in bush when old harley pased near him at full speed.He just spot that there was two persons sitting there and then big dusty cloud encircle him and wind impact knocked him to ground.....

"Damm people.....!!!"
But than he relialized that maybe he was lucky that they dont sees him... maybe they was ones from many gangs passing every day through wasteland and searching for easy robbing.


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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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"You know you shouldnt go..." - whispered Alice and put her head on his shoulder.
-"I need...I need to go,its my duty."- he stroked her head.-"But I promise I will be back..."


Power Armor protected his body from bullets and he immediatly hid behind hummer standing near.


 Rexson stood up and with long scream "EAT THIS FUCKERS!" made a long burst in vertibird.

 Bullets appeared in window near pilot seat.Vertibird started to fell on left side.

 Another bomb exploaded somewhere right.

 Enclave soldier in Advanced Power Armor appeared just near him.He was holding plasma rifle in his hands.Soldier saw him and aimed.

 He closed his eyes awaiting for shot.But it didnt happen.

 He opened his eyes.Enclave soldier was lying on ground and among his body he saw...


 He ran to her and only than saw how blood was slowly dripling on ground from her.

 She fell down,he fell on knees near her and take her in his arms.

-"Alice...Alice no."-he turned towards his team.-"CALL FOR MEDIC!NOW!"- he turned back to her.-"Please Alice talk with me,dont leave me..."-"he stroked her face,her eyes were looking in his eyes and she smiled slightly.

-"Leo..."- she whispered.
-"Shh darling,everything will be ok..."
-"Leo...remember your promise...remember it.I love y..."

 He looked into her empty opened eyes and closed them.Than he slowly stroked her head,looked up in the sky and a long scream full of pain and sadness get out from him...


 They were getting closer to the place of meeting.He checked his equipment and than looked at ruins which were getting closer...
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Re: Keep our towns stink-FREE
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Harley slowed down a bit as they are getting closer to the ruins, but far away enought for spotting them or be heared from the ruins.
They hided harley near a big rock on the top of the little hill.Pupka looked around careffouly...they was on the edge of plains
on the small hill from where they have good point of view to all sides and few rocks there provide good cover for them.
There was a smaller hill with cave entrance to the ruins direction, not too far from they, but little to the left, so they can see whole border of the ruins.
Pupka observed that cave entrance and surrounding area while Surgeon unpacking some equipment from his backpack.

"*So its wendsday, and we have about an hour to meeting time, from that note,time to scan area for a while*" sad Surgeon as he looked to his PIP-boy and handed her a military binocular.*"
A couple of brahmins grazed there , mutated pigrats fighted with radscorpions in distance and the dog walked slowly away from the ruins in their direction sniffling around all the time.
The ruins seems to be abandonned, but as they knew it was full of mutated-life...from small rats to big resistant wanamingos and all sort of human-gangs.

Pupka was watching that dog few minutes , he went straight on to them as if he knew they was there.


As he was approaching that little hill with cave near them....he stopped and fled away as if he was losing his life....

"*What the hell?*" she looked around with bino, Surge catch that too, but they saw nothing strange....

Pupka touched Surge and pointed to that cave.

"* that what I mean it is?*"

Surge already with all silence pulled a laser rifle and aimed at cave entrance.

Three Huge Deathclaws came out from the cave and run toward brahmins. As pupka saw with bino...brahmins were stuck to the tree , what was unusual.

It was short...and messy