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Title: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on April 23, 2017, 17:29
-Mister Gutsy 01-M introduced to NCR Army-

Mister Gutsy 01-M programming in progress
Mister Gutsy 01-M on civil duty
Mister Gutsy 01-M on patrol

NCR technicians successfully re programed scavenged, so far most valuable pree war relic - Mister Handy, mainly programmed to maintain and secure military equipment from intruders, so his new job will not be so much different as previous one. After finishing with coding and scripting, thanks to NCR highly trained technicians, NCR Army introduced new staff member, re-naming new NCRA robotic addition to Mister Gutsy 01-M.
Civilians, be aware, Mister Gutsy is programmed to be pacifist and friendly AI. Do not try to provoke him by any means, he will be able to answer with force if his sensors detect hostile environment.

Specification - NCR Mister Gutsy 01-M
- Friendly AI - yes - working - upgraded
- Coordination Sensors - yes - working - improved
- Military Equipment - yes - working - upgraded
- Welcoming Script - yes - basic
- Guard Mode - yes - working - basic
- Patrol Mode - yes - working - basic

- Crafting Script - no [wip]
- Pree War Joke Script - no [wip]
- NCR Advert Modul - yes
- Voice module: British butler from mid 20th century

NCR technicians are still working on more upgrades for Mister Gutsy.
Model have installed and working voice and video recorder. Citizens, You are free to suggest to NCR Mister Gutsy -IN PERSON- what would you like to see or hear from him. NCR technicians are checking records on weekly base.

Thank you for attention!
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on April 25, 2017, 01:53
-NCR first Sentry Bot unveiled!-

NCR government uncovered secret project; most important project of past year!

After reprogramming Mister Gutsy model, NCR scientists salvaged and assembled fully working Sentry Bot. Programing and installing software is done, unit is fully functional.
Sentry Bot with mark 69-JJ was introduced today to NCR Army and will serve as military unit. Unit be dispatched to battlefields, adding them to platoons in need for addition support.

Today NCR history witnessed first robo unit military activity in one NCR fireteam.
Sentry Bot 69-JJ and Mister Gutsy 01-M assembled R1-unit alongside with captain of NCR army Huan. Unit was sent with Talon Company sqaud as 1st NCR robo militarized unit to clear Gecko premises of unwanted elements and investigate further construction site of unfinished reactor.
Actions were 100% success and robo unit will be used for further military activity on NCR territory of interest.

Specification - Sentry Bot-69-JJ - full military unit
- Friendly AI - no -
  [data not available]
- Coordination Sensors - yes - working - improved
- Military Equipment - yes - working - improved
- Welcoming Script - no -
   [data not available]
- Guard Mode - yes - working - standard
- Patrol Mode - yes - working - advanced

- Voice module: caucasian shemale from early 21st century

Photo documentation
Powering Sentry Bot
R1-unit military activity

Special ceremony in honor for NCR scientist, and introducing Mister Gutsy and Sentry Bot to NCR Army ranks will be next week in Shady Sands! Ceremony will open NCR president. Stay tuned for exact date and time.
Keep your nose clean!

Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on May 03, 2017, 21:47
-MRI [Mariposa Research Institute]-

When you find parts in the wasteland, what to do with them? That’s where the NCR’s Mariposa Research Institute steps in. Passed into law by NCR president Knight Shift, NCR scientists and technicians work around the clock to improve our citizens lives and to make sure our army has the best weapons at its disposal. Recently responsible for the reactivation of the “Mr. Gutsy” maintenance robot, they have begun utilizing its onboard software to accelerate our knowledge of advanced technologies. Using technical schematics and expertise gathered by continual excursions into Mariposa military base, MRI, in partnership with our research facilities near DayGlow and thanks to the information gleamed from “Mr. Gutsy”, have redeveloped old world weaponry to help protect our existing borders and extend our frontiers. Due to the difficulty in manufacturing these items, these weapons will be assigned on a case by case basis to assist in NCR military actions.

NCR government declassified stamp of secrecy from part of manufactured weaponry and released information to public in NCR Citizens interest.
As of 11.10.2292. our technicians have manufactured the following items:

Declassified file A2.2
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on June 14, 2017, 19:19
NCR in control of 83,3% of New California lands

After accomplishing some aspects of long term plan, NCR enforce their authority in almost every corner of importance on east coast.
Agenda was completed with heavy resistance from outlaws who thought they could continue to pillage areas of NCR interest. 
Local governments accepted NCR terms, and sign contract with NCR representatives which will vouch civilians and new NCR citizens of Redding, Modoc, Broken Hills, Gecko and Den safety in return of tax transferring to NCR treasury.
Klamath is under control of NCR allies, Talon Company, citizens of that town are already taking NCR citizenship, as from treaty from 2255. NCR is protecting Talon Company interest on mutual benefit.

New California Republic

NCR government enforcing law and order into lands didnt went without big appreciation from local residents, as NCR made program to resolve some of their hot issues.

DEN - fully under NCR government control
-town issue
47% of children malnourished.
-NCR program
every malnourished under aged person is entitled to package of louisville sluggers and instructions in JTS school on course "HUNTING - how to hunt geckos with lousiville slugger" and "SKINNING - skin geckos with bare hands".

REDDING - fully under NCR government control
-town issue
82% of population living in poverty, addicted to gambling and alchol.
-NCR program
musical program in town casino every Sunday with various lottery games. Winners prize provided - 20 packages of roentgen rum.

MODOC - fully under NCR government control
-town issue
problem of Lee Baltons cultivation of silver geckos. Evidence showing one small group is sexually molesting creatures.
-NCR program
anonymous group therapy for Modoc sexual offenders with theme title "How to tame a silver gecko".

GECKO - fully under NCR government control
-town issue
98% of town residents are bold.
-NCR program
free hat.

BROKEN HILLS - under NCR control with Unity of Broken Hills independent major
-town issue
latest reports showing higher rate racist outbreaks involving humans, mutants and ghouls.
-NCR program
enforcing ban on noticing differences.

KLAMATH - under Talon Company control; NCR protectorate
-town issue
lack of protection.
-NCR program
package of condoms in various colors sent to town every week. Butthurt legalized.

Map of current NCR borders. Map will be updated accordingly to progress:
(places of interest and influence are not specially marked)
NCR Borders
date: 27.1.2295.

Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on August 16, 2017, 01:45
Ministry of Civil Development ( temporarily closed their Shady Sands office due to ongoing investigation against Sasha Blind, its ex-employee.

After warrant was issued, Shady Sands sheriff sent NCR police to arrest accused person, but she already escaped.

By witnesses claims, young lady, that fits description of accused, was seen leaving the town just when guard shift was changing. She met with two armed persons in advanced power armors, north from town, and drove in south west direction in unmarked hummer.

Fugitive is declared as potential danger. If you spot her be careful and, by any means, do not approach.
Do not panic. Report to NCR Army or turn to NCR embassy (
NCR secured reward for any valuable information on Sasha Blind.



Any interested civilian can still apply for citizenship!

How can I apply for citizenship now when office is Shady Sands is closed?
- Use holotape, enter your name, your capabilities and intentions, and pass it to any NCR Army solider. Or apply directly by contacting NCR president.
Where can I find holotape?
- If you dont have any, NCR will be able to provide you with one.
Who is now managing citizenship?
- As committee is currently disbanded, Your president, ofc. He is thrilled to do any job, no matter paperwork or not, only what matters to him is that its in interest of NCR members and citizens.
Will this office be reopened anytime soon?
- Yes, *soon*.
How much is toxic cave map worth?
- Around 4-5k, depends on who is selling and who is buying.
Do you want to buy one?
- No.
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on September 03, 2017, 01:19
Government statement

This is NCR government statement regarding recent disturbance in Vault City.
NCR communication center is in possession of information from Vault City technicians about threatening message ( that came today from vault 8 loudspeakers system.
Vault City personnel claims not to know anything about source of broadcast.
It is confirmed that message is not a joke, and possible threat is real, but Vault City technicians are investigating further cause of system overlook.
Be vigilante and report any similar disturbance to NCR authorities.
Any substantial information for public will be updated on time.
Do not panic, matter is under control.

Regarding recent happenings, NCR president office scheduled live and broadcasted speech of president himself in upcoming time.
Stay tuned for exact date and time.
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on September 03, 2017, 19:29
President speech regarding recent happenings scheduled in 15 minutes on Shady Sands podium, fenced area within the barracks.
Please do not enter barracks premises, but stay from town side of fence or on bazaar!
Town area will be heavily guarded, please obey the guards instructions.
Anyone who will ignore instructions will be shot on sight.
President speech will be broadcasted on radio channel 0.


Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on September 03, 2017, 23:22
Presidential addressing the nation has passed in order, with only, quickly resolved, minor issue.
This was 2nd speech from NCR president Knight Shift in his current mandate.
Presidential speech was broadcasted on radio channel 0.
Thanks everyone for coming and witnessing the historical moment of NCR.

Publicly released photos from 2nd presidential speech
President with escort coming to podium

President giving speech

Presidential broadcasted speech transcript:

This is your president speaking.
[applause noise]
Greetings to all of you!
One and a half year in presidential office is not a small thing!
Citizens, allies, friends, NCR troopers, random wastelanders, wherever you are...
...Thank you for confidence and trust!
Thank you for preserving values of freedom and for dedication to our mission...
... our mission to unite these lands once again and civilize this world...
... NCR thanks you for your support...
[mumbling more platitudes and fancy words that you cant understand]
But we are not here only to celebrate...
[moment of silence]
...yesterday we could hear message that can disturb our known way of living...
...confirmed threat is at our doors.
Thats why California needs us all more then ever!
We have information of powerful enemy breaching to these lands in 2 weeks!
Mobilize yourself! Enlist for NCR Army and protect your land, your wife, your kids...
...your way of living!
Whatever, whoever this threat is...
We heard their message! Only thing that we can tell them...
Stay strong, stay together!
Thank you all and God Bless The NCR!"

Ministry of Defense special announcement:
President calling to arms all trained Citizens to defend NCR values. Government warns civilians that threat to NCR is real! Solders, report to your supervisors for further instructions. Your government will not let you down!

Happy birthday to our valuable citizen - Vick Rockstar - from NCR government!
Enjoy your present and dont drink it all at one place!
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on September 13, 2017, 00:42

Duck and Cover is government program for civilian protection from any potential heavy artillery attack on Shady Sands.
Better safe than sorry.


Procedure when warning is given:
- have prepared bag with food, water, radio and first aid kit
- evacuate from town
- find nearest covered shelter
- stay away from windows and doors
- treat any potential injuries
- stay tuned on radio channel 0 and listen broadcast about current happenings
- wait for official confirmation that threat is over before coming out from protected place

Duck and Cover

NCR government thanks Vault City technicians for providing archive material for better safety of NCR Citizens.
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on September 16, 2017, 16:19

This is a roll call to all available NCRA units that can see this message. Threat to NCR is real and imminent. Report to your superiors in Shady Sands Army HQ immediately to receive further instructions!
This is not a drill!

Citizens, civilians, please read carefully!
Great task is upon you! As you are aware, even that we are rebuilding society, we are in constant war with various groups of outlaw tribes and gangs that are trying to force their will against our way of life.
Incoming threat is bigger then anything you have seen, and your government needs to act accordingly.
Shady Sands expect heavy attack during next tax transaction, and therefore you are asked to evacuate from Shady Sands premises. Your government arranged reception of NCR Citizens with Hub authorities. Keep your NCR Citizens ID on you and you will be provided with shelter in Hub embassy and Junktown until Shady Sands premises will be secured from threat.
More information available at embassy representatives.
Your government appeals to You:
Evacuation protocol for all civilians in Shady Sands is activated. Evacuation vehicles and accommodation near Hub and Junktown is secured for all of you. Every citizen will be informed about exact time of town evacuation on time.
Announcement will follow evacuation after which Shady Sands will become strict military zone and every civilian without proper identification will be treated as possible threat.
Stay calm and follow the instructions.

Your army will win this war and bring you back to your homes!

Departure of first evacuation convoy has passed in order. Thanks to Citizens for calmness and understanding.
Evacuation in progress
Arrival of NCR Citizens to Hub
NCR provided shelter in Hub embassy for their Citizens
Title: Re: NCR governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on November 09, 2017, 14:59
NCR Ranger 1st regiment
By activating protocol ordinance president of NCR, Knight Shfit, delegated NCRA officers to special army unit - NCR Rangers 1st regiment.

Officers assigned for special task force are highly trained, long experienced NCR soldiers:
President delegating NCR Rangers 1st regiment

Agenda of this special unit will be to carry NCR goals on field where regular NCRA army troopers are not assigned.
As for limitations of NCRA troops resources, while time of Shady Sands rebuilding, duty of this Rangers regiment is to infiltrate, remove any threat, enforce NCR laws by any means necessary and leave premises, leaving territory under governing of NCR government and republics regular army patrols.

Rangers 1st task:

- Operation Noodle Bowl -

NCIA reports were showing high criminal activity from various towns across California land. After contacting Harold from Gecko and Marcus from Broken Hills, Rangers were sent to restore law on premises of mentioned towns.

Rangers restoring order in Gecko
Rangers restoring order in Broken Hills

Operation status:
Operation summary:
Rangers supported by nearby NCRA troop patrol restored order on parameter of both entities without resistance.
After action, dispatching units to other points of interests resulted with lack of NCRA presence and by that - restoration of criminal activity.
But, NCR Rangers unit showed what they were supposed to. Their presence resulted with quick and brief restoration of order in fields of their designated activity, enhancing connection with Shady Sands government, giving faith to every citizen.


NCR will keep bringing peace and order in these lands!
NCR will never fall!

Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on December 14, 2017, 16:00
- Message to wasteland -

To all Civilians, citizens, and law abiding groups;
New threat came to our lands.
There are new groups, posing as law bringers.
Do not trust them or their false pretenses!
They are nothing but raiders, robbers, pillagers, murderers and *outlaws* !
If you see this law breakers, do not approach! Report any suspicious acts to nearest NCR soldier!

NCR is only law enforcing legal army on California lands and any law posing on territory of Republic is considered as highest criminal act against Constitution!
Criminals, hand over your weapons and surrender immediately!
Your alternative is justice filled with bullets!

Our Army will clear our lands out of irradiated lower life forms!
Our Army will make this land safe again!
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on September 07, 2018, 14:42
NCR State Secretariat of Economy release

With this release, State Secretariat of Economy, trade department, is issuing last warning to next shop owners:

Blood Rayne
Rufar Cr.
Total Science
Traider NCR3

Mentioned persons are in offensive act against Constitution (, provision 2.13.
Mentioned persons have 24 hours to stock their shops or to break their shop ownership contract. Persons who will ignore this document will be blacklisted after a 24 hour period expires.
24 hour period starts with the public release of this document.

Blacklisted persons in conflict with the Constitution have right to file an appeal to state authorities considering their status on NCR premises. After considering appeal, authorities are entitled to issue fine to the perpetrator of a criminal offense. After paying designated fine amount person will be removed from blacklist.
Amount of fine is based on severity of the offense.
NCR authorities are vouching security to every person on republic's premises if they are not in conflict with the Constitution.

To avoid any possible misunderstandings in future contact NCRA officers or president.
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on October 14, 2018, 23:09
New California Republic is leaving Junktown governing offices

NCR government made decision to leave major office in Junktown and leave that town as independent again.
On Council meeting it was concluded that NCR fulfilled goal in south part of California and it's time to make progress by turning to next agenda.
In this time Junktown citizens and NCR citizens will welcome new Junktown government.
NCR wants to thank JTS guards who protected south borders of Republic and developed themselves into strong individuals who are capable of dealing with California land challenges, especially those who are now in NCR army ranks.
NCR wishes best luck to new Junktown authorities.
Current JTS guard will be relieved of duty and will have opportunity to enlist for NCR army ranks through NCR National Guard, NCR's new recruiting project.
Stay tuned for more information.
Note to civilians:
Do not worry citizen, your government will keep on strong influence in Junktown and will keep enforcing stability on south borders of Republic.
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on January 07, 2019, 05:40
Regular night NCR patrol towed away invalid parked vehicle from warehouse premises. After technician broke the lock, car was towed to Shady Sands where it will be dismantled.
Government urgently ordered technicians to convert vehicle into caravan cart where it will serve our citizens caravaneers.

NCR confiscating vehicle
Vehicle towed to Shady Sands
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on January 22, 2019, 03:01
NCR patrol was sent to the far west to check paramilitary activity on San Francisco docks, and found a suspicious vehicle.
After checking the vehicle thoroughly, it was confirmed that the vehicle belongs to a person associated with a group of thugs known for their abuse of the residents of Boneyard, the Regulators.
Vehicle is confiscated and will be repurposed to the NCR Army.

NCR patrol with K-9 unit - SF caravan depot

Citizen, stay vigilante and report any suspicious activity to NCR authorities!
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on May 11, 2019, 12:00
Upon recent happenings, president of NCR issued immediate blacklist for groups named Regulators and Vault Citiy. For violating several laws, including raid attempt, these groups became unwanted element on NCR territory including Shady Sands.
Town guards are under strict orders to keep mentioned groups outside of capital.
By neglecting this regulation Regulators or Vault City members are taking the risk to be shot on sight.

Outlaw groups failed to cause bigger disturbance. Terrorists were neutralized at the very entrance to the city. Town premises were secured by quick and efficient NCRA action named "Enforcing the Peace".

Enforcing the Peace I
Enforcing the Peace II

Citizen, NCR is here for you!
Best regards from Shady Sands.
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on March 25, 2020, 16:09
This is an urgent NCR warning message to all wastelanders:

There are numerous reports from various persons that they are receiving multiple invitations to the group called "Ultra Violence" in Hub and caravan routes connected to the NCR, without explanation, even when declining repeatedly.
That group is expelled from premises of Shady Sands for their criminal activity and raid attempts. Shady Sands guards are instructed to shot on sight any member of mentioned group upon entering.
This group is under suspicion, in a new low even for them, in doing some backhanded attempt at robbery, to loot victims belongings after they enter the Shady Sands. The matter will be further investigated.

- NCR appeal to be responsible in this fragile times! -

Inform yourself about group you are joining before accepting the membership, check your NCR karma before visiting Shady Sands and keep your nose clean.
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on April 05, 2020, 17:00
Issued warning to The Iron Legion caravaneers:

Members of The Iron Legion were in violation of several provisions of the NCR Constitution on Shady Sands premises:

1.8.1- Neglecting NCR government instructions and interfering with NCR Army activity will be taken as offensive act against Republic interest and will be answered by force.
2.5 - Any looting of victims from non NCR side will be immediately punished by force.
2.3 - Any attempt of thievery on NCR premises will be immediately punished. Thieves will be permanently expelled from NCR territory and stolen goods will be returned to their original owner.

After terroristic attempts of few mislead individuals, several members of the mentioned group started to loot the victims, disobeying instructions issued by the NCRA personnel.
NCR government appeals on members of the Iron Legion to treat this warning seriously, or NCR will be forced to implement countermeasures.

Instruction for all visitors, citizens and caravneers:
- if you see a terroristic activity on the Shady Sands premises, report it to the NCR soldier with evidence included
- do not interfere NCR soldiers on their duty
- do not approach, loiter or loot victims or attackers during terrorist activity in Shady Sands, leave NCRA to handle the situation and confiscate items
- victims are entitled to get their items back upon their return to the town (if items were secured by the NCRA member on duty)
- follow NCRA instructions, especially during town's crisis (disobeying the instructions can result with unwanted consequences; serious wounds, deaths, individual or even group blacklist)


NCR dealt with yesterday's terroristic activity and attackers were blacklisted.
Welcome to Shady Sands!
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on April 11, 2020, 15:11
By the program of NCR Secretaire of Civil Development, shop owner "ubermuha" met the conditions to get shop tax refund this year.

Met conditions for the last quarter of 2282:
- quantity of merchandise
- quality of merchandise
- competitive prices
- shop is getting restocked
- shop is in ownership of the same owner for 10 days or longer

Tax refund granted: 10 000 caps
Vouched by the constitutional provision I-2.17; in the form of protecting the civilian, trading and economy rights. (

Ubermuha, contact Mister Gutsy 01-M while on patrol in Shady Sands for shopkeeper's tax refund.
(or PM me to this account about details)

NCR government appeals to all shop owners in Shady Sands to keep track of their shop ownership contracts and upkeep them frequently. Every shop ownership contract lasts for 7 (real time) days and it can be renewed last 3 days of the contract.
Title: Re: Governement official announcements
Post by: Blobfish on April 19, 2020, 23:35

Individual members of the EuroFighers reached the new rock bottom.
Not wanting to stigmatize faction they are members of, they tried to disturb the peaceful life in the Shady Sands, removing their group insignia while trying to perform an undercover terroristic act in the NCR capital, and after, putting it back, embarrassing themselves and faction they are members of.

Outlaw elements blacklisted:
Wild Brah

Listed outlaws are already well known to the NCR authorities for their activities with a thieves guild called "Brahmins" in the past.
Since these criminals are minor elements of the EuroFighter alliance group, the NCR government decided not to implement countermeasures against the whole group.
Criminals are sentenced and expelled from the town premises for disturbing the rest of the domesticated brahmins.
Fortunately NCR soldiers did not have to be recalled to defend the city as the militia force was able to easily deal with the attackers.
Domesticated brahmins returned to their daily routine.

If EuroFighter leaders will not be able to take responsibility for their own subordinates and disturbance will repeat in same or similar pattern, NCR will be forced to implement countermeasures against whole group.

NCR government is reminding civilians to follow the laws and town regulations ( while visiting Shady Sands.