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Title: Shady Sands Town Regulation
Post by: Blobfish on September 01, 2018, 16:45
NCR government publishing regulations for visitors in capital. Please obey rules to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

1- Multiple shop owning from same person is strictly forbidden. One person can own maximum one shop. Any person caught in this offensive act will be blacklisted on all of his shop owners except one.
Constant neglecting of this regulation will end up by blacklisting all shop owners from that person.
2 - Persons in possession of shop in town that will keep them empty for more than a week will be blacklisted, so shop can become available to potentially more quality owner.
3 - Persons that gets into shop ownership only to re-sell it will be blacklisted.
4 - Be aware of market prices. Shop owners that will heavily overcharge for their shop items, and will keep their prices for over a week, will be blacklisted, so potentially more competitive trader can get his chance. This way NCR wants to keep Shady Sands market competitive and attractive to potential visitors and traders.
5 - Keep safe distance from NCR soldiers on their duty in Shady Sands. Persons that are constantly interfering with NCR soldiers on their patrol and guard duty in town will be shot on sight and blacklisted.
6 - Thieves will be shot on sight. Persons that are constantly doing thievery are risking to be blacklisted.
7 - Follow instructions of NCR personnel in case person will need to be searched to determinate threat level. Constant disobedience will be punished by force.
8 - In case of town shooting NCRA members are only authority to deal with situation.
Persons that will use their weapons in town will be shot at. NCRA members are entitled to secure items both of perpetrators and victims.
Items of perpetrators will be confiscated by NCR.
Every person that is trying to steal items from victims or perpetrators will be shot at.
NCRA members are entitled to return victims belongings after their return to town. If victims are not returning to town items will be confiscated by NCR.
Perpetrators will be blacklisted from town.
9 - Any offensive act towards other person by individual or faction will result with blacklisting. Any organized raid on town will result with blacklisting individuals and gangs that are participating in it.
10 - Known criminals and raiders will be blacklisted, no matter of their current affiliation.
11 - NCR reserved right to keep enemy gangs out of town blacklist upon an agreement with their representatives. NCR is vouching their security on town premises as long they will follow town laws.
[Known persons from enemy factions wont be blacklisted from town on their alts, if they will own shop, house or do their business in general, not breaking NCR laws and regulations. That counts only for persons that didn't do numerous offensive acts against NCR, in game and aside from game]
12 - Wearing robes that are hiding person's identity (sand robe, hubologist robe) are robes of thieves and terrorists! Are you one of them? Anyone who will wear mentioned robes will be warned to remove their robes. Upon neglected instructions, they will be shot on sight. Repetitive disobedience can result with blacklisting that person.
13 - NCR government is open to discussion with individuals or representatives of faction that wants to report any regulation discrepancy or remove their blacklist status.

Contact NCR personnel if you have questions about town regulations.

NCR is cares about Your interest, citizen!
Enjoy your stay.

NCR Constitution is updated accordingly.

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