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Title: Vault City Recruitment & News
Post by: Arcann on March 29, 2019, 09:31

Vault City Official Newscaster

It looks like a getty feed message is being displayed in a rate of 25kb/s, your terminal begins to whirr, chirp, and audibly scrape as it loads the following transmitted data vertically down the screen.

[1] ( [2] ( [3] (

Vault City Guard is recruiting, tune in here regularly for additional information!

Hello and greetings, on behalf of the Vault City Faction - a serious/high roleplay faction ran by fallout enthusiasts who has established the responsibility upon themselves to bring a great, collective, manpower index that imposes the will of the great ethnocentric elitist counsel that hole themselves up deep in Vault City's inner city. This is a self-proclaimed organized faction, alike NCR and the so forth. The only minor difference is lack of dev support. We do not consider ourselves a Wasteland Gang that "changes names" and seperate power via schism every consecutive month. The faction was created last year in a hopes of bringing interesting roleplay towards the north, and giving another cool way to flash off that Vault Dweller Jumpsuit, theoretical pipboy; and the beloved Combat Armor ( worn by every practical Vault Eight citizen garrisoned at Vault City.

Joining us isn't hard, but first we must throw you a lore refresher ( first, some regulations and guidelines displayed in a roleplay eccentric manner; and if you are new, what elements to expect when playing on the game server.

There are very specific things to understand when potentially partaking your interest in Vault City, they will be covered in detail below:

-1a. Your character of application interest must not be a Super Mutant, or Ghoul.
-1ab. Your character of application interest must not be a member, or hold involvement history of the following: Great Khans, Rogues, Unity of Broken Hills, Children of the Cathedral, Residents of Necropolis, Super Mutant Army.
-1abc. Your character of application interest must not aligned towards any government opposed factions of Vault City. We are fID:220
-1abcd. Your character of application interest must be absent of the operated blacklist to continue with the due process.
-1abcde. Your character of application interest must not have prolonged exposure to the following: Forced Evolutionary Virus, Radioactive Waste without proper protection, Floater or Centaur internal damage cauterization, Cancerous spores due to prolonged sun exposure, abusive chems.
-1abcdef. The player of application interest must be present in the discord ( for all faction involvement. We do not use TS3, nor intend to for ally purpose.
-1abcdefg. The player of application interest can /just/ apply for civilian status, they must have been assigned a Day Pass by Councilmen for a duration of a month, being usually thirty-one days short of leap year. They are not to assume combat roles or participate in guard activities, they may arm themselves to defend their property, their home, and most importantly - their government and banner. These are usually under the following: Traders/Caravaneers, Long-Term Residents, Crafters, Politicans, Jury Duty, and Economical Backers.
-1abcdefgh. Your character of application interest must have a barrier-entry level of at least Three Intelligence, they must be able to defend themselves and use firearms or throwing weapons - either energy of origin, in some orderly and experienced fashion. The character of application interest must know how to tend and care for their goods, they must know how to pitch at least the abode of a primitive tent or superior housing.
-1abcdefghi. Your character of application interest must have a name of English Origin, only the language(s) of English are to be spoken among civilians and the guard.
-1abcdefghij. Your character of application interest, when especially new - must gain enough experience, training, and trust by the current Proconsul before gaining access to the true headquarters, which includes an armory, repair room, and place to access town control resources.
-1abcdefghijk. All Vault City Personnel are not to steal or baserape each other, even if it may be a joke. This results in permanent expulsion or banishment. Hear this, known baserapers and car thieves will be immediately declined.

-2a. Vault City Guards and personnel must not involve themselves with Super Mutants or Ghouls, this is strictly prohibited.
-2ab. Vault City Guards must minimize the use of all chems except for the following: Nuka Cola, Cigarettes, Mentats, Psycho, Hypo.
-2abc. Vault City Guards who occur to be chem addicts must seek all available rehabilitation services before returning to active duty, latter post.
-2abcd. Vault City Guards must have underwent a single month as a day pass guest prior to being accepted for entry-level ground soldier training.
-2abcde. Vault City Guards must have been a legal citizen, and in service for a total of a year and a half before assuming government council positions.
-2abcdef. Vault City Guards are not permitted to abandon current posts, or disobey superior officer's motives and orders. This is prohibited.
-2abcdefg. Vault City Guards must report immediately to government summons, failure to do so will result in deputation removal.
-2abcdefgh. Vault City Guards must treat each other, and common citizens with the upmost due respect, this goes for allies, caravaneers, and applicants as well. Outsiders, perpetrators, and enemies are of no concern.
-2abcdefghi. Vault City Guards are expected to log all entries from which the armory's assets were withdrawn, taken, or added towards. All Vault City Guards are expected to be self-confident and independent for their survival. We do not endorse policies on guard welfare.
-2abcdefghij. Vault City Guards are to find their own means of travel, either by foot or vehicle liason. Civil services do not include public transportation, or the remedy of carpool. Vault City Government Personnel are not responsible for any loss of vehicles, goods, equipment, and devices on their grounds without proper evidence.

-3a. Vault City Councilmen must not involve themselves with Super Mutants, or Ghouls. This is forbidden. Such attention must be directed to Senior Councilors.
-3ab. Vault City Councilmen must not forge documentation and civilian entries.
-3abc. Vault City Councilmen must not be found corrupt in any form, show no bribery from citizens, being further punishable by federal extent if accepted in the case of Outsiders.
-3abcd. Vault City Councilmen must run their corresponding term for a period of 1y, 5d, and 12m. (Approximately 1.01304924 years)
-3abcde. Vault City Councilmen must exercise on every citizen's rights, the reminder of upcoming council electorates for all worthy civilian candidates.
-3abcdef. Vault City Councilmen must not leak private government information, such as map locations, armory codes, vehicle codes, upcoming changes to codes, and door codes.
-3abcdefg. Vault City Councilmen must exercise Guard and Civilian rights by conforming and maintaining a strong Military Police to govern those on the front lines and boasting our territory.
-3abcdefgh. Vault City Councilmen are never on the grand committee unless otherwise instructed by a Senior Councilor. The remedies of this committee are to always be kept private in best interest of government affairs, including proprietorship and non-disclosure about agencies and the operations about them.
-3abcdefghi. Vault City Councilmen are granted Senior Councilman status /ONLY/ by members of the Grand Committee, and voted upon by all Senior Councilors. Impersonating Committee members and Senior Councilmen, is a federal crime. You will be prosecuted.
-3abcdefghij. Town Control is to only be initiated by an overly majority vote of Council agreement, the territories of available prospect for use of Vault City goes as follows: Gecko, exploiting their reactor for imperialization and expanding of our borders. The Den, for when occupied; the Slavers Guild is not functional under abolitionist ideals. Redding, for materials. Broken Hills, if the 'peaceful' mutants and ghouls are an excessive threat. A valid reason can be for 'regaining' territory after being recently lost, or being CURRENTLY at siege. All others are prohibited unless further overstepped by Senior Councilor leverage and all's-vote.

The application desk can be reached in our Outer City, get there ( today! Applications for the guard are currently handled by Grand Marshal and General, General Maxwell.

All vault city personnel must participate the bare minimum of one caravan(s) and/or broken car/red dot(s) per month, as requisition tax and forcing activity to the state. Broken Car patrols are explained as eliminating car traps designed by The Great Khans. These funds are deposited directly into FLC bank services with a 5% withdrawal fee. All of these funds go directly towards benefits for members of the state, fund armory acquisitions, colonial expansion, and fund council elections. Council elections are composed of mass recruitment drives, gross acquisition of faction resources, long-time loyalty with dedication, giving complementary gifts to allied factions, and total wealth.

If the application desk in the Greeting Office is closed for further future applications, an announcement will be stated at those times, and when they're open again. If we are ceased for future recruitment, then we are ceased - don't bother private messaging members or government officials about the matter.

All FOnline Community members are welcome in the communication hub manned by the Vault City Government, (discord). Enemies, neutral faction members, and allies are welcome to prove we are all a community focused around a video game and wonderful story. All are granted diplomatic immunity in Vault City's grounds, also given proper roles in the discord with access to exclusive channels with a bling - unless federally declared as banished criminal by the Committee.

Due to creation of this all-purpose, highly decorated thread, this other thread ( is no longer relevant to conjuncture of Vault City newscaster sources, events, announcements, and questionnaires.
Title: Re: Vault City Recruitment & News
Post by: Arcann on March 29, 2019, 09:47
You can obtain your Day Passes in-character at the 'Greeting Office' location shown in the image below, or The Hub. For the quickest obtaining of a Day Pass legally, chase down your closest Vault City Operative, and state your intent. Your provided (character) personal information will be transcribed to a holodisk via terminal or pipboy. This is required for roaming the inner city during the day, halted for otherwise will result in a theoretical blacklist. Those on the blacklist will not be protected or serviced in places other than Vault City, and Safe Towns; guards are clear to K-O-S all blacklisted subjects. Prolongingness will result in adding cases of trespassing. Blacklisting can be removed by turning yourself into Vault City Council officials for case hearing.

Day passes allow a non-citizen access to Vault City proper during daylight hours (8.00am until 6.00pm)

All day passes and the information on them are stored locally in Vault City network databanks within the confines of the Vaults' telecommunications hub.

Title: Re: Vault City Recruitment & News
Post by: Arcann on March 29, 2019, 23:45
Some images of latest roleplay, we added some guards and did a proper tour to day pass guests.

Title: Re: Vault City Recruitment & News
Post by: Arcann on March 30, 2019, 01:24
Some action in necro, this ends the following series of screenshots this week.

Title: Re: Vault City Recruitment & News
Post by: Arcann on April 02, 2019, 01:03
How to: Install Faction Icon manually before server update adds them.

Some ideology you may need to understand.

root = root FOnline 2 installation directory, wherever that may be.

Go inside of the following:


within root\data\\

travel through art\intrface\ and upload this image. (

It must be named exactly as shown, with exact file type "faction_icon220.png", there you are - your done!

Here's some examples in use:

Title: Re: Vault City Recruitment & News
Post by: Arcann on April 02, 2019, 05:59
Here today to push out our latest Holotape! These may be regular, and these may not. We'll see!
Apologies for bad quality.