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Title: Robots Dying to Immortal NPC!
Post by: The Trooper on September 13, 2019, 01:24
There seem's to be some npc in Den that is resistant to delivery robot attacks, it was another one with a vindicator too. First i found them stuck on the bottom left corner of the map battleing the NPC without success. The NPC is all crippeled but still managed to kill a robot, or well atleast it took one down to half its HP. My wild guess is that the robots were going after that NPC like all others but they couldn't kill it so the npc started killing them, also the event happened in The Den for atleast 3-4 nights in a ROW!
Couldn't recorde cause no recording software so here are the screenshots. Hope it helps!


Also an important note, i have started shooting the robot after some time to bring it out of its misery but before that the NPC has brang it down to atleast half its HP

The Cruel Act of Vieloence:

Location of the NPC: