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Title: Project NCR Rangers - Reformation of NCR Rangers
Post by: Blobfish on September 14, 2019, 16:34

NCRA - doc. v.


Reformation of the Rangers by NCR resulted in a clandestine government research facility project under the Mariposa Research Institute (MRI). Members participating in this program are volunteers of the NCRA project of genetically and biologically enhanced super soldiers who threw away their past and received a serial number from the NCR MRI, instead of their name. They are best known for their dedication to the Republic, biological enhancements, implant augmentation, military training and experience in the wasteland.
NCR Rangers are an elite heavy infantry special operations capable force of the NCR Army and are equipped accordingly - with the highest tier of manufactured gear currently available.
Every NCR Ranger is a proud holder of the Ranger's Pin.
It is strictly suggested to all civilians to leave premises when they see NCR Rangers in action.
NCR Rangers are authorized to open fire at any potential threat.

NCR Rangers under command of general Frank Merrill

Signature: President of NCR
               Knight Shift
Title: Re: Project NCR Rangers - Reformation of NCR Rangers
Post by: Blobfish on September 14, 2019, 16:35
NCR Rangers Log v1
Operation Klamath
- NCRA reaction to the constant reports of organized criminal activity undermining the NCR constitution and order north west of the NCR
- Operation goal: Stop raider elements from extorting caps from Klamath residents and implementation of the NCR tax model
Government decision about swift cleaning of Klamath premises resulted with undisputed success of the Republic goals.
The area was secured and put under jurisdiction of the government, without any interference from raider elements.

Operation Klamath underway